Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

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Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

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Where you will find complete security in your purchase with peace of mind. If necessary, you can count on a professional service team to assist you at any time during the transaction. and if an unexpected event occurs Your money will be safe. Learn more about our exchange, return and refund policies. We’ll learn more today at RC Repórter, but until then. I have to tell you a secret about the Catholic revival: Did you know that the Ministry of Music is not the only group in our movement? And there’s something else besides that. they are surprised

Kell Smith:

Within that great movement our prayer group is part of a ministry known as a music ministry. We really have a ministry of music and arts.

This ministry includes anything related to the artistic expression of the Holy Church movement. The pillars of the arts are: Music, Dance and Drama, with a unique collaboration to convey all these expressions ♥

As we said at the beginning This article will only address the ministry of music. And soon we will have texts talking about dancing and maybe who knows in these theaters.

Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

Music ministry is especially important in prayer groups. Catholic renewal of prestige will show us that it is necessary for its emergence. In it, the importance of other artistic expressions is shown. real and original

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★ Viewing the Ministry of Music does not only look at the technical quality. but also goes beyond that Being a music ministry in Catholic renewal is to bring GOJ members together with others. It was an experience of brotherhood in friendship that happened there, in animation, in an embrace of peace. or when you sing a song that you can’t dance And your little brother walks beside you and teaches you.

And for those of you who have already attended prayer meetings, when the lights are off, the music is quiet, the guitar playing softly, and finally, we appeal to the Holy Spirit with our words, prayers, and gazes. God-inspired music?

Yes! Here we show how Jesus used the music ministry in his approach.

How many people are moved by a song? Why is there music performed by musicians? What he sang and led was what God wanted to tell us at that moment.

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♥ There are many music preachers who allow the Spirit to lead themselves as channels of God’s grace. Even when playing chords on guitar, keyboard or drums. To be in the music ministry of renewal is divine use♥

But… isn’t it just singing? Saint Augustine once said, “If you want to know what we believe Hear what I sing.” If we sing what we believe, We must believe first. If we believe, we must survive.

Prayer Band musicians have their own schedule. This, of course, must coincide with the Prayer Band’s agenda. While they are “available,” it is advisable to use the meeting to test, pray, talk, meet through the group. and help other ministries and servants as much as possible

Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

It now takes a long time to count the types of music that exist. And a lot of this kind of music is bad.

Interpretação De Texto: Música

There is also a beat recommended by the Church in the song. And these beats are sacred Other strokes are bad both scientifically and spiritually. Rhythms that align the human mind with movements, dances, and even references that are not consistent with the practice of holiness are rhythms to be avoided in musical ministry. Here we have to be careful to identify beats like: Funk Carioca, ElectroDance, Heavy Metal (except for some orchestras), Hard Rock and some 80s beats. Sounds weird right? But it is the purest truth.

★ Now let’s take a look at why so many churches and movements use music in their meetings/activities ★ Sing Bible Songs ❤

To understand how music ministry works Let’s see how it fits in with the Christian walk? It’s pretty simple, take a look:

We have certain emotions that are manifested physically in our nature. One of the most common ways in history was singing! when we are sad or very happy It’s normal for us to sing, dance, or move our bodies to express that feeling. I know and you know there’s a playlist for the sweetest moments in life. And for the not-so-good times When you put your ear to the side and help dry your tears

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Like us God’s people sing throughout the scriptures about the glory of God. their faith in him and even their moments of despair

The people sang when they crossed the Red Sea (Exodus 15). David composed songs – almost every moment of his life lol (read Psalms – all… earnestly) . The apostles sang praises to God when they were in captivity (Acts 16, 25)

That’s why today we sing mass songs, in meetings, in our homes, when we do the dishes. do daily activities or with friends Sometimes we sing because it expresses our feelings. and when we do with God It will be much better! ❤

Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

The primary purpose of music ministry, as mentioned earlier in the text, is to bring people to meet God. deep experience with God An experience that can change their lives. The singer leads us on a continuous search for holiness ♥

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External missions (prayer groups, retreats, or other evangelistic performances) are extremely important and important for a music minister. But the music ministry plays a role within prayer groups.

Where he performs music through the use of special abilities by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is very important for Catholic music ministers to renew that fascination in being one with the overall movement and therefore with the Church. They need to seek the necessary knowledge. which can support and strengthen their beliefs. so that this can be translated into evangelism.

Musician God artists – who are talking about music and art right now – are all kinds of people. God doesn’t work with a pattern for calling. He also does not prejudice our mission.

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The same is true for other ministries or ministries. A minister must have one special characteristic. That is the desire to accomplish God’s plan.

★ There is no personality trait here that directly interferes with the revelation of God in a person’s ministry. So the widest range of profiles can end up being a musician. Or mediators, dancers, communicators, communicators, educators, or whatever God wants these people to be ★

Now, from the moment we are ministered Like everyone else in life, we must constantly strive to improve the activities that person needs. At the end of this post you will find our link.

Musica é Que A Gente Quer Crescer

About the life of a servan In it we are talking about being like a pencil in the hand of God. And sharpening the pencil to work well.

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As a musician We must always be creative with our music, our attitude and our approach to service. This includes the study of music theory. composition teamwork and harmony (very important, especially if there are many musical instruments). Another important aspect for ministers is practicing dictation, intonation, singing, speaking, interpretation, and leadership over time.

Transformed by the Holy Spirit

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