Meus Sentimentos Que Deus Conforte O Coração De Toda Família

Meus Sentimentos Que Deus Conforte O Coração De Toda Família – Unconditional support The pain of losing a loved one is very difficult and confusing, but know that I will be there for you. You can count on my help, support and company. Sometimes life seems so cruel, doesn’t it? You did your best, offering your unconditional support until the very last moment. I repeat again: I will always be with you, trust me! Lovingly accept my feelings for the loss of someone so dear. Copy Share

A moment of silence Death is difficult to understand. We are never ready to lose a loved one. It’s hard to go through, it’s very painful. I want to tell you that now you have to rely on those around you. I want you to know that I am here for anything you need, I really am! Whether it’s a friendly shoulder or just to have a quiet time with you, you can call! We are a big network supporting each other, never forget that! Copy Share your power The secret to calming your heart is to believe in your own power. If you believe you can find courage where there is no courage, you can stand up again. It’s important to ask for help from those who love you, but ultimately, the relationship has to come from you. Believe me, remember everything you went through to get here. You are bigger than you think! Copy Share Listen to our playlist on Spotify Listen to Spotify playlist Copy Share A hug to scare away the pain I want to go there and hug you really tight. A hug from those who drown all the pain. I know mere words may not seem helpful at a time like this, but it’s all I can offer other than my sincerest intentions to see you happy again. Whatever you need, I’m here. Stay well and remember how amazing you are! Copy Share Nostalgia will live In these moments, our faith is important: faith in optimism, not necessarily mystical, faith that we are too insignificant and that the other is in a better place, or at least rest. . Make up your mind based on this. I wish you a lot of strength to endure longing, because he is the only one left… but he is the one who will keep that person alive in our hearts. Copy Share

Meus Sentimentos Que Deus Conforte O Coração De Toda Família

Meus Sentimentos Que Deus Conforte O Coração De Toda Família

Trust him, I can only be happy if I can see the happiness on your face, mom. I know it hasn’t been easy lately. There is so much injustice in the world that you don’t deserve. But nothing and no one can destroy the authenticity of your soul before me, let alone before Heaven. Your struggles will pay off, nothing will ever go to waste. Trust! Put everything in God’s hands and feel the comfort of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Trust me for everything! Copy Share Face-to-face The feeling of this situation is difficult to soften – in fact, almost impossible. So don’t run away, face this pain and try to feel it deeply. Every pain makes us grow. The space in our chest gives more light and this is a real comfort. Unfortunately, we have experienced this and it is a part of life to feel this pain that cripples and stifles us so much. Wishing you lots of strength to face it! Copy Share I’m here for anything you need. I know the pain you are feeling is immeasurable, but it is up to you to make sure the person you lost is in a place where they are very welcome. Surely God cares for him with great love. But take time to think, I know it’s hard and you have to feel the situation. If you need help, trust me, I’ll be here for whatever you need. Copy Share Mission Accomplished Keep in your heart all the moments you spent with the person you lost. None of the past moments were in vain, surely everything had a reason. Try to calm your heart and believe that someone has successfully completed the mission on Earth. There are many people around you who love you and will do anything to be there for you. Regardless of the moment, they will be with you for everything. Be safe! Copy Share It’s Gonna Be Okay No matter what moment you’re having, hang in there. There are things in life that are like strong storms: they come, but they always pass. Calm the heart and understand that there is a time for everything. Everything will be fine, believe me! Copy Share

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It’s up to you! Hey, I want to know you’re not alone in this, okay? I am with you in all that comes and goes. I don’t really know how to handle the situation, but know that my friendly shoulder is ready to welcome you. Feel the opening comfortably. I am at your disposal! Copy Share Sadness and Sadness Where are you now? I would like to see you again and I’m sorry for not telling you that I love you more often! I can neither sleep nor sleep, because with you all my dreams and joys are gone, replaced by sadness and grief. You were the sparkle in my eyes, the strength to face my challenges and the calm after my storms. My only hope is that God will help me live with your absence. I will always love you. Copy Share Expose Yourself To cure a fluttering heart? A dose of comfort. Feel my words are accepted and be motivated to overcome challenges with creativity and less bad temper. I know how difficult it is to go through some situations, but I am sure that you will overcome each of them. You are very smart! All of us who live with you are amazed at this intelligence. So keep calm and don’t be afraid to expose yourself. Copy Share It Will Get Easier It hurts now, but it won’t hurt forever. It gets easier every day. Sadness leaves us and happy memories become stronger and more vivid. Longing will never leave our soul, it is true, but it will not be synonymous with constant pain. There will always be dark days, but it will get easier. The absence of those who once left is no longer a knife that pierces that chest and hurts the heart. Until that day comes, I wish you strength to face the dark days. They don’t stop, believe me, the light will fall on you again. Copy Share Don’t be shy, you’ve been so nervous lately, it’s bothering me. I don’t like to see someone so down, especially someone I love and inspire so much. If things aren’t going so well, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Strong people also fall, that’s normal. However, I will be under you to comfort your fall and not harm you. Trust me and receive my good energies! Copy Share

The time to live is now. There are days when we will fight, swim hard and die on the beach. There are those days and you feel tired, sometimes tired, that’s okay. But know that the world is too small for your size. Know that you are a great person, you have great qualities, you always have a lot of strength and determination. It’s okay to be tired! No one is happy every day of life. The important thing is that you always know your limits, accept everything that has already happened and remember that tomorrow is a new day to build. We always live in the now and it determines what we will be next! Copy Share Life and its cycles When you are lost, know that somehow everything will be found. When the days are gray, know that there will always be an opportunity to try to brighten them up. When the leaves wither and the flowers die, know that a new spring will come so they can be reborn. Our lives are like the seasons of the year: each season will be different. We must pay attention to what is inside us. We all have a universe within us, so know that sometimes your universe may be a little out of balance, but everything will be fine, because everything in life is a cycle, whatever is defined in that cycle will be fulfilled. Copy Share A Separation Caused by Death I could say that I know exactly how you feel right now, but that wouldn’t be true. Each person experiences the loss of a loved one in a unique way, and grief manifests itself differently in everyone. I can say that I have already suffered the pain of separation caused by death and I know how painful it can be. Most

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