Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

Morcego Cabeça De Martelo – The animal kingdom is one of the most fascinating in nature and it always amazes us with its unique creatures. Many species were discovered over the years and each had a characteristic.

Hammerhead bat is a strange animal that lives in Africa and attracts the curiosity of many people. If you’ve never heard of it, get ready, because we’re going to introduce you to it all.

Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

With a wingspan of up to 38 inches and a weight of about one kilogram, the hammerhead bat is the largest bat in Africa, according to Bat Conservation International. It is also the sexiest bat species in the world.

Tubarao Martelo Bichos De Pano

The average female weighs about 229 grams and looks no different from other fruit bats. Males, however, are much larger and have faces that clearly distinguish them. Expanding the larynx into the face creates a resonance chamber that facilitates the production of large horn sounds that attract females.

These animals can be found in Senegal, West Africa, about 3,000 miles southeast, north of Angola. They mostly live in humid tropical forests around the plains, swamps and rivers of equatorial Africa.

Hammerhead bats feed on fruits that grow nearby, including figs, bananas, guavas and mangoes, making them frugivores. Because of their fruit diet, they are considered a pest by many African farmers, who remove them when necessary to protect their crops.

In addition to extinction at the hands of fed farmers, hammerhead bats in some countries also have to be on the lookout for predators that want to eat them. According to the Animal website, people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria are killing hammerhead bats. To eat them as game meat.

Desenho De Morcego Espectral Para Colorir

“Game” is a general term used to describe wildlife in general, but is often used to refer specifically to African game. Hammerheads are also sometimes seen in “wet markets” in other parts of Africa and around the world. Mate each other

According to a study published in the Journal of Zoology, the hammerhead bat is one of the only bat species confirmed to participate in the “lake” mating system. More than 120, gather to attract women.

Each male claims a territory of about 9 meters, then hangs from a branch and flaps its wings while repeatedly “hawing” 60 to 120 times a minute. Female bats fly around the lake, choose a male with whom they want to mate and land on a branch next to him. The male then makes a “staccato buzzing” sound, mates with the female and hangs on the branch again, “got for the female. Next female.”

Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

Polygamous males do not stick around to raise their young. In fact, they usually do not gather in large family groups. Hammerhead bat roosts usually contain fewer than five creatures. The animal kingdom is pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

A Jornada De Regis

Fortunately, these extraordinary bats are not considered an endangered species, although increasing deforestation and climate change are beginning to affect their natural habitats. For now, conservatories are just continuing to monitor one of Africa’s iconic bat species.

Do you already know the Hammer Headed Bat? Comment below and don’t forget to share this post! Did you know that they discovered a new species of iguana during the recording of ‘A Lagoa Azul’ in 1980? The world is so magical that it always reveals great surprises to us. In the course of history, many other species have only appeared beautifully and become known to humans, while others have unfortunately ceased to exist for the same reasons.

Bats, for example, may seem like animals without much relevance to the world, but they are the only mammals that can fly, moreover, bats represent 1/4 of all existing mammals on earth. The most traditional ones are black and ‘cuddly’, but now you can meet 16 species of bats that look too weird to be real:

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Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

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Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

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Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not yet been categorized. Bats are one of the strangest animals on earth. This is because it is the second most diverse group of mammals, with over 1,100 species in total. For this reason, it is very easy to find some very unusual and different bats.

This is the case of the hammerhead bat, which seems to come straight out of a science fiction story, but is actually a very common and well-known type of science. Below we list seven fun facts about this strange but friendly mammal.

As with many species, the hammerhead bat has an apparent sexual dimorphism. While the females are similar to other bats, it is the males that have the heads that give the species its name.

Although it is not endangered and has a very attractive appearance, the hammerhead bat is little known outside of zoology because it is a species endemic to West and Central Africa. They occupy a forest region stretching from the coast of Sierra Leone to the coast of Angola and extending from Gabon to northwestern Uganda.

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It is the largest bat species in Africa. Although they are only 25 cm long, the males have a wingspan of almost one meter. Females, on the other hand, have a smaller body, about 20 cm long, and a wingspan of 80 cm.

Contrary to myths and horror stories that people believe, most bats do not feed on blood. They are frugivores, and the hammerhead bat is no exception. Their diet consists mainly of figs, bananas, guavas and mangoes, making them important pollinators. On the other hand, their diet makes them considered a pest by African farmers.

The hammerhead bat is the only species that participates in a mating system known as lek. The ritual involves large groups of bats – or leks – hanging from branches, flapping their wings vigorously and making loud noises with their mouths to attract females. A lex can have up to 120 males that take up territory in tree branches. Females fly from the lake and choose a male to mate with and land on a nearby branch. After breeding, the male hangs on the branch again to attract another

Morcego Cabeça De Martelo

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