Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais

Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais – Experts in moral theory disagree on the division of meaning between moral and ethical laws. Etymology is useless for this reason, because one of the terms comes from Latin and the other from Greek and both refer, in one way or another, to the general area of ​​mores.

The text tells us that the study of moral and ethical laws is not enough to make the difference between the two clear. Ethics comes from Latin (mores, customs, customs), while ethics comes from Greek (ethos, customs, methods of processing). However, morality is different from ethics because reality is different from the thought we make of it. In the first approximation, we can say that customs are a reflection of behavior.

Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais

Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais

Therefore, morality is a system of defining principles, principles, judgments and values, prevailing in a given society, internalized by its members, before any reflection on its meaning and significance. Ethics will be a reflection on this area of ​​human behavior, with the goal of finding good moral, positive-directed lives. Showing the behavior and character of people, under the prism of good and bad, justice and injustice, morals suggest to find the moral meaning of life, with a view to know.

Princípios, Volume 16, Número 25, 2009 By Princípios: Revista De Filosofia

Therefore, the principle of morality always precedes life. Moral law, principles, will be a means to achieve the real goal, namely a life of moral improvement. Disciplines that clearly express this goal are ethical. Therefore, it is up to the discipline to study different ethical behavior and moral codes, analyze moral issues and provide principles and formulas that justify these or those principles. In this sense, morality is an act of conduct at a basic level, providing moral principles with a set of codes and principles that illuminate them. Being a scientific perspective on morality, ethics provide justification and validation of behavior, thus influencing behavior and attitudes. It analyzes the nature, function, and value of moral judgments, helping us to make wise moral judgments, either about the behavior of others and the roles of institutions, or, above all, about the behavior and our own decisions.

A philosopher is not a virtue, he thinks about what has already existed, he criticizes it, he perfects it, and he makes it a principle, but he does not do it. What you do is: (1) analyze the language of the character (…); (2) demonstrating human behavior personally and socially; and (3) reexamines historical virtues

The task of this philosopher is to show us the importance of ethics in our lives. It helps us to make moral judgments, to make rational decisions, to know ourselves better and to improve ourselves, allowing us to have more understanding in moral matters. individuals and in the sphere of public morality. In particular, we use moral reasoning when faced with moral problems. It is a situation of value conflict that arises from the idea that these values ​​are equally important.

A simple example allows you to understand this matter. Let’s say a friend of mine is a thief. If they ask me about the crime, should I report my friend or not? Honesty and friendship are two opposing values ​​here. There are many situations in our lives that put us in front of these conflicts. Euthanasia, abortion, in vitro fertilization, environmental pollution, etc., represent many other situations that confront us with the need for ethical consideration, emphasizing its importance, not only in the intimate area, but also in the general area.

Pdf) Educação Como Processo De Formação Humana: Uma Revisão Em Filosofia Da Educação Ante A Premência Da Utilidade

The parents of a daughter with a terminal illness (chronic bone marrow leukemia) want to save her from death at any cost and are ready to offer themselves as donors for the daughter’s bone marrow transplant. they need to live. The doctors told them that this was impossible and that only a bone marrow transplant from a sibling could solve the problem. Therefore, the parents made the following decision: to give birth to another child to save their sister from death.

Question: “Is it right to conceive a child to save another’s life?” Wasn’t the child conceived to save the woman used here only as a means and not for the ultimate end? What reasons can be used to support and against the decision of the girl’s parents? What is a child born to save his sister’s life when he grows up? Are we not addressing violations of children’s rights?

This dilemma places us before the questions of moral reflection, but also before the recognition of the difficulty in finding a universally applicable moral. Even so, only comfort and communication will allow, if not resolve, at least gain a minimum consensus on this issue.

Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais

Being a theoretical research on the culture of the group, the behavior of organizing as a guide to action, although they are not in the reason and can always be revised at a later date. If the rules lead to a practical injustice, then it is necessary to use moral reasoning to implement or even modify them.

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Attention is always the intention to do something, always active, meaning a tension with the intention to do an action (…). When we decide to achieve something, we put ourselves under an influence to do what we set out to do.

If the intention is conscious and accepted by me, then that means it is the inner basis of action. But not every imagination can be fulfilled; it deals with external habits and principles, which do not always correspond to the internal. Therefore, ideas are evaluated through processes. Norms will become standards of measurement, serving as models of behavior at the social level. Because individuals have always lived in a society, which is governed by an institutional code of conduct that serves as a measure or standard of evaluation of the actions performed by various members, ethical considerations must be addressed with the moral environment. of that culture.

Thus, while intention represents the personal and intimate side of action, action decision generates goal-directed tension, organized, higher self, principles found outside the individual, although you put them in.

While intention is the responsibility of the subject of action, referring to its autonomy, the norm imposes itself from the outside, referring to heteronomy.

Simone De Beauvoir: “não Nascemos Mulheres, Tornamo Nos Mulheres”

While conscious concepts are accepted, norms are integrated into codes, serve as models for judicial actions and contain a basic set of socially approved values.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the principles are characteristic because they define the values ​​of society and individuals believe as well, since it goes through the process of society and the integration of these values. That is why, in part, each individual’s moral choices have been canonized, with external codes that coincide with our own decision. But not all principles are universal. A moral dilemma is an example. In addition, there may be certain social norms that should be asked of him, especially if doing so is detrimental to dignity.

People build their personal identity through social interaction, in the process of assimilation. Humans, who are resilient creatures, are relatable creatures. According to Paul Ricoeur, ethics is divided into three interaction poles: I pole, YOU pole, and HE pole. The latter refers to the structure. Thus, the individual self is built in relationships with others, mediated by (fair) institutions. Apart from these three dimensions, we cannot forget the world, as a home for human life.

Não Nascemos Morais Mas Devemos Nos Tornar Sujeitos Morais

Therefore, behavior and behavior would be meaningless if people were not related and if they did not live in society. Every society has a set of rules about normal and undesirable behavior that individuals should or should not participate in. In addition, morality will also be useless as individuals who join the society do not have the desire for a better and harmonious life. This passion replaces anxiety when others seem helpless. Mindfulness leads to mutual recognition and makes it possible to reduce inequality in relationships with other people.

Nascimento, Casamento E Morte

These relationships with others are often mediated by institutions. It is institutions that strengthen the application of justice, to guarantee equality and justice, by respecting differences.

Self-image (self-concept) shows the idea or image that an individual has about himself, namely the idea that each person has about himself. The definition of these agents is complex and evolves over time. Ultimately, the idea that each person has about himself is equivalent to his self-concept and knowledge of himself as a person with his own identity. This representation has two dimensions: self-image and self-esteem. Meanwhile, self-image refers to the way a person sees himself, in terms of physical, psychological and relational characteristics, self-esteem.

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