Movie House Near Me

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Renting out your home as a movie location can pay off big But is it worth the risk?

Movie House Near Me

Movie House Near Me

Every few weeks, we put the questions to a vote, inviting readers to decide which questions should be answered in story form.

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This question, which we found in the #AskLosAngeles subreddit, came in second in our recent reader poll: What’s wrong with listing your home for use as a shooting location?

Movie House Near Me

It was a windy night in late March 2021 A movie was being shot on another quiet residential street in Pasadena

Suddenly, a lighting crane fell on the roof of a two-story house.

Movie House Near Me

Saunkan Saunkne (2022)

No one was injured, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, but photos and video of the incident showed broken shingles and siding — no idea what happened peacefully Tuesday night.

Having a Hollywood movie or TV show in your home or neighborhood sounds glamorous, and it can be

Movie House Near Me

But on the other hand, there is always the risk of damage during shooting, even if a situation like an overturned lighting fixture is fortunate. is rare

Rialto Movie House In Three Rivers Texas

“Some people do it for the money. And some people love to do it because they enjoy that kind of activity, said Paul Kim, founder and owner of, which connects homeowners with production that sometimes includes A-list celebrities like Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga.

Movie House Near Me

Let’s cut to the chase: How much can you earn by renting out your home as a movie location?

“People were making $4,000 or $5,000 for a 12- or 14-hour day,” Kim said. Now “location budgets have doubled or tripled.”

Movie House Near Me

Moviehouse & Eatery Is Closed To The Public, Open For Private Rentals To Accommodate Small Groups

A reader asked why the recognizable Los Angeles skyline – with skyscrapers like the Willischer Grand Center and USA? Bank Tower – Developed about 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean We have the answer

One of Kim’s clients — a homeowner in Sherman Oaks — hit the movie location jackpot after their home was used as a main filming location for Made for Love, a series that aired on HBO Max. They said that they paid for their children’s college with the show.

Movie House Near Me

There’s also a tax break – homeowners can rent out their homes with movie locations for up to 14 days a year without paying tax on the income generated.

John’s Horror Corner: The Deep House (2021), A French ‘haunted House’ Movie… Underwater.

Can a home owner expect this kind of pay if they choose to rent out their home as a movie set?

Movie House Near Me

Initially, the image location “took everyone because we wanted volume,” Kim says, recalling his initial recruiting strategies. Now, “we really want upscale, unique homes that have lots of space to work.”

“It could be a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills or Malibu “But if it’s unique in some way, like it’s Frank Lloyd Wright, we’ll take it.”

Movie House Near Me

In House Movie Theatre

Interested in renting out your home as a movie location? How do you think the scouting process works? My colleague John Haley, a senior editor on the Times’ utility journalism team, will tell you all about it.

You probably need the help of a movie location service that has good relationships with advertising agencies and filmmakers. And even then, it helps to find the right kind of niche

Movie House Near Me

Thinking of listing your home as a photo location? Have you ever had a scout or two knock on your door? Here are some questions to ask

Cinépolis Usa Movie Theaters & Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

First, carefully review the guidelines published by the California Film Commission that outline what to expect in the production process.

Movie House Near Me

“If you’re going to have a stranger knock on your door and say, ‘Hey, we want to use your house,’ you want to ask, ‘Who is the production company?’” Kim said.

Kim only works with produce that is fully insured. “Now, they have a total liability of at least $1 million. Yes. [And] we’re asking for $2 million for large public housing. “

Movie House Near Me

Vine Cinema And Alehouse

Be sure to review your insurance policy to make sure you’re protected against liability, Haley notes in her story.

Kim also advises homeowners to collect a security deposit in case of an accident “I’d say anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000,” depending on how extensive the view is and how much the home will be used for.

Movie House Near Me

Image locations typically hold a deposit of about $10,000 for incidentals, such as a broken sprinkler head that is rarely used. “In the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I think I’ve had less than 10 insurance claims.”

Moviehouse & Eatery Nw Austin

When tourists see Angelenos acting “so Los Angeles,” it may say more about the expectations they have with them.

Movie House Near Me

Now to answer the original question: What does filming in a private residence involve? What are some risks?

“Sometimes it’s just two artists and they’re talking on the porch or something,” said production sound mixer Tom Curley. who has “worked on almost every type of home imaginable, from a jungle shack in Columbia to an $80 million mansion and everything in between.”

Movie House Near Me

Louisville’s Village 8 Movie Theater Changes Model Due To Covid 19

On a typical shooting day, the main cast and crew of 70 to 80 people will descend on the house, Kim said, although that number can be increased to 150 or 200 people depending on how many extras are needed on location. “They’ll have a moving truck and they’ll put your furniture in their truck and take the furniture set out. … the landlord has to agree to such a thing

Location, location, location! Go to a bar featured in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or star in movies where lovers flirt in La La Land.

Movie House Near Me

Curley said that in more than two decades on the set, he had never witnessed such extensive damage to a private home.

Terrifier 2 At An Amc Theatre Near You

“Usually the worst I’ve seen is that a rack or piece of equipment will hit a wall and cause some minor damage to the sheet metal or a chip around the door,” he said. Damage to some floors is also possible, he said.

Movie House Near Me

Alison Kelly, a retired nutritionist, filmed both Closer and NCIC at her artisan home in Larchmont.

He never suffered a headache from filming in his home, except for one instance when the production crew lit a fire in his fireplace and forgot to open the vent.

Movie House Near Me

Black Adam (2022)

“The house got hot very quickly,” he said. “Some people are a bit ignorant… I wouldn’t say everyone is like that, but you always have to be aware.”

Kelly recommends asking production to use layout boards to protect the floor and make sure they document your home and belongings before filming begins.

Movie House Near Me

“Having a camera crew in her home has been a consistently positive experience,” she said. “The people we dealt with were professional,” he said. I am grateful to sit back and watch the fun process.

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The first step in your Hollywood career doesn’t have to be rent in LA Here’s how to take your first step toward a career in the entertainment industry, according to experts

Movie House Near Me

He also received some unexpected home improvements from members of the NCIS team Before the shoot, he had reddened the foundation of his house, causing some walls to crack.

“It was awkward,” he said. During the production process, crew members completed damage repairs “It was very nice.”

Movie House Near Me

Find Your Local Picturehouse

With home improvement benefits, the possibility of home damage — however slight — means homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions they have, Curley said.

“Be sure to communicate all your concerns and agree to everything in writing Make sure you protect yourself as much as you can,” he advises.

Movie House Near Me

Rachel Schnalzer is audience engagement editor for the Los Angeles Times He writes a business and travel newsletter for The Times Schnalzer graduated from Johns Hopkins University and worked at BuzzFeed and Snap before joining The Times in 2019. Cinepolis, a company started in Mexico in 1971, announced this week that it has acquired Moviehouse & Eatery. Financial terms were not disclosed

On Location: The Colombian Towns, Architecture, And Music That Inspired Disney’s ‘encanto’

Five Moviehouse and Eatery locations currently operate, three in the Dallas area and two in Central Texas: 8300 N. 620 RM and 7415 Southwest Pkwy in Northwest Austin. in Southwest Austin A sixth location is expected to open in the Houston area later this year

Movie House Near Me

The deal gives Cinepolis a total of 26 theaters in seven states There are more than 700 cineplexes worldwide

“We are fully committed to bringing our global expertise to the US market,” Cinepolis CEO Alejandro Ramirez Maga said in a written statement. It is strategic

Movie House Near Me

Best Movie Houses In Cebu City

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