Maneva O Destino Não Quis

Maneva O Destino Não Quis – One of the main names in Brazilian reggae, the band Maneva is celebrating an 11-year career. Originally from São Paulo, the quintet has great reasons to celebrate the anniversary. In addition to the official release of the single “O Destino Não Quero” on the main Brazilian radio stations, which already has more than 1 million hits, the group is also celebrating 13 million views on their official channel, 1 million likes on facebook. , in addition to reaching 100,000 subscribers, a busy schedule until August and a new DVD recording next semester.

Celebrating 11 years on the road with over 1 million hits, the Tales de Polli singer has a big reason to celebrate. “It’s 11 years of love for music and dedication to art. It’s been 11 years of Maneva keeping our souls young and feeding our hearts with affection, love and happiness. In my opinion, this all speaks to the success of the new single. When we compose, we think about our background, and because it’s very real, people like it and it goes to over 1 million people, it’s incredible.

Maneva O Destino Não Quis

Maneva O Destino Não Quis

Tales also reveals that “Fate Didn’t Will” was inspired by the movie “City of Angels”. “The song was inspired by the movie (City of Angels) and it shows the power of love across times, eras and generations. Even when love fails, it leaves its mark regardless of life or time of life,” admitted the singer.

O Destino Não Quis

Diego Andrade, the percussionist, celebrates the good number on social media and says that it happened “thanks to the desire of each member to expand and do the best possible work”. “It’s been 11 years, but we’re still running with the energy of the first year.” In addition to the high number on YouTube and Facebook, Maneva Instagram reaches the mark of 89 thousand followers.

As another birthday present, the band promises to record another DVD. “It will be a great record that shows the continuous development of this work and the approval of the fans. And there is nothing fairer than giving them another DVD,” says Fabinho Araújo, drummer.

Tales de Polli (vocals), Diego Andrade (percussion), Felipe Sousa (guitar), Fernando Gato (bass) and Fabinho Araújo (drums) Maneva founded Tales de Polli (vocals), Diego Andrade (percussion). The band has released six albums, including two DVDs, and played in nearly every state in the country.

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Maneva Estreia A Turnê

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Maneva O Destino Não Quis

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Maneva Comemora 11 Anos De Carreira Com 1 Milhão De Acessos No Single ‘o Destino Não Quis’

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Technical storage or access is necessary to create user profiles to send advertising or track users across a site or multiple sites for similar marketing purposes. This Brazilian group, made up of five members, caused a real revolution in the Brazilian music market, popularizing reggae in Brazil with soft lyrics, a deep message and a great sound.

Manev’s roots in reggae started around 2005, when his friends Tales and Diego decided to get together to write lyrics, record covers and delve into reggae culture.

The quality of what they produced was surreal, and many of Maneva’s songs that are popular today were written during this time. These lyrics were full of social criticism and opened up the listeners to the joys of life.

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The band name couldn’t be anything ordinary, it had to convey some kind of message and stick with the audience. Maneva means “joy” in Swahili, they chose this name because they wanted the band name to reflect the joy they brought to singing and writing.

The Maneva group achieved great success in Brazil, achieving more than 400 million views on their videos and 350 million plays on streaming applications. He was therefore mainly responsible for the popularity of reggae in Brazil, as until a few years ago the genre was more limited to a smaller audience.

Since Maneva’s inception, the band has always focused on reggae, and many famous bands and singers of the genre have influenced the band’s lyrics. Among the band’s biggest inspirations are: Soja, Groundation and Damian, big names in the reggae world that are very similar to Maneva’s style of music.

Maneva O Destino Não Quis

The creators of the group, Tales and Diego, met on Sunday evening. In those days they wrote lyrics, did some covers and recorded. The band even claims that many of their famous lyrics were written during a time when everything was just for fun.

O Destino Não Quis — Maneva

Maneva released many successful songs, but although Maneva’s beginnings focused on a style of music that was not yet widely known, the group managed to achieve absurd numbers even for the great singers of the time. Among the group’s biggest hits are:

The group first started out quite small. The foundation of Maneva came from the desire that the two friends Tales (voice and guitar) and Diego (percussion) should create a reggae band with their own compositions.

Over time, many members passed through the group and helped Maneva build his history in music. Currently the band members are: Tales de Polli as singer and guitarist, Diego Andrade on percussion, Fernando Gato on bass, Felipe Sousa on guitar and Fabinho Araújo on drums

Manev’s background is truly inspiring. Even starting with a very small group, the group managed to create a big boom in the music industry and became a reference in one of the biggest music styles in the country.

Acústico Na Casa Do Lago (ao Vivo) By Maneva On Apple Music

Since Maneva’s inception, the band has always kept its roots in reggae. His smooth lyrics, but with catchy and direct messages, had a positive effect on listeners, which allowed the band to be very successful.

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