Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus

Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus – The youngest holy doctor in the life of the Church. Francesigna, born 1873 in Alison, died 1897. Saint Teresa not only knew that the heart of the Church was love, but she knew that her heart – and all of our hearts – was made for Love.

At the age of 15, Teresinha entered the Carmelite monastery in Lisieux with the permission of Pope Leo XXIII and lived a life of humility, simplicity and complete trust in God. All gestures and sacrifices, from the smallest to the greatest, are offered to God for the salvation of souls and the purpose of the community. Child Jesus and Santa Teresinha of the Holy Face, like a child to his father, free, like a toy in the care of the child Jesus and accepted by the spirit of love that taught him the beautiful and possible way of holiness. : Spiritual childhood. Teresina’s heart’s desire was to be a missionary “from the foundation of the world to the end of the age,” so she is a mission leader!

Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus

Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus

His life has left us a signature autobiography, The Story of a Soul, and as an intercessor for missionaries, priests, and sinners who do not know Jesus, he still lives in heaven and continues to do good to those on earth. The main patron of the missions in 1927, the second patron of France in 1944 and a Doctor of the Church, Saint Teresa teaches us the path of holiness through humility and suffering. The first words that this lover reads to him perfectly describe his search: “heaven”; Witnessing the secret of his rise to fame, he spoke his last words at the age of 24: “I do not regret that I devoted myself to the love of God.”

Novena De Santa Terezinha Na Casa Do Padre

Jovem Conectados invites all young people to pray the Novena to Santa Teresinha, which can be started every day of the month, but there are many friends of Santa Teresinha who do the Novena from the 9th to the 17th of every month. Pope Francis ahead of the liturgical commemoration (October 1) of the saint beloved by Catholics in Brazil and around the world.

Doctor of the Church, supporter of missions and intercessor for young people. These and other attributes of Santa Teresinha are said by people who entrust themselves to the saint’s intercession during the days of September. Pray the Novena to Santa Teresinha with us:

Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Thank you for all the graces that have enriched the lives of your servant, Child Jesus and Saint Teresa of the Holy Face for 24 years. The ground. And for the sake of such a precious little saint, grant me the grace that I earnestly ask for… (tell me what it is), if it is according to your holy will and for the salvation of my soul (or man). for whom you pray).

Help my faith and hope, Santa Teresinha, and let me win the rose as a sign that I will receive the grace I desire, and fulfill once more your promise to stay in heaven to do good on earth.

Chuva De Rosas De Santa Teresinha No Mês Missionário Extraordinário

“Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Saint Teresa and the Holy Face of the Child Jesus, pray for me (or the name of the person you are interceding for).

‘Oh! Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, model of humility, faith and love! Pour down upon us from the heights of heaven the roses that you bear in your arms: the rose of humility, that we may overcome our pride and accept the yoke of the gospel; Faith is the flower, so we abandon ourselves to God’s will and rest in His grace; Rose of love, by opening our souls to infinite grace, we can understand the only purpose for which God created us in His image: to love Him and love you, who spend your heaven on earth with kindness, Help me in this need and give me what I ask of you, if it is the glory of God and if for my soul. Amen. Our Novena will be September 22-30 with Mass and Novena at 7:00, 17:00 and 19:30 (Saturday and Sunday 19:00).

This year’s feast of our Patron Saint will celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Saint Teresinha do Menino Jesus, 25 years old Doctor of the Church 🌹🙏

Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus

“Doctors of the Church are those who have made a great contribution to the Church, leaving deep theological teachings and a testimony of life, which the Magisterium of the Church absorbed and accepted as a teaching for all laymen and religious. We can say that these men and women are real “giants” because they pray characters who lived deep lives (many of whom had countless mystical experiences), penance, deep study of Scripture and theological knowledge and writings. Confirm Christian doctrine and things that have always influenced the history of the Church. Only the Holy Father or the Pope is a saint or saint Doctor of the Church can give the title. Currently, the Church recognizes more than 2000 36 doctors and saints. Among them, 32 men and 04 women, the oldest, according to the date of birth, is St. Athanasius (296-373 AD) and the last Saint Teresinha of the child Jesus (from the age of 18 lived) 1897-73).

Oração A Santa Teresinha Para Obter Uma Graça!

The “theology of the little way” or “spiritual childhood” was the child of Jesus Saint Teresa, who taught us that the practice of loving God is not based on great deeds, but on small daily actions. .

In practice, the procedure consists of a decree that includes the use of divine service for the entire community and the burden of the person who is already a saint, the title of “healer”.

This decree was issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and, if necessary, approved by the Pope after a careful evaluation of the work of Saint Rose, showing her talent for religious life. But it was only at the age of 17 that he was able to enter a monastery, and after his father’s death, he learned that today (1) is the day of the saint named for his great love for Jesus. ?

Unfortunately, Teresinha died too young at the age of 24 due to tuberculosis. In the last days of his life, he said that when he died, he would send a shower of roses to show his mercy to the followers of Jesus. Therefore, her image is symbolized by holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Novena Santa Terezinha

When he is called upon to comfort broken and offended hearts, those who face despair join in the miraculous revelation of the saint, first published in 1925. This is what Father Futigan, to whom he was devoted, asked as a sequence of prayers and confirmation that his wish for a rose would come true. Three days after the prayer, they sent him the flower. The situation eventually recurred, and he became an intolerable preacher, telling everyone openly. Check up!

“Most worthy and sanctified Saint Teresinha du Menino Jesus, it is known that your mission is to proclaim the name of Christ so that everyone will rediscover the word of the Lord. I know that although you died young, my childhood and youth were focused on heavenly teachings and deep humility, so I turn to you, so Never leave me in my weakness of not believing that God can do all things and only He can help me. I don’t have enough faith to know how to ask and be grateful for what I need and what I have in my life. Pray for us, Santa Teresinha. Amen!”

This wonderful novena can be started on any day of the month. Many followers of the Saint, however, prefer it from 9 to 17.

Novena De Santa Terezinha Do Menino Jesus

“Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I thank you for all the good things you have enriched the soul of your servant, Saint Teresinha do Menino Jesus, for 24 years. According to your most holy will and for the salvation of my soul, I ask you. ) Increase my faith and hope, O Saint Teresinha, fulfill once more your promise that no one will call you in vain, and have the rose as a sign that I will receive the grace I desire.”

Terço Com Folheto St Teresinha

“I had a problem with my uterus, I had to have an operation to remove it, and I was very scared. So I decided to do a novena to Santa Teresina, asking her to heal me. On the seventh day, I received the Rose. …On the eighth, the problem disappeared, again When I went to the doctor, he said there was nothing wrong with me, my uterus was clean, I didn’t need an operation, I was cured!” – Maria de Lourdes Nogueira Silva, San Jose do Egypt (PE)

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