O Que é Posologia

O Que é Posologia – It is differentiated into dosage scheme, dosage regimen and frequency of a particular drug taking into account the concentration of each dose.

After a drug is administered, it undergoes pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes to initiate its pharmacological effect.

O Que é Posologia

O Que é Posologia

Absorption, distribution, biotransformation and elimination are understood as stages of pharmacokinetic effect. Site of action, mechanism of action and response as intrinsic components of pharmacodynamics.

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For a drug to exert its pharmacological effect (response) in the body, it must reach a specific/effective concentration in the blood, and this process occurs immediately after absorption.

We all have different body masses, so distribution to tissues, including absorbed concentration, is fundamental to therapeutic success. So the drug will have the expected effect. In this sense, we can understand the characteristics of the minimum effective dose and the maximum recommended dose.

The therapeutic window or range is the “threshold” relationship between concentrations that produce a pharmacological effect of the drug, have no effect, or produce toxic effects.

The graph represents the therapeutic window of a drug. Drug concentration vs. Time, the plasma concentration that the drug reaches over a period of time and how long it remains in the therapeutic range.

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Some drugs have a narrow therapeutic index, meaning that low concentrations can reach the toxic range in a short time. The therapeutic window is the calculation basis for determining the treatment scheme, the recommended daily dose and the minimum effective dose.

Minimum Effective Dose: The lowest concentration required for the drug to reach the therapeutic threshold and produce a pharmacological effect.

In some drugs, the recommended dose is described as mg/kg/day, others in total concentration (200mg), and still others in number of tablets (no more than 6 tablets per day).

O Que é Posologia

Investigating potential or existing DRPs is part of clinical pharmacy practice. To the pharmacist of non-clinical activity, to ensure the treatment provides efficacy and safety to the patient.

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When prescribing a drug, especially when we know it has a narrow therapeutic range, we need to look at DDR.

The above expression means that the RDA is calculated based on the patient’s weight (mg/kg weight/day).

In that prescription, it will allow the amount described in the dosage to be dispensed. However, the daily dose is higher than recommended because if the patient weighs 60 kg and the daily dose of this drug is 1 mg/kg/day, the recommended dose for this patient would be 60 mg per day.

This example made it possible to explain the respect of DDr, however, in the package leaflet, there are situations where this dose can be changed. An exception must be reviewed before being denied.

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While the DDR is expressed as a total concentration, the calculation is based on the total amount of drug administered to the patient, regardless of the patient’s weight.

In this recipe, the usual pulse therapy indicated in the treatment of acne vulgaris is found. We can see that the dose is well within the recommended daily dose.

DDRs usually have a wide therapeutic range depending on the dosage of the tablets or are simplified on the package insert. This means that it is recommended not to exceed the number of these tablets per day.

O Que é Posologia

The maximum recommended dose may vary depending on the pharmaceutical form and indication. So, it is interesting to see these facts at your own risk.

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I’m Diana Carvalho, a pharmacist like you, looking for revolution and professional development. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have been in the market for 8 years and I have a great desire to grow more and more professionally and use my experience to help my colleagues. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they are not completely different and have different meanings. . So, in this article we will explain the difference between dose and dose.

Feminine noun a certain amount of medicine taken at one time; Amount included in a composition; [Illustrated] Level of Integrity: A lot of patience.

When we talk about dosage, we are talking about the amount of drug (active principle) in a medicine. It is the amount of “drug” contained in a dosage unit, i.e., a pill, capsule, ampoule, or given at a time in a given volume of liquid.

It is a dose of a drug capable of rapidly increasing the concentration of the drug in the blood to achieve a faster therapeutic effect.

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It is a dose given at regular intervals that can maintain the concentration of the drug at the level required to achieve a therapeutic effect.

It is the lowest effective dose of a drug that a person can be given at which a therapeutic effect can be seen.

This is the maximum dose of the drug at which no toxic effects are observed in a patient.

O Que é Posologia

If a dose of a drug above the maximum dose is given to a patient in whom toxicity has already been noted, it is an “overdose.”

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If administered to a patient, it is the amount of the drug that causes death, and that too is an “overdose.”

Posology, on the other hand, is the study of drug doses, expressing the appropriate dosage of a drug regularly, which will allow the desired effect of the treatment to be achieved. 2.1. For clarity, I will list the most important items related to the questions in the patient booklet.

The leaflet is a legal health document and helps to obtain information and guidelines about the drug necessary for safe use and effective treatment. It can be of two types: the patient brochure (which is aimed at the patient, with more accessible and correct terms) and the health professional brochure (which is aimed at the professional, with more technical terms and more). complex information).

Since 2009, there has been Resolution 47-RDC of September 8, 2009, which establishes rules for preparing, coordinating, updating, publishing, and making available drug package inserts for patients and healthcare professionals.

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RDC 47/2009 obliges laboratories to prepare 2 types of inserts with clear information, objective language and standardized content: one aimed at the patient,

Another is aimed at the health professional with technical-scientific information in simple language, capital letters and in the form of questions.

For clarity, I will list the most important items related to the questions in the patient booklet. Identification of drugs

O Que é Posologia

» Presentations – indicates in which pharmaceutical form it is presented – suspension, pills, tablets, syrup. Type of Use: In all caps and bold type, include the text “Adult use _____ more” and/or “Pediatric use _____ more” indicating the minimum documented age for use of the drug in months or years.

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» Composition – concentration of active ingredient per dose unit or per milliliter, total amount, excipients, and any coloring or other substances, if any.

For example, if it is contraindicated in asthmatics, this means that those who already have asthma should not use it, but not that the drug is causing asthma.

» Side Effects → Unwanted reactions caused by the use of the drug. It is important to note that if you experience any of the above symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

» Drug interactions → These are problems that occur when two drugs are administered at the same time. Drug interactions with alcohol and nicotine. Drug-disease and drug-food interactions.

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Always tell your doctor or prescribing practitioner about other medicines you are taking, and in the case of over-the-counter medicines, ask your pharmacist about the risks of interactions.

» Drug Storage Procedures → These are special drug storage procedures. For example:

» Expiration date of the drug → In this element, the leaflet informs where the information about the shelf life of the drug from the date of production to the batch.

O Que é Posologia

“For your safety, keep the medicine in its original container.” “Once opened, this medication can be used in _____.” or “Once prepared, this medication can be used in _______.” (Indicate duration in hours, days or months, depending on drug stability studies).

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» Dosage and instructions for use  → indicates the dosage of the drug to be used, the maximum daily dose that should never be exceeded, the duration of treatment and the routes of administration. Instructions for use by adults or children

When the medicinal product is an oral or injectable solution or powder or solution for granules, solution, suspension or emulsion, package leaflets provide detailed procedures for reconstitution and/or dilution, which must be followed for proper treatment.

Example of how to use a dosing syringe to determine the number of mL of medication.

» With regard to coated tablets, capsules, modified release tablets and other compatibles, the package should specify that these drugs should not be broken, opened or chewed.

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For example: For contraceptives, this information is very important and must be followed strictly, otherwise it may lead to unwanted pregnancy.

Taking the rest of the medication at regular intervals is also very important for the treatment to be effective.

» Adverse Reactions → Adverse signs and symptoms associated with the use of the drug are described, as well as the therapeutic effect responsible for treating the disease.

O Que é Posologia

» Overdose → If the person takes too much

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