Nota De 200 Cruzeiros

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After completing the purchase, you will receive our contact details, where we will handle all the details of the artwork. Before production, we send the artwork to you for your approval.

Nota De 200 Cruzeiros

Nota De 200 Cruzeiros

Print directly on the surface of the mug (not glue), print in unlimited colors with photographic quality.

Cédula Do Cruzeiro

Artwork is included in the price with approval of up to 3 items. If additional changes are required, R $ 10.00 is charged per change. After confirming the payment, we will contact you to choose the art (print) and amount M&M Personalized Gifts will create the artwork and send it to the customer for approval within 4 business days, via email. (Send us your art or idea and we will create it for you at no additional cost and with no color restrictions).

Caricature, logo or layout can be submitted by the customer as long as they are in Corel Draw format in vectorized curved format or in JPEG with a minimum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels, 2MP in the submitted image. For images, we emphasize that the quality of printing depends on the size and resolution of the image sent. A minimum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels, 2MP in the submitted image is recommended. For mugs, a JPEG image with a minimum resolution of 600 x 800 px and a size of 18.8 cm wide x 9.0 cm high.

Shipping is at buyer’s expense (FOB) via Correios. Shipping by mail via PAC, SEDEX or can be picked up at a pre-arranged location.

Serve customers through quality products and services, honest and direct over time. Payments can be made by bank draft, credit card (up to 12 installments with interest) and online debit. The production time will be counted from the payment confirmation of the order. Our difference is that we always send a gift with the purchase. Because these are customized products, they will be made only after the approval of the artwork by the contractor via email, there is no possibility to change the artwork after the start of production. Before sending us your name and date, please check all information carefully, such as spelling and special accents. Deadline: Delivery time is about 3 working days, which can be extended according to the quantity requested. We are only responsible for meeting the shipping date, therefore, the deadline for receiving the product is the sole responsibility of the contractor (who chooses PAC or SEDEX), and the post office. Failure to send the minimum necessary information such as name, date, size and quantity, may delay the shipment, if there is no information about the size, the standard grid will be sent, there is no possibility of exchange. Exchanges: Because these are individual products, there are no exchanges. Exceptions: wrong numbers (slippers), different from the ones reported by the customer and misspellings (other than the requested party)

Nota 200 Cruzeiros Comprar Usado No Brasil

In, you will find complete security to buy with peace of mind. If you want, you can always count on the special service team to help you at any time during the transaction. And if something unexpected happens, your money will be safe. Learn more about exchanges, returns and refunds Size of this sample: 695 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 278 × 240 pixels 556 × 480 pixels 890 × 768 pixels | 1.221 × 1.054 pixels.

The image above shows the units of currency issued by the Central Bank of Brazil. According to the Industrial Property Law (Law 9.279 of May 14, 1996), Chapter II, Section 124, Brazilian funds belong to the Union, and all the works supported by the Union are not their domain (Law 9.610 of February 16 2008, Title I. Article 6). However, reproductions that may cause confusion or confusion and fraudulent use are punishable by law (Law 9.279 Chapter IV Article 191.).

1. All images must have the indicator “SEM VALOR” placed on the image diagonally, with a length and height of at least 20% of the image size.

Nota De 200 Cruzeiros

2. The maximum resolution allowed is 72 dpi (72 pixels per inch or 28,246 pixels per centimeter). Such restrictions also apply to the individual components of the bank card.

Nota 200 Cruzeiros

Note: Use of work sponsored by the Federation is governed by legal restrictions, regardless of the copyright of the images displayed here.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata that may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the time stamp may not reflect the original file at all. The time stamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it can be completely wrong. , which is correct is the same bank). The banknote in question refers to the centenary of the Republic, announced on November 15, 1889, with a design, representing the effigy of the Republic, the national coat of arms, the historical republican sculpture and the beautiful oil painting by Pedro Bruno, known. Like “PÁTRIA”. The note would also later (1994) be the inspiration for the royal standard, lending its design features to the first family of new currency standards. The project for the 200 Cruzado Novo banknote was conceived by Álvaro Alves Martins.

On July 26, 1989, the National Finance Council approved the general features of the new Cruzado 200 banknote, a program that provided In honor of the centenary of the Republic, by voting CMN No. 167/89 – Session No. 503. On November 8, 1989. Will be published for the first time in Brazil, through MECIR statement No. 41 of November 3, 1989.

The banknote of 200 Cruzados Novos presents us on the reverse, the effigy of the Republic, interpreted in the form of a statue. On the left side, there is a sculpture depicting the meeting of republican ideals, showing the historical figures of Silva Jardim (1860 – 1890), Benjamim Constant (1836 – 1891), Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca (1827 – 1892) and Quintino Bocai26 (1827 – 1892). On the right, the national coat of arms suggests the elements used for registering the coincidence between the reverses. Interesting and practical just like the first family of real examples.

Cédula De 200 Cruzados Novos Com Carimbo De 200 Cruzeiros

On the other hand, the detail of the oil painting “PÁTRIA” by Pedro Bruno (1888 – 1949), shows the Brazilian flag embroidered on the bosom of the family (click here to find out who embroidered the first public flag).

Note: Stamp numbers 000001 to 005000 of series A1725 were used in the Cruzeiro standard (1990). This explains the long circulation period of bank notes, even after changing two samples. The withdrawal from the circulation is gradual due to the size of the continent of Brazil and the lack of collection and distribution in the circulation environment.

Similarity – Now we will notice the similarity of the actual standards with this card. We will use this one real log (exhausted circulation) so we can make Comparison.

Nota De 200 Cruzeiros

The banknote of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 reais of the first family of the Real was stamped with the effigy of the Republic, the same style used in 1989, in the banknote of 200 Cruzados Novas, and the following year. One of the 200 Cruzeiros. Approval of the project was given by BCB vote No. 086/94 during the 1557th meeting of the Central Bank of Brazil. On the back are printed pictures of Brazilian animals: parrot, parrot, maco, jaguar and grouper. After the issue of several sets, the central bank decided to include the inscription “Praise God” on real bank notes.

SequÊncia NumÉrica 02 CÉdulas 200 Cruzeiros 1984

This article was written based on official documents of the Central Bank of Brazil, polls and deliberations of the institution. Research was conducted on industry catalogs and federal sources. Research conducted by historian Bruno Diniz Celestino (B.CELESTINO).

We do not have a 200 CRUZADOS NOVOS card (without stamp) in our collection, for this reason the 200 CRUZEIROS banknote is used in the example.

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