O Que Os Donos Do Poder Não Querem Que Você Saiba

O Que Os Donos Do Poder Não Querem Que Você Saiba – In accessible language, Eduardo Moreira, who has received references to symbols of the Brazilian left such as Luisa Erundina, Fernando Haddad, Guillerme Bulos and Ciro Gómez, offers the reader what those in power do not want you to know means . Learn for yourself why getting quality information has value—real, tangible, even monetary.

The author offers everyone a tool to understand how capitalism works in a model that depends on the misinformation of the masses and the profitable financial world. It discusses how to manage everyone’s feelings of patriarchy in order to sell more goods and services. And also analyzes the best of capitalism and socialism.

O Que Os Donos Do Poder Não Querem Que Você Saiba

O Que Os Donos Do Poder Não Querem Que Você Saiba

Without falling into dogmatism and ready-made formulas, Eduardo Moreira presents the harsh truth that the rich and influential seek to hide, spending astronomical amounts on advertising and buying influence for their own benefit. Wishing to contribute to the formation of critical, authentic and emancipated thinking, the author shares with the reader his discoveries throughout his professional and personal life about the political, economic and financial system in which we are enmeshed.

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Eduardo Moreira received his engineering degree from PUC-Rio, with an emphasis in economics from the University of California, San Diego. Former partner of Banco Pactual (today BTG Pactual) and founder of Brasil Plural and Genial Investimentos, he was chosen by Época Negócios magazine as one of the forty most successful Brazilians under 40 and by Investidor Institucional magazine as one of the top three economists. . in the world. Brazil He is the author of several books, including the bestsellers The Wizards of Life, Investing for Everyone, and What Those in Power Don’t Want You to Know. This is his first book for Civilização Brasileira.

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