Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina

Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina – Scabies in dogs is a skin disease caused by a parasite. There are three types of scabies: sarcoptic, demodectic and octodectic; You can read about the differences in our other article on scabies. In this case, we focus on sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei): it is highly contagious and causes excruciating itching in animals that suffer from it.

Of course, you have seen a dog with scabies and heard advice not to touch it, not to treat it, or, on the contrary, many home remedies to treat it. In fact, scabies in dogs is very easy to treat with inexpensive medications, and once treatment is started, the tick quickly dies and is no longer contagious.

Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina

Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina

The causative agent is a microscopic cat mite (Sarcoptes scabiei), but each is species-specific and transmission between dogs and cats is very rare. However, they can temporarily affect other species (including humans). These mites spend their entire life cycle inside the animal, laying eggs in galleries they dig under the skin. They never go down, in fact they cannot survive outside their host for more than a few days as they die of dehydration.

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Ticks prefer areas of the body that have less hair, so they prefer the lower parts of the body. The first places to be affected are the ears and elbows. When hair is lost due to constant scratching, the disease spreads to other parts of the body. The first lesions are red, itchy papules (rash) that are very itchy (pruritus). They have thick yellowish scales, constant scratching causes various injuries in a short time. The dog is very excited and cannot rest; lesions itch when the skin is warm, such as indoors or near a stove. In chronic cases of mange in dogs, the skin thickens and darkens due to inflammation. Secondary infections are very common.

Some high maintenance dogs have a rare form of occultism. Frequent bathing cleans the skin of scabs and scales and kills many ticks, leaving enough on the body to cause itching. The dog is scratched but uninjured; It is often diagnosed as an allergy and treated with corticosteroids, but without positive results.

Diagnosis of ticks in dogs: A veterinarian will scrape the skin to identify ticks under a microscope. You have to do several things because it is difficult to find the parasite. This is the only way to accurately identify the disease, but there are other things that suggest mange, such as rubbing the edges of the ears and making scratching movements with the dog’s hind legs. This, together with the experience of the veterinarian, may be sufficient for a preliminary diagnosis that justifies the initiation of treatment.

Treatment begins when the disease is confirmed or suspected to prevent its spread to other dogs. It consists of using ivermectin subcutaneously or orally. This drug is not approved for use in dogs, but has been used in practice for years. Collies, Shetlands and their cross-breeds should never be given this medicine because the blood-brain barrier can pass through them and cause coma and death. Ivermectin kills all ticks quickly; According to the vet, a second dose, sometimes a third, should be administered after about 10 days.

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On the other hand, it is necessary to treat the skin. For this purpose, baths are carried out with an antiseptic shampoo, which removes the itch that causes scabies in dogs and disinfects the skin. In some cases, if it is infected or the lymph nodes are palpable, an antibiotic will also be given. An insecticide rinse is also usually indicated. Organophosphates are quite toxic and often resistant, so the drug of choice is Amitraz. The dilution is prepared as indicated on the package and applied to the dog once a week for 2-4 treatments depending on the severity of the scabies. This product should not be used on puppies under 3 months of age or pregnant women.

Because canine distemper is highly contagious, all dogs that have been in contact with the patient should be treated, even if they are asymptomatic. Your vet will tell you if they should be given medication or just baths. Even if the tick does not stay in the environment for a long time, it is better to carry out thorough hygiene and disinfection of the dog’s mattresses, blankets, clothes, kennel and other objects.

Once the skin is healthy and all the ticks are gone, wait for the hair to grow back. Good nutrition and lots of play, attention and love will help with this.

Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina

Veterinary technical assistant specializing in dog ethology. It allowed me to work with what I have been most passionate about for many years: the animal world. I combine my work with volunteering at shelters, sanctuaries, sanctuaries, and any related events or services. I am interested in dog training, birds, primatology, etc. I conducted various related seminars and courses. I love learning every day from these amazing companions that we are lucky to live with.Canine skin disease caused by various types of brown ticks. We explain how to recognize the symptoms of mange in dogs, care and treatment, and how to prevent the infection in your dog.

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Treatment of mange in dogs should focus on two main issues: animal therapy and environmental hygiene:

Acaricidal pharmacological therapy is indicated in all cases of the beetle, except for localized demodicosis, which in most cases resolves spontaneously within a month or two. However, it must be carefully monitored, as in some cases it can become generalized, requiring intensive therapy.

The most commonly used active substances are macrocyclic lactones (ivermectin, moxidectin, milbemycin), taken orally or topically by spraying or pipette on the skin or, in the case of ear mites, in the ear canal. Topical amitraz is generally not used because of its potential toxic effects.

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Today, in addition to controlling fleas and ticks, new very safe drugs have been developed that are easy to take orally, such as afloxalaner or sarolaner, which have been shown to be effective against scabies.

In addition, to prevent simultaneous bacterial infections, antibiotics and anti-seborrhoeic shampoos, which help remove hair from the animal’s skin, should be used.

Corticosteroids should not be used to relieve itching or pruritus, as they can weaken the dog’s immune system and even promote the growth of opportunistic bacteria on the skin. Now we have a molecule called oclacitinib that stops itching without the side effects of corticosteroids.

Medicamento Para La Sarna Canina

Remember that some types of mange, such as sarcoptic mange, are highly contagious and we need to treat animals that live with sick animals. In addition, it is important to clean and disinfect bedding, clothing and toys that have been in contact with the dog to prevent re-infection.

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If our dog suffers from scabies, to avoid relapses, even if it is long, it is necessary to strictly follow the treatment and periodically visit the veterinarian to check the effectiveness of the treatment.

In addition, there are a number of care products for dogs with scabies that will help them improve their quality of life and recover as quickly as possible:

Since the main mode of transmission is direct contact with sick animals and infected fomites (brushes, blankets, dog toys…), we try not to approach animals with suspected or diagnosed scabies; We use appropriate veterinary treatment for dogs with scabies and follow some basic rules of personal and environmental hygiene. Periodic treatment with macrocyclic lactones or newer acaricidal compounds may be useful in preventing infection.

The exception is demodicosis, the non-contagious type, as the tick that causes it is naturally found on our dog’s skin and only reproduces in immunocompromised and genetically predisposed dogs. In this case, it is important to avoid stress and raising susceptible animals.

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