O Que é Corroborar

O Que é Corroborar – In addition to a useful vote, next October 2, postal protection; Many shares remain, such as rights and jobs; Therefore, Bolsonaro’s defeat is necessary and certain; Like the election of a strong bench. Nationalist Party. Con

Rather than return to Lula’s republican presidency in 2022; Governors senators Nothing is more urgent than to support federal and state aid, as well as the protection of the national postal service and the reconstruction that Brazil needs. Certificate from 2023.

O Que é Corroborar

O Que é Corroborar

To vote for any other name; Your proposals will bring Bolsonaro to the second round, no matter how much the electorate can expect, to strengthen his fake news and attacks on democratic institutions.

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Next Sunday, October 2, more than 156 million Brazilians will vote, and these elections will change the country. It will bring the great task of removing Bolsonaro and electing Lula as president. A tragic moment. Our stories.

So if we don’t fail, 33 million Brazilians go hungry. Agree on school lunch shortages. Confirms lack of investment in Correios and other public companies. It is said to be fueled by the collapse of federal universities, along with threats of closure and inadequate funding for science and technology. Ljudska lekarna, Budget reductions of Mais Médicos and SUS as a whole were accepted. And that’s forgetting the nearly 700,000 people who died in the epidemic were killed by the neglect of the federal government. An alarming rise in unemployment and illegal work must be seen as normal, as well as the end of workers’ rights. Wage disparities and a brutal decline in workers’ purchasing power; He did not question the fact that half of the president’s family was bought with cash, which is clear evidence of corruption.

In the past three and a half years, the country has been loggers, Land owners Miners Militias, The country was hijacked by bankers and all sorts of backward thinking. Bolsonaro and his military leaders are destroying our economy, They destroyed our rights and destroyed our welfare. Retirement in Brazil is becoming harder to achieve, more expensive to pay and less to receive. And postal workers know very well what happens today when they retire after working for the company for years. You have to give enough!

Bolsonaro attacked Brazil’s largest state-owned company, taking away essential hard-won rights from the ecetista type, approving a terrible management reform (PEC 32/2020) and privatizing a strategic state-owned company: ELETROBRÁS. They call us parasites, fools They were called enemies and PL 591/2021 (Privatization of Post Office) even had a grenade in his pocket.

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A project that could not be confirmed, only because of the intense lobbying of the type and union subjects that continued to press the deputies from Brasília.

To fight for a public post office; It is important to take our commitment to protect his role in society and help elect Lula in the first round. For the future of our company. Our Rights; our families; For our youth and our postal workers across Brazil.

Let’s elect Lula together and fight for his inauguration. Because the electoral process is Bolsonaro’s dictator, Insecure from fraud and state conspirators, they attack the election system and find ways to make elections impossible.

O Que é Corroborar

CORREIOS CAMPAIGN DO NOT SELL PEOPLE ESSENTIALS In addition to FINDECT affiliated trade unions declaring their support and instructing them to vote for the candidate LUÍS INÁCIO LULA DA SILVA. We are committed to the rights of postal workers.

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Let’s go together for Lula’s victory. Let’s protect the national post office and rebuild Brazil with strength and hope. Home / Social Security Legal Summary: Social Security. Death pension. requirements. Quality of death guaranteed. Adjudication in Labor Complaints. Material evidence supported by identification. TRF4 5008551-02.2019.4.04.7005

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Editor: Social Security. Death pension. requirements. Quality of death guaranteed. Adjudication in Labor Complaints. Material evidence supported by identification. 1. The payment of post-death pension is subject to the fulfillment of the following requirements: a) the occurrence of death; b) the dependent status of the pensioner; c) Evidence of the condition of the insured at the time of death; Compensation is governed by the law in force at the time of death, regardless of the period of deferment. 2. Jurisprudence is solid in the sense that labor punishment can be considered the beginning of material evidence. Demonstrates the work performed in the position and period for which the employee is requested. 3. The beginning of the material evidence presented as proof of the insurance status of the founder on the date of death is supported by the documentary evidence. 4. When all legal requirements are met; The petitioner is entitled to the death penalty. (ATTACHED TO TRF4, AC 5008551-02.2019.4.04.7005, ADDITIONAL REGIONAL CLASS PR, REPORTER JOSÉ LUIS LUVIZETTO TERRA, 15/12/2021)

The claimant filed a suit against the INSS for the award of arrears of pension from the date of entry of the Administrative Claim (DER) on 08.05.2013 on account of the death of ELIAS DEPRA.

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In the grounds of appeal (Section 63), the INSS claims that there is no evidence of the quality of the insured; Summary In summary, we request that the judgment be modified.

Act 8.213/1991 determining social security benefits; 74, The death pension applies to the dependent family members of the deceased insured, but does not require postponement (Article 26, 1).

Therefore, payment of post-death pension is subject to fulfillment of the following conditions: (a) death; b) the dependent status of the pensioner; c) Proof of the quality of the insured.

O Que é Corroborar

I – Spouse colleagues unaccompanied child with partner; Persons under 21 (twenty-one) years of age or disabled; [Law no. prepared text; 9,032/95]

Ementa: PrevidenciÁrio. PensÃo Por Morte. Requisitos. Qualidade De Segurado Do Falecido. SentenÇa Em ReclamatÓria Trabalhista. Prova Material Corroborada Por Prova Testemunhal. Trf4. 5008551 02.2019.4.04.7005

III – Non-Emancipated Brother; Persons under 21 (twenty-one) years of age or disabled; [Law no. prepared text; 9,032/95]

§ 1. The existence of a dependent in any class of this article excludes from the benefit those in the following classes.

§ 2 The stepmother and the minor who takes care of the child are equal to the child applied for by the insured person and in the case of proof of economic dependence in the manner specified in the regulation. [Text changed by MP No. Article 1523/96 was reissued until it was changed into law. 9528/97]

§ 3º A person is defined as a companion who maintains a stable relationship with the insured and the insured in accordance with § 3º Art. Article 226 of the Federal Constitution.

Regência Do Verbo Corroborar

Although the economic dependence of the persons mentioned in § 4 point I is assumed, the dependence of others must be proved.

A dependent considered in social security laws can use a wide range of evidence of his or her status to prove kinship or economic dependence. Although this may be partial. large should represent permanent and necessary assistance; This creates inequality in the means of support of dependents (Social Security Appeals Board Statement 13 – CRPS).

Union Chief Justice Dr. Aung Thu announced the verdict. Lília Côrtes de Carvalho de Martino examined and accurately determined all the important points of the dispute and returned to the court for judgment, including the relevant evidence presented in the file. Questions raised on appeal have no jurisdiction to challenge the grounds of the contested decision. as evidence of the construction of a new legal basis without necessity; The intention is to confirm a well-defined judgment; Based on that, I accept the transcript as the reason for the decision.

O Que é Corroborar

The 1988 Federal Constitution provides social security protection to the dependent family members of the deceased insured and provides them with the right to death benefits (Article 201, No. V). It is a permanent and, in some cases, temporary provision of social security of a substitute nature intended to meet or at least alleviate the family’s economic needs in the absence of a carer.

Apresentação Do Evento Carros Antigos

Benefit in the General Social Security System (RGPS) is limited by Act no. 8.213/1991 Some changes have been made since its publication in respect of the rules governing the award of death pension.

With this in mind, it should be noted in principle that the conditions for the grant of pension in force on the date of the death of the insured person,

Subsequent legislative changes cannot abrogate or expand the rights and obligations between Social Security and the beneficiary, as the Supreme Court of the United States has already determined (Case No. 165 of General Consequences).

Art. 74. Death pension applies to all dependent family members of the deceased insured whether retired or not:

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I: Death, if requested within thirty days after death. (included

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