Luan Santana Dia, Lugar E Hora

Luan Santana Dia, Lugar E Hora – One of my recent reads, The First Day of the Rest of My Life, exceeded my expectations and gave me a positive review. Kate Everlane has proven a lot of talent and creativity with inspiring and captivating stories.

“The First Day of the Rest of My Life” tells the story of two young men, Tess and Gus, who meet by chance (or otherwise) during a trip to Italy. Tess asks Gus to take a picture of her and her friends, and the date is nothing more than a mismatch between the two, leaving the reader wondering, “Will these two really meet again?” Tess and Gus were made for each other and are meant to be together. And the anticipation that it will eventually happen encourages the reader to keep reading.

Luan Santana Dia, Lugar E Hora

Luan Santana Dia, Lugar E Hora

But Kate Eberlein’s book is not limited to this expectation. Both Tess’s life and Gus’ life are told in alternating chapters and in the first person, showing the grandeur of life. With obstacles overcome, difficult family relationships, dream decisions, passions and everything in between, each moves forward. The biggest lesson I learned from reading was to recognize that the things we look forward to the most in life will happen at the right time.

Luan City, A Cidade Que Sabe Acolher

And strangely, I came to this conclusion right at the end of the book, when I first heard the song “Dia, Lugar e Hora”, part of the singer Luan’s album “1977”. Santana came out last year. When I connected the books and the music, I found that they had so much in common that the music immediately reminded me of the books. The song also defends the idea that when things are meant to happen, when the time comes, nothing can stop them, there are times.

It’s interesting how two different media, music and books, can tell the same story from different perspectives. If you haven’t read The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, you should. If you want to listen to the song, here is the official clip of the singer. I’ll leave it at the end of the post.

On April 8, the novel “Baía da Esperança” completes one year after its release from Intrínseca. And I couldn’t go a day without thinking about this special book, which was named one of the best books of the year in 2016. Jojo Moyes was in a very graceful position when he came up with the plot of this book. , at least immeasurable.. and the soundtrack that named this book reading was the house of the song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by the rock band Crowded. This song was part of the international soundtrack of the series “O Outro” (Globo, 1987), but the one I remember hearing was from “Baía da Esperança”. song. In Aguinaldo Silva’s series, the music was the theme of the character Denisar de Matos (Fran).

“Dead Men Tell No Secrets”: Karen M. McManus’ latest book. Mortos Não Contam Segredos, which will be released on August 26, is by Karen M. McManus’ latest thriller and will be published by Galera Records. McManus is also the author of her debut book, One of Us Lies, which was published last year by the same publisher. A grand debut among others. And with its success, it’s only natural that the announcement of a new book has fans excited. As a result, I can’t wait to read Dead Men Tell No Secrets. My experience with McManus’s style is short, but reading one of his books was very surprising and special.

Em 24 Horas, Clipe

Trusting life is not always easy. We are bound by our faith and God’s love, but when the fear of the future knocks on the door, it forces us to give up. But you must believe and move forward with hope and determination. Zibia Gasparetto’s latest novel, She Trusts Life, does just that. It is scheduled to be released on the 20th and, like the author’s other books, promises to make a big impression. In the meantime, check out the info and review.

“Babylonia” is coming to an end and I couldn’t comment enough on its excellent soundtrack. Two volumes of national and international music were released for the telenovela of Gilberto Braga, Ricardo Linjares and João Jimenez Braga. This combination is very often used in the soundtracks of the series. Out of the two released CDs, I admit that I liked the second volume much more. In addition to liking the repertoire better than the first one, I was also happy to see Sophie Charlotte playing sweet Alice on the cover. The most outstanding song of the album for me was the international song “I’m Not the Only One” by singer Sam Smith. This is the theme of the couple Beatrice (Gloria Pires) and Diogo (Tiago Martins). One of the most memorable scenes is Diogo’s wedding to Gabi (Kiki Vaz), in which Beatrice does everything to prevent the union, but nothing works and she can’t say yes, suffering when she finds out. There is a scene

Ivan Ribeiro’s much-loved novel won a special edition DVD. Since the release of the DVD version of “Avenida Brasil” last October, no other telenovela has been released in this format. Also in November 2016, the Loja Globo Facebook page asked its followers in a post which series they would like to see on DVD. Interestingly, the telenovela Lokomotivus (1977) was the most talked about. But somehow the public appeals were temporarily ignored. Nevertheless, I believe that Cassiano Gabús Mendez’s novel will be released on DVD soon. After months of waiting, another TV series is finally out on DVD. And it wasn’t just the title… this time Ivan Ribeiro’s mega-successful ‘A Viagem’ (1994) was chosen. Directed by Mageli Maya, this story is very popular among the audience. Born from the DVD of the same name, the tour will take place at Rio de Janeiro’s Espaso Hall on April 1st, date, place and time already set. This is another tour starting in Luan Santana’s capital, Rio de Janeiro. The highly anticipated show then continues in São Paulo.

Luan Santana Dia, Lugar E Hora

Luan City is more than a show, it has a big party concept that can accommodate people in the audience as part of the presentation. It happened at Villa Itororo, a historic heritage site in São Paulo. It actually functions as a village and was built between 1922 and 1929. , is a mega presentation of new songs and big hits, complete with lighting and special effects.

Luan Santana Apk Pour Android Télécharger

“My idea was to bring a new sound to my story,” Luan explains. “In the name of joy, emotion and energy that surrounds the repertoire, in this city that we have created to travel across Brazil, so that it will all be one big party, one big tribe, people will join the world.”

The show combines the artist’s greatest hits and several unreleased songs that deal with love issues such as betrayal, longing, joy and loss, but make no mistake: 95% of the compositions are multi-heartbeat and energy-driven and ready to rock the masses. to engage and surrender to the choreography according to their taste.

There is no room for romanticism in this scenario, on the contrary. Luan is committed to making sure everyone can relate to the “Luan City” plot.

“SORRIA”, “Vingança” and now “Abalo EMOTIONAL”. The latter, which was released on February 3, is the audience leader on all radio stations in Brazil, has more than 40 million views on YouTube and is in the top five on Spotify Brazil.

Dia, Lugar E Hora

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