Mundo Bita De Estimação

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Mundo Bita performs the songs of the season called ‘Bita e o Nosso Mundo 2’ available on Spotify The 10 songs of the second part of the season ‘Bita e o Nosso Mundo’, released every month in 2020, will be collected for the first time to this day . transport service

Mundo Bita De Estimação

Mundo Bita De Estimação

Starting this Saturday (17), Mundo Bita songs like “Todo Mundo Chora”, “Hora de Tomar Vacina” and “O Amor da Adoção” (in collaboration with Milton Nascimento) will be available in a single track on Spotify.

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The ten tapes of the second edition of the “Bita e o Nosso Mundo” season, which premiered every month in 2020, will be collected for the first time on a streaming service.

The singer and composer, Chaps Melo, assures that these songs arose from the request of parents to give children, through cartoon characters, subjects that extend from the point of view of the people, such as people diversity, education, passion, equal rights and friendship.

“We love this union that we build every day with great expectations. We hope that we play an important role in the development of children,” says Chaps.

Chaps says his inspiration for the song “Querida Chupeta, Bye-Bye,” for example, came from his experience with his oldest daughter, Bebel. “I made up the story that the deer that lived near this house liked to be given washing powder. , Bebel thinks it made the animal happy,” he says.

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In the book “O Amor da Adoção”, together with Milton Nascimento, Bita and Bituca present the story of Flora, who met her parents in the orphanage, and the moments before the child arrived at her home.

In this song, the singer makes a record with Chaps Melo. “I wrote this song thinking about Milton, who, in addition to being our godfather, was adopted and has a son,” says the singer. An excerpt from the guide reads: “Let your heart beat / This is where my daughter comes from / Because the love of adoption / This is what makes our family happy.”

“Hora de Tomar Vacina” promotes the vaccination of children, and is supported by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and Pfizer “Time to get vaccinated / There are some for boys, there are some for girls / Only a few bites / There’s one for the old man and one for the grandmother / Everyone happy / No need to get sick”, says the chorus.

Mundo Bita De Estimação

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