Nem Todos Os Dias Estamos Bem

Nem Todos Os Dias Estamos Bem – Good mood Turn a boring and bad day into a happy day, full of good mood! Listen to our playlist and set the mood. Spotify listen playlist Copy Share

Don’t let a bad day ruin your life Don’t let a bad day ruin your life. Think that these moments happen because, in life, everything comes. Prepare for them, be firm and strong. Copy Share Bad days are over It’s normal to have bad days. The important thing is to remember that bad days come to an end. Always be open for the next day to be better. Copy Share They’ll Get You On Bad Days, it’s always good to have loved ones (or pets) with you. They are the ones who will save you from your troubles, making everything better. Copy Share Focus on the future Bad days come to remind us that after this time, joy reigns. Therefore, be at peace, because after the rain, the rainbow is coming. Copy Share Bad days lessons Bad days make you stronger, you know? See them through different eyes and learn the great lessons that stages like this can offer. Copy Share Nothing is impossible Even if events do not cooperate, believe that nothing is impossible! Calmly, this day will pass, and you will be able to make the right decisions. Copy Share Best Appreciation Unfortunately, there are bad days, but they happen so you can appreciate the good days even more. Copy Share

Nem Todos Os Dias Estamos Bem

Nem Todos Os Dias Estamos Bem

Bad days are part of you Bad days pass, even if it seems unbearable at the time. They are part of your growth and evolution process, trust them! Copy One Pin per day Don’t minimize your negative feelings, but don’t believe when your mind tells you that everything is completely wrong. Just a bad day… Copy Share Don’t let a bad day define you, you are so much better than you are. Believe in a better future, make it happen. Copy Share Bad Power Bad days will always pass and let’s learn. Don’t keep this bad energy with you, hope for better days. Copy Share 24 Hours When you think about the power of your day, remember that you only have 24 hours and time flies. It may be difficult, but it will pass. Take it easy. Copy Share I’ll always be here If you’re having a bad day, call me! I will be by your side not only today, but every other day of your life. You can always count on me! Copy Share Remember to float There is always an escape. Even for those who cannot swim, water offers the chance of floating. Trust that everything will be fine! Copy Share

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Get rid of bad things Don’t attract bad things to you, don’t be a sponge! Don’t let it come in and drive out all the bad things in you. Good always wins! Copy Share Don’t lose hope On bad days, don’t be shy to cry and let off steam. But don’t lose hope that tomorrow will be much better than you think. Copy Share Your Power Believe in your great potential for success. Bad days help the way you deal with life’s problems and situations. Copy Share A bad day doesn’t define you Don’t let a bad day define you. Know that everyone goes through problems, so it’s normal to feel anxious from time to time. Don’t lose hope and learn to deal with what you can’t control! Copy Share Life goes on William Shakespeare Whatever happens, bad days pass, like everyone else. Copy Share Don’t keep it in your heart Bad days are past, until you keep them in your mind or ruminate on what has gone before, remember them. Copy Pin It Will Pass The best thing about bad days is that they pass, and then comes a better day, which makes us forget what we left behind. Copy Share

Prayer answers should be our first response, not our last option. Find out how powerful prayer is! Copy Share What is it? We all have bad days. Well done, take a deep breath and know you’re not down to this! It will pass and you will change! Copy Share Everything is fine I saw the end of the world many times, and the next morning everything was fine. Copy Share Heal Even on the worst days, a special someone like you will know how to come back up. You will learn from problems and become great. Come well! Copy Share You are strong How many bad days have you overcome in your life? You are strong and today will be remembered tomorrow as an opportunity to grow more. Copy Share Lessons Learned Bad days leave anyone feeling down. But the important thing is not to let yourself shake. Our defeats, in fact, are the only lessons we learn. Copy Share Buy the vibration Take a deep breath and stay calm! It is possible to increase vibrations with focus and concentration. I know you will get through this today. Don’t give up, okay? Copy Share

Smile for life Always smile for life, even on the worst days. Don’t you smile a lot for life? See the reasons to be happy! Copy Share Resume Igor Ruzo If it’s done, it’s done. As long as we can breathe, nothing will be a real end even if it seems like it, life is full of new beginnings, look at the sun for example, a cloudy day can cover you until night, but that doesn’t last. you to come back tomorrow. Copy Share By faith Stand tall. Continue by faith. Copy Share A new day I tell myself every day that things will get better and it will be a good day. Copy Share Bad Things Igor Ruzo will always find thorns on roses, dark clouds that appear on sunny days, stones on roads, splinters in words. There will always be bad things in the good things you love, get used to it, because the things you hate will choose the important things you should keep in your heart. Learn to meditate on the good things and free your mind from bad thoughts Copy Share Smiles Make me smile, I’ll make you forget the bad days. Copy Share Bad Days Nx Zero Bad days, everyone has them, I swear I’m not depressed! Copy Share

You must have faith. You know what it is to have faith, bad days are part of our life so we enjoy the good days. Copy Share Be strong Íris Gomes You must understand that not everything is flowery. The sky will not always be clear or starry. There will be days when the storm takes over. But what would become of us without it? Bad times follow good times, just as they return after every bad streak. This is what makes us grow. This is what teaches us to be strong. Copy Share It’s worth it Bad days are necessary to make the good days worth it! Don’t give up: your effort is worth it. Understand more! Copy Share Push Yourself Life is like a roller coaster: it’s full of ups and downs. Bad days will pass. Overcome and develop the capacity for your own recovery. Copy Share Life take your place Capital Inicial Everything will be fine. The earth continues to change, bad days will come again and the sky will not fall. Copy Share The power of love I feel your love that welcomes me even from afar on bad days, on rainy nights, inside and outside. Copy Share Everything across… Relax and breathe. The bad days are coming to an end. Copy Share

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Day… Not every day is good, but there is something good in every day. Copy Share Only 24 Hours Remember: good days and bad days only last 24 hours. I know things are not easy for you today, but it will pass. Believe me, everything will be fine! Copy Share Patience You also have to love the bad days, in the storms of life. You also have to love in tears, in tears, in sad things. Love is beautiful, but not a bed of roses. He also has a thorn in his words, in his appearance, in his heart. Even if things are wrong on one side, it has nothing to do with the relationship. It will take some patience and waiting. Know how to be a more patient person Copy Share Smile, patience and faith For sunny days: Smile. For bad days: Patience. For each day: Faith. Copy Share Clouds in the Sky Even the sunniest days can have a few clouds. Copy Share Struggle and life When someone says they can’t do what they want, don’t be discouraged… The only person who can tell if you can or not is yourself. Don’t give up on the dream, what makes it awesome

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