No Final Morrem Os Dois

No Final Morrem Os Dois – Finally, The To Die (Buy Here) by Adam Silvera is one of the new titles published by Topseller.

In this story, we follow two young men, Mateo and Rufus, who are called by the prophets of death after midnight. Previsão de Morte is a company responsible for telling people the day they will die, but showing the cause of death.

No Final Morrem Os Dois

No Final Morrem Os Dois

Although these men do not know each other at the beginning of the story, a big change in their lives will happen precisely in the last days of their lives, when their paths cross when they join the Último Amigo mobile application, an application for deckers ( recipients of death prediction calls).

Livro No Final, Morrem Os Dois De Adam Silvera (português)

Mateo, a gay man, and Rufus, a bisexual, of Latin origin, show us their lives, their families, and their teenage struggles, through a first-person narrative. The story is connected to the third-person narrative that is part of the lives of other narrators, deckers, and protagonists, such as Lidia, Mateo’s best friend, or Aimee, Rufus’ first girlfriend.

From now on, we see their relationship grow from strangers to best friends. These heroes are running against time and they have to face the fear and challenges of others who know that they are nearing the end, but still want to live well for the time they have left.

I really liked this book. Unlike anything I’ve read so far. He talks about things like death, destiny in life, the true purpose of life, and even life knowing that our time is limited. It is a challenging book that draws our attention deeply. A young-old man who exceeded all expectations.

The author’s language is well received in the short chapters, which makes reading interesting and enjoyable. The reader himself and the heroes race against time, feeling and reliving his last days with them through a powerful and tragic story. Important message every day, we must learn to enjoy life.

Dois Morrem No Final, Os

Adam Silvera was born and raised in New York. He worked as a bookseller, community and media manager, and even as a reviewer of books for children and youth. The first person to die in the end (untitled in Portuguese) takes place in the same world where the salesman dies last, only seven years ago. In the book, we will meet some famous people and learn more about the creation of the Office of Death and who were the first to receive its dreaded call.

According to the information published by the author on his social network, the story begins the night before the start of Death Central. Everyone is wondering: Is this service real or just a big scam?

Orion Pagan had a serious heart problem, so he always wanted to know that he was going to die. When he learned about the Death Institute, he was immediately interested in trying the job. Valentino Prince, a promising young man starting his life in New York, decides to apply only after his sister is almost killed in a car accident.

No Final Morrem Os Dois

Their paths cross in Times Square, and the connection between them is deep and immediate. But things get complicated when, on the first day of the death office, only one of them receives a call announcing that he has only 24 hours to live. Orion and Valentino don’t know how the day will end, but they are sure that they should be together, even if the good thing is heartbreaking.

Os Dois Morrem No Final

And the story isn’t over yet! A TV series based on The Two Die in the End is already in the works. Bridgerton (Netflix) creator Chris Van Dusen has confirmed his involvement in the project. He and Adam Silvera will write the script for the pilot episode. So good news, right? Why read “The To Die in the End”? By Philip Rangel on December 13, 2021 • 20:22 0 comments.

I still can’t get over how good this book is!! Adam Silvera is the truth about many pressures for the book “They both die in the end”. I found proof of the book from below in the last book. There is no difference, however, the thin cover is well done and the soft sheet leaves a beautiful trail to follow at the end.

Coming with my friends, Mateo and Rufus is something I have already mentioned in the review here. I could think so hard and find so many words that I couldn’t hide my tears. We know the end, but we still believe it won’t happen. And it really does! I keep wondering if this place of death is really warning us that today will be the last day of our life, we don’t know the time, we know we have 24 hours before that happens . My God… I don’t know what to do, how will Mateo go to my loved ones, what will happen to Rufus? He lives in an orphanage, surrounded by some conflict, he finds in Mateo the strength to endure the end for the two.

We often take our lives for granted. Have you ever thought? We stop doing everything for tomorrow, at that time I have a happy time with people around us. When we wake up, it may be late. In the “epidemic” world, we are sure that there is no tomorrow. Many who fought are no longer with us today. Relatives and friends lost their lives, apart from many diseases that can cause great consequences or good things. Now that my eyes are full again, this book moved me in a way that made it my friend and everyone should read it.

No Final, Morrem Os Dois

Philip Rangel is a law student, administrator and investigator of Entrando Numa Friar, a computer expert, Narnian, who belongs to Gryffindor, a bookworm, a future writer, a lover of books ‘look, process and film.

Previous Book Review Love and Olive – Jenna Evans Welch New Post Review My Best Friend’s Expulsion – Grady Hendrix As midnight falls, the Death Central crew calls those who must die that day. The phone’s ringtone is different, whether the call is answered or not. Anyone who received the call did not know how he would die or at what time of day. The ratings left by the attendants are the best performers in the past few hours.

Mateo is 18 years old and accepts the call. However, this happens at the age of eighteen. Mateo and his wife were both sleeping at that time, and the place where they were sleeping was sleeping. Lydia helped her only friend, a girl, when she was pregnant and taking care of her daughter, Penny. Now Mateo must say goodbye to his father, even if his father has no conscience, to Lidia. Then, make the most of the last hour. To do this, he enters the Último Amigo app, which is designed to help lonely people find company after receiving a call from the death office.

No Final Morrem Os Dois

Rufus is 17 years old and gets a call. And that’s when he punched Peck, the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, Amy, in the face. Rufus, the leader of a neighborhood gang, was orphaned when a car accident killed his parents and older sister. After hitting Peck, Rufus had to say goodbye to his friends, his ex-girlfriend, who still likes him, and try to find meaning in his short life. Only the friends are arrested for their anger against Peck and Rufus, the only thing left is to escape. To keep you from being alone a few hours ago, Rufus gets the Ultimate Friend app.

Resenha] Os Dois Morrem No Final

Mateo and Rufus meet through the app. They communicate, arrange face-to-face meetings. Since they don’t know each other, they get suspicious. Rufus takes Mateo to the hospital to say goodbye to his father. He went with her to Lydia’s house. Mateo does the same while Rufus looks for his friends, he is no longer trapped. With an ex-lover. Little by little, as they both open up, meet their loved ones for the last time, share their traumas, their disappointments, their lost dreams, they understand the meaning of life better, and they see n ‘look.

The To Die at the End would be a heavy book if the reader did not know before turning the first page that two of the main characters would die at the end of the story. They die too, make no mistake. Since the author himself has expressed the point of writing in the last book, it would be wrong for him to come up with some plan to save the characters. That would be wrong with the plan and situation they are creating.

Note that the book is not about death. It’s about life. What Mateo and Rufus lived in the last few hours was how to enjoy life, what it is like to have a good relationship, how to see the world.

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