Little Singer Kulfi

Little Singer Kulfi – Kulfi thanks Amyra for teaching him how to write Tevar, Sikander, lovely and Nimrat. kulfi remembers seeing this name somewhere. . When Lovely comes there and sees this, and Sikander thinks it’s all going to end, Kulfi starts looking for the paper. Lovely cleans everything. Amyra said that your father wrote all your names in your mother, Tevars and her mother’s names. Tevar thanks Amyra. Sikander said not to be angry and she will write again. Soon she will go to school and both will study together. Tevar asks where is Kulfi.

It is said that there is truth in it, I also wanted to go to school and if Ms. Sikander or Baba reads this, it will be a big fight. Let’s find it. She screams in fear of the lovely shadow and Sikander Tevar hears the voice and runs towards the kulfi. She says I saw a ghost. Don’t go to Kulfi. says it’s bad Tevar sees smoke, love and what hides in the leaves, Sikander says to the girls what I’m telling you. Amyra says someone is definitely here. Where our names were cleared and Anjali Didi also saw someone. Amyra and kulfi are terrified and run to Sikander and Tevar to tell them not to go. Don’t go, Amyra says you forgot about us while dancing with them. You didn’t even dance with your mother. Anjali says baby we are not here to ruin your date.

Little Singer Kulfi

Little Singer Kulfi

Tevar says it’s okay, orders what he wants and watches lovingly. Anjali says okay and takes a photo of the family. Anjali finds the kulfis newspaper and reads it. kulfi is Sika not Tevar’s daughter. On leaving, Kulfi says with tears in his eyes that it is impossible. Read it again. Anjali reads it. Kulfi is not Tevar’s daughter but Sik, Kulfi remembers how Tevar was there for her and she remembers the cutie and the lovely story. In fact, Anjali said it must be a prank, and Kulfi said it was a very bad joke. Tevar is my father and Mr. Sikander never lies and says Tevar is my father. The truth, not papers.

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Kulfi picked up the paper and put it in his pocket. On the way back amyra tells everyone the best trip ever. Kulfi thinks the truth. Sikander sees that kulfi is lost and asks her what happened. Tevar says he must be tired. Sikander says it is not what she thinks. I, Kulfi, say that I miss you, and Tevar smiles and says that you are always with me. Hal, Kulfi asks what she misses the most, Tevar tells everything, Kulfi asks what, and amyra says she wants to know too. Tevar says he won’t talk now when we get home. Kulfi said it was my mother.

Tevar said fine, she is carefree and will do whatever she wants and fear no one. I waited for her for hours, but she never liked that I kept her waiting. Kulfi remembers Nimrat and nothing matches what Tevar said. amyra says so cool kulfi cmon says something and kulfi thinks nothing is right. Sikander cries seeing the lost and angry Kulfi. Kulfi thinks Ma is a new problem now. Please tell me if he is my father or not. About you, and this paper, it is the truth. Sikander said he would come in the morning when the children went to sleep.

Everyone comes home, amyra says she doesn’t want to go home, Sikander smiles and greets Tevar, Tevar waves to amyra, Kulfi gets lost, she runs away, Tevar tells her Tell her what’s wrong and follows her. Kulfi takes the diary and tries to remember things, Tevar walks in on Kulfi and hides the diary, Tevar asks what is going on, Kulfi runs to the bathroom and says he wants me to go in, Kulfi starts crying inside. Walked up to the lovely amyra and Sikander and asked where they were and they didn’t let me know either. leaves.

Kulfi cries in the bathroom and thinks about the truth, Kulfi says she has to find the truth and can’t sit here and cry, Kulfi sees Thevar sleeping while waiting for her,

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Then Mayra falls asleep, Jonny comes in and wakes up Sikander, Jonny tries to take Sikander, Sikander follows him, Sikander sees kulfi, Kulfi cries and tells him to come down. Tevar wakes up and finds kulfi missing and asks akad bakad to start searching for her.

Kulfi asks Sikander to promise her and not lie. Sikander sees her restlessness and makes a promise to her. Kulfi asks him to read the newspaper. I just want the truth She tells the diary that Rocket said it was Tevar but he has all the wrong details about his father. Kulfi asks Sikander to swear to her and tell the truth. Sikander remembers what Setu said and Sikander says that Tevar is not your father.

Sikander tries to console kulfi but she doesn’t listen. Kulfi remembers that Tevar was always there for her. Sikander hears me out. He is not your Baby, but he loves you very much. Kulfi says you lied to me. I trusted you Dear, why did you lie to me, you are wrong.

Little Singer Kulfi

Lovely asks why she is spending time with her husband, what is her motive, Teva says she doesn’t have time for all these things, Lovely says she is asking for shoes, and Tevar asks for his wife. Please leave because I am very happy with my daughter and respect my husband very much. Kulfi says elders do what you do. I believe in you, but look what you’ve done. you call me princess I’m not a princess The truth can’t be hidden. I trusted you more than I trusted my mother. Why did you do this to me, I misread my mother’s diary.

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Sweetly Tevar says you lied. Because if you had respect for me, you wouldn’t have been here with Kulfi. Since you are here for me and waiting for me, Sikander leaves me and I run to you. , just do what you want. Tevar says something else I would expect from you. You cannot be your daughter. I’m sorry Amyra. How are you going to raise her? Don’t you dare suggest or say a word. My daughter is her best friend and she will not leave this place because Ms. Sikander is here. If you have any problems, leave.

Sikander said when my kulfi, Amyra, was little, every time she fell I knew the words to never let her cry. The ant is dead and it was a lie to make sure she never cries. I love you. He didn’t force you and you love him too. Your hearts are also connected, so consider him your father now. Kulfi says that it is not part of him to think that he is a different person today and tomorrow, and the father is the father. The truth is he is not my father and if he is not, then he is my father.

Sweet Tevar will not leave you if my family is touched by your presence. It’s the mother’s curse. If my amira has problems because of you, you and kulfi will never be happy. I should be a good person, but you are not. I once loved you and I forgave you before, but not now. My daughter, take my curse now and I will be your family, just as you left my daughter in this world.

Kulfi asks Sikander why he lied to her. Sikander please forgive me. I say I made a big mistake.

Amyra Plots Against Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 17 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 36

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