O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José

O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José – Do you remember the story of Joseph? The brothers called him “Goat” to make fun of him. When they had the chance, they even tried to kill him! However, Joseph was not just a “dreamer”, he simply saw what God would do, but his brothers did not. Nor could they imagine the extraordinary fate that awaited Joseph, the future prime minister of Egypt, the greatest geopolitical power of the time. Yet God would use Joseph to save them and their entire family!

“Yusuf” means “May the Lord add or increase”. When God allows us to add a thought, an idea, a vision, a dream or a challenge, it is not always understood by the people around us. Their lack of understanding can root bitterness in us, so we need to know how to do it! Sometimes this lack of understanding can lead to feelings of negativity, this is a reality that happens a lot to people who dream or have ambitious projects.

O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José

O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José

Joseph was rejected, thrown into a pit, and sold into slavery by his brothers. So he found himself trapped for many years, forgotten by everyone. But God did not forget him! God’s plan was to use it to save many souls. Joseph had to go through these trials to fulfill his greater plan and thus save the lives of his brothers!

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However, rejection is difficult! It’s not easy at all. I encountered, when I was young, rejection from my brothers in Christ, from a very poor family, and later from fellow priests, who sometimes did not understand what God wanted to do in my life. It was very hard for me to deal with this rejection, but along the way, I learned many things, the biggest of which is forgiveness and patience.

Friend, have you faced rejection or people who didn’t understand God’s purpose for your life? what you have done It is important to realize that this may be part of God’s plan to move you forward in your destiny. He wants to use your life to do amazing things away from you, so that in your lifetime even those who reject you will be blessed and saved. In this way, you can be a real miracle for others! Never forget that God is able to turn evil into good for His glory. A good day.

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The sonnet “Sida Pombas”, by the Brazilian poet Raimundo Correia (1859-1911), is one of the most important works of the Parnassian movement in Brazil (late 19th century).

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The sonnet mentions both the dove and the Bible. Even though Noah, inside the ark and after the flood, released a dove three times: the first one returned and means that it is time to wait and be patient; the second returned with a fresh olive leaf in her mouth, a symbol of life, new beginnings and hope; And the third one didn’t come back, which means it’s time to act, get out of the box, move forward and start again (Genesis 8:8-12). Although the dove is an important bird in Christianity, a representation of the Holy Spirit – simplicity and purity (Mt 3,16; 10,16; Jn 1,32). Although pigeons are given a special role in this sonnet, the purpose of the poet is different; it goes beyond the turtles and their normal lives.

The sonnet first describes the normal flight of pigeons, their daily arrivals and departures. The poet makes a connection between these and dreams. Its purpose is to reveal and make us reflect the phenomena of life. Finally, he makes a connection with the stages of human existence, from the age of life, from the blue of youth, each passing day is a dream or a dying illusion. Undoubtedly, the sonnet carries existential anxiety, a pessimistic view of life, with ideas that give wings to the imagination, with dreams that project between heaven and earth but never come true. In the twilight of life, he will not be remembered. Is that so? Was this what Joseph’s life was like? Does this determine human life?

One of the most beautiful, touching and moving stories in the Bible is that of Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob. It is fair to consider that José is most representative of the concept of recovery and resilience after repeated traumatic and negative personal situations. It can be said that when he faced the tragedies he went through as a lone human being, what persevered and always motivated him to continue in life was his counsel and trust in God. The psalmist said they were real in his life:

O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José

My soul, wait only on God, for my hope comes from Him. He is my rock of refuge, my safety and my fortress; I will never be shaken.

Mefibosete EsboÇos: Compreendendo As Promessas De Deus

Israel loved Joseph more than all his sons, because he was his son when he was old; and he made them garments with long sleeves. So when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all the other children, they hated him and could no longer speak peacefully with him. (Genesis 37:3-4)

Joseph’s birth took place under special circumstances because his mother Raquel was barren. After a long wait, shame and shame, in response to her cry to God, Rachel became pregnant (Genesis 30:22-24). Since Rachel was the woman his father loved (Gen 29.30) and came into the world through a divine miracle, Jacob treated Joseph with predictions and distinctions (Gen 37.3), which caused the jealousy and rejection of other brothers (Gen 37.4, 11).

The story of Joseph is told in Genesis 37. Still very young, at the age of 17, he was not exempt from work. He shepherded the family sheep and other brothers. In the beginning, we have the impression that Joseph’s nature was pious, different from that of his brothers, something well known in the case of Dinah (Genesis 34). As a beloved son, he always seems ready to defend his father’s interests, boldly criticizing his brothers’ misbehavior, even if it endangers his relationship with them. In the eyes of the brothers, José was nothing more than a robbed and “strong-fingered” man.

José’s life is marked by dreams and dream interpretations. The words “dream” and “dreams” appear about 27 times (32%) in the story of Joseph, 27 (32%) in Daniel, and 31 (36%) other times in the Bible, for a total of 85 times.

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One of the definitions of dreams is “ideas and images that appear to the mind during sleep.” Another secular definition speaks of “a succession of meaningless and inconsistent ideas.” Job 33:14-24, Elihu, in his speech, said that God speaks to people in dreams (verses 15-16), pain (vv. 19-22) and angels (verse 23). When the writer of Hebrews says that God spoke in “many ways” he surely has in mind “dreams,” the channel that God uses in many ways.

The prophetic message in Joseph’s two dreams was too far from their understanding and made the already bad family relationship worse. In fact, God intended to make it clear that Joseph was superior to all of Jacob. The first dream, which was about his brothers, was in Genesis 42:6, 9; 43.26; 44.14. The second, concerning his parents, is fulfilled in Genesis 47:11-12).

It is not hard to imagine how sad and sad it must have been for Joseph to live day by day with the hatred and rejection of his brothers. The hatred grew increasingly sour and led to a conspiracy to kill him. However, God does not allow it. They put him in a cave and then sold him to a group of Ismailis who were going to Egypt. You could say, in their minds, they killed him.

O Propósito De Deus Na Vida De José

Therefore, even with much hatred and rejection, Joseph did not get beaten down, did not get angry or depressed, did not bow down because he was defeated by circumstances. Day by day he wanted to live a full life and obey his father. As for the dreams he had, he certainly had no idea that they were all part of God’s plan for his fulfillment.

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What kind of objections do you face at home or from your family? Not your parents favorite child? Did your father or mother or both abandon you (literally or emotionally)? Is it a mistake or a bad reputation of someone in your family? Social or ethnic status in your family? Your limitations or weaknesses or strengths? Don’t show the eternal victim position! Don’t live without mummification! Be strong in God and in His power. even when you

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