Morada Só Tu és Santo

Morada Só Tu és Santo – Watch Cipher Words Only You Are Santo-Morada and download the PDF to play on your mobile phone or computer.

I am Prof. Gustavo Júnio and I want to help you play this song. So, I will teach you simple chords without learning.

Morada Só Tu és Santo

Morada Só Tu és Santo

Note that the numbers vary by color. So I did it this way to make the hub change easier.

This Is Morada

My students always ask me “Teacher, how do I know the right time to change chords?”. So my answer has been “it’s important to know the music”. So I have to implement color to help with this. Because knowing music is not enough.

Now it is enough to know what each color represents in terms of beat and time. However, you will be able to play the music even if you have never heard it before.

Didactic cipher is a complete class in PDF where I show you the possibilities of playing music and improving your perception. So, I show how the secret of music works and why the basic sequence.

Playing music by ear, stop relying on numbers are a few things that require a lot of effort. However, these objects were designed to show the way through the perception of the ear.

Nasci Pra Te Adorar

In the video I will teach you in detail through step by step. All this while still showing a great way to use a capo.

Although knowing your shade is important, I’ll show you that you can play with other shades even if you don’t know how to do eyeshadow.

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Morada Só Tu és Santo

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Tu és Santo

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Romeo santo tu rival, és tu, hoy por ser dia de tu santo

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