Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes – For those of you who are looking for ideas for the walls of the house to renovate or build, we will help you with some interesting ideas and styles. The wall of the house improves the safety and privacy of the family, In addition, the wall improves the facade and increases the value of the property. Therefore, it is important that the walls of the house follow the rules of the building to add beauty and style.

There are many finishing materials that you put on the walls of your house, such as wood, stone, brick, glass, wood, etc.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

Decorations on the walls of the house are often based on the end and the front of the house, so it is important to use them to make a connection with the property.

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The walls of the modern house should match the style of the building and the elements of the facade will be repeated on the walls. A good example of this is the color of the walls of the house, so when you paint your house, you must buy enough colors to paint the walls.

Most of the walls of modern buildings are finished with various types of wood and glass, woodwork, decorative ceramics and wood and metal. A good choice for the walls of a modern house is to use a living wall or a vertical garden, since they are affordable and still add something good to the property.

The walls of the house are the business card of the property, so it is worth investing in decorations and doors that make up the facade.

The walls of simple houses can be used with cheap materials to make a beautiful finish, such as jewelry, ceramics, materials that are not good, tools and paintings.

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There are different types on the market for wall paint for simple houses that you can combine with other types of finishes, so you can create something different and modern for the house you.

Another interesting and important detail for the walls of the house is the light that improves the beauty and ensures the protection of the property.

The design of the walls of the house, as it is simple, will determine the character of the owner of the house. The color of the walls of the house shows the wishes of the resident in his life.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

You can enhance the style of the wall of the house by using stone, wood in a wooden house, exposed brick, wood, frame and glass.

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Choose the type of wall you want to build in the house and study the material and its features carefully to enhance your property even more. But who says they can’t be cute?

Every day, beautiful walls become popular in the design of facades, indoors and outdoors.

And if you want to confirm the style of your home wall, follow this post. We have brought you many tips and ideas to inspire you, come and see.

The wall may be strong and beautiful, but it will never lose one of its main functions: security, especially in the infrastructure in the big cities.

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Therefore, the tip is always to choose materials that are resistant and durable when you work on the wall and when it is finished.

Also avoid things that can be used as steps, especially outside the wall, such as rails and vertical wooden boards, for example. This type of finish can allow visitors to enter the house.

The wall is an important part of the structure and facade of the house, so it must be there. Today’s house, for example, should give priority to the use of modern materials in the characteristics of the wall, as the bedroom should use the materials produced for the final design of the wall.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

Color is also important. You can choose to make the wall from the rest of the facade using bright and cheerful colors that match the rest of the building, or even paint the wall the same color as the other walls, creating a beautiful and clean look. , beautiful and clean decoration.

Modelos De Muros Residenciais

The side of the wall facing the house does not need to follow the same pattern as the outside. In the countryside, for example, it is possible to play with landscape or vertical gardens, while outside, invest only in beautiful paintings and diversity.

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to make the walls of the house beautiful is to bet on new paintings.

The first and most common is the painting in strong colors, one. In this case, just choose the color you want and put it on the background.

Another way to bring color to the wall is to do a half and half gradient painting or painting. This type of design works well in modern homes with a youthful and elegant look.

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Finally, you can still choose to bring images and pictures to paint on the wall, from the simplest to the most complex.

Pictures are the most popular type of wall art, but there are others. Everything will depend on the effect you want to bring to the facade. You can write sentences.

What do you think about leaving the wall as it came into the world? We are talking about concrete. This type of finish is modern and still has the advantage of being a good investment, after all, you don’t have to do anything with it.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

You can choose to use simple stones in the form of fillets, for example, or complex stones, in the form of plates, such as marble or granite.

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Good old pottery does not disappoint. The last option is for those who want to be clean every day, in addition to materials that are resistant to resistance.

There are many ceramic options to put on the wall, from the classic enameled ones to the more sophisticated styles, like wooden tiles, for example.

For those looking for simple (and cheap) beautiful walls, you can invest in roughcast. This type of finish is nothing but concrete and crushed stone.

At this time, wood is often used to finish the walls. It can be used as a main element, creating panels on the wall and covering it completely, or even used as an addition to other materials, such as exposed concrete, stone and self-painting.

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However, the plant should receive special care so that it does not suffer under the influence of time.

Vertical gardens are a great indoor and outdoor option for beautiful and unique walls. This idea is more interesting when the backyard is small and there is no space for the usual garden.

For simplicity, choose a climbing plant, such as catnip. The plant is hardy and requires little care.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

Regardless of the effect you want to bring to the wall, one thing is clear: a few bright details make everything different.

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Light in sconces, spotlights and LED strips makes the wall attractive, and helps with night signals, helping people entering the house to find their way.

An important aspect of lighting on the wall is security, especially if you choose a lamp with the presence of a sensor.

One of the best examples of the most used wall in Brazil is the one that combines the use of wood with steel or aluminum fences.

This type of wall gives priority to security and decoration, since the opening grid allows inspection in the room, preventing the activities of criminals.

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Cobogós is widely used in construction and can be combined with wall finishes.

With them, it will be possible to bring more light and ventilation in the house, while the interior is visible, bringing more security to the residents.

Glass walls are not common in Brazil, but they are still an option. This type of wall is successful because it is clean and beautiful, it preserves the facade of the house in detail.

Muros Bonitos E Diferentes

However, you must pay attention to the type of glass used, since only clear glass is shown for this purpose, precisely because it resists the impact.

Modelos De Muros Simples

But, if you don’t like the glass wall completely, know that it is possible to combine it with other materials, including masonry and wood.

The wall is finished with a 3D effect and a large relief area that protrudes from the top.

A good example is bamboo, which can cover the entire length of the wall. But you can still use pine trees, bushes and other small species, like São Jorge swords, for example.

Photo 4 – A beautiful and amazing wall finished with light-colored stones that contrasts with the black color of the facade.

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