Mapa Do Metro Rj

Mapa Do Metro Rj – RJ Subway Lines: Complete guide on how to get around in Rio de Janeiro Discover the Rio de Janeiro Subway lines, its stations, how to move between them and get quick access to the main points of the city.

The Metrô of Rio de Janeiro, better known as MetrôRio, is the second largest subway in the country, second only to the Metrô of São Paulo.

Mapa Do Metro Rj

Mapa Do Metro Rj

Currently, the RJ Metro lines total 41 stations, built over its 43 years of operation.

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Founded in 1979, MetrôRio is an important means of transport for cariocas, with more than 800,000 passengers a day, according to the company’s website.

Find out more about all the subway lines in RJ, how they work and what are the main points nearby that you can access.

MetrôRio, so far (July 2022), has 3 lines in operation: Line 1-Orange, Line 2-Green and Line 4-Yellow. There are still two others under construction, Line 3-Blue and Line 5 (still without defined representation color).

By means of MetrôRio, it is possible to reach the ferry terminal, which gives access to nearby municipalities, Santos Dumont International Airport and connections with SuperVia trains, BRT and VLT (light rail vehicles), a means of transport that operates on rails. the surface that uses electrical energy. > South America > Brazil > Rio De Janeiro Metro

To get around on MetrôRio, you need to know the address from where you want to arrive in the city and analyze which line, among the 3 in operation, has the closest station to your final destination. After that, you have to see on the map which of the two sides, between the ends of the line, is the station you have to get off and follow in that direction.

Further ahead, you will find out about the best routes to access the main points of Rio de Janeiro located close to the stations.

You can travel on all MetrôRio lines from Monday to Saturday, starting at 5am. at 00:00, and on Sundays and holidays, from 07:00 to 23:00

Mapa Do Metro Rj

To stay up to date with the opening hours and ways of accessing the MetrôRio lines and stations, visit the official website and find out more information and updates for better mobility in the city.

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To travel on MetrôRio, it is necessary to pick up one of the cards at the ticket offices or self-service machines.

If you don’t use the metro much, the single ticket is the most suitable option, as it is only valid for one trip and can be purchased at the station ticket offices. In July 2022 the fee is BRL 6.50.

If the subway is one of the most important means of transport in your daily life, MetrôRio created the Giro card, which can be accessed and recharged through the app, available for Android and iOS – the Giro card can be used after the metro on the surface too. For Giro and prepaid card users, the value is reduced to R$ 5.00.

It is important to remember that if you have the prepaid card, you can still load it at the ticket offices or self-service machines, or migrate to the Giro card.

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If you usually do integrations, RioCard is the best option, as it is accepted on buses, ferries, subways, trains, BRT and VLT. Learn more about RioCard here.

The free MetrôRio card is available to students, over 65 years old, people with disabilities and the chronically ill.

Data on rates for integrations with BRT, trains, ferries and other means of transport are available on the website, in addition to more details on the rate policy.

Mapa Do Metro Rj

MetrôRio Line 1 Orange is known for connecting the South Zone with the North Zone of the city, from the General Osório station, in Ipanema, to Tijuca, through the Uruguai station.

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During the trip, you will visit points such as Aterro do Flamengo, Copacabana Beach, Christ the Redeemer, the National Museum of Fine Arts, among others.

Line 1 Orange of Metrô Rio has a total of 20 stations spread over its almost 20 km route, see the map below:

It is possible to know or visit several important points of Rio de Janeiro by MetroRio’s Line 1 Orange.

To enjoy a rest day on Copacabana beach, you can get off at Cantagalo station or at Siqueira Campos station. Have you ever imagined living near the beach? See some real estate options near Copacabana by clicking here!

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If you get off at Botafogo Station, you will find Botafogo Praia Shopping, a very busy mall in the city, which is right in front of Praia de Botafogo. Check here for accommodation suggestions in the region!

If you follow two more stations, you will arrive at Largo do Machado station, where you will have easy access to the Guanabara Palace, the Telephone Museum and the famous and visited Christ the Redeemer, which receives more than 3,000 visitors a day.

Mapa Do Metro Rj

If museums are your favorite weekend activity, close to Estação Catete are the Folklore Museum and the Republic Museum, located in the Catete Palace.

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When you get off at Cinelândia station, an encounter with art awaits you. The National Museum of Fine Arts and the Municipal Theater are close to the station, just a few minutes’ walk away. Do you want to live near Cinelândia Station in downtown Rio? See the options here.

If you get off at Carioca Station, cross Rua 1º de Março and walk through Praça XV, you will arrive at the Maritime Terminal, which gives access to the city’s neighboring municipalities.

It is still possible to get to the Santa Teresa tram station through the Carioca station, and enjoy the privileged view of Rio from up there. Discover the real estate options in Santa Teresa by clicking here!

If you stop at Uruguaiana station, you will find the most famous malls in the city, SAARA and Mercado Popular, better known as Camelódromo, a good option for shopping on commemorative dates.

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If you want to live close to any of the points on Line 1 Orange, check out some of the properties available on QuintoAndar below:

Line 2 Green of MetrôRio connects Botafogo stations, in the South Zone, with Pavuna station, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Mapa Do Metro Rj

To make this connection, the line travels for almost 30 km and makes 27 stops. Since at 11 stations it is possible to transfer to line 1-Orange, which is commonly called a transshipment among cariocas.

Proposta De Organização Dos Sistemas De Transporte Sobre Trilhos Do Rio De Janeiro (metrô, Trem E Vlt)

Line 2 Green also passes through the center and some of the main points of the city, such as the Maracanã Stadium. See below the complete map of Line 2:

Getting off at Maracanã Station gives access to Maracanã Stadium, the stage for historic matches and the largest football stadium in Brazil, with capacity for over 70,000 fans. Have you ever thought about living right next to the biggest stadium in Brazil? See some real estate options in the region!

Close to Cinelândia station you will find Arco da Lapa and Escadaria Selarón. Be sure to snap a photo of these city postcards to share with your family group. And if you are interested in living in Lapa, we have suggestions for you here!

If you enjoy a cultural outing, near the Uruguaiana station you have access to the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, the Museum of Tomorrow and AquaRio, the largest marine aquarium in South America. Also close to the station is Confeitaria Colombo, a good option for those who enjoy sweets in the late afternoon.

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At Del Castilho station we have Shopping Nova América, which has a hotel, theme park and many other environments that will thrill anyone.

At São Cristóvão station, you will find Quinta da Boa Vista, a green space that belonged to the royal family and today houses the city’s zoo. A good program for children on weekends. To live in this neighborhood with great family leisure options, see some options by clicking here.

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Mapa Do Metro Rj

MetroRio’s Line 4 Yellow is 16 km long and has 5 stations. The line connects Jardim Oceânico station, in the West zone, with Nossa Senhora da Paz station, in the South zone. Check out the Yellow Line 4 map below:

O Metrô Carioca Perfeito

If your favorite weekend itinerary is to enjoy the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, at the Yellow Line 4 stations of the Metro you will find easy access to many of them.

If you are a novelist, you will easily recognize Praia do Leblon when leaving the Antero de Quental station. To live close to the scenarios of the most famous Brazilian soap operas, find out about some real estate options here.

As soon as you get off the Jardim Oceânico subway, you will be close to Praia do Pepê, ideal for practicing extreme sports such as surfing and bodyboarding.

Now if you’re on the team that enjoys quieter beaches to relax and

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