Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie – Are you looking for Kulfi the Singing Star December 2019 trailer? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ve collected the official teasers for every episode of the show that will air in December. Keep reading to see what’s in store for you this season.

Kulfi Singing Star is an Indian musical drama television series. It follows the life of a musically talented 7-year-old girl named Kulfi on her journey to return to her long-lost father, named Sikander Singh Gill. Unknown to her, he has other family in Loveleen Singh Gill (his second wife) and Amyra Singh Gill (Loveleen’s daughter) who have their own agendas in Sikander’s life.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Teacher Ji’s words follow Amyra. Kulfi and Sikander spend quality time together. Loveleen wants to throw a birthday party for Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi To Win The Title Of Little Super Star

Kulfi was very happy when Sikander surprised her on her birthday. Amyra gets angry and slaps the cake on Kulfi’s face.

Amyra says something strange to Loveleen and Sikander when she feels left out. Later she spoke in anger.

Sikander and Kulfi try to reach Amyra. Mia was given permission by Sikander to make Amyra famous, but it came with strings attached.

After being mean to Kulfi, Sikander angrily tells Amyra. She said she was sorry, but there was more under the surface.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi To Overcome Betrayal In The Final

Kulfi is very happy knowing that Sikander will tell the world that she is his child. She and Amyra put on a great show for the crowd.

The news that Amyra loves Sikander makes him happy, but then he is saddened to discover that she has injured herself. His unexpected decision later breaks Kulfi’s heart.

Amyra enjoys Sikander’s lies while Kulfi is heartbroken. Mahinder misbehaved when Sikander got angry.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Mahinder prevents Sikander from seeing Kulfi. Kulfi’s new guru, Vikram, resents her new outlook on life.

Kulfi The Singing Star: Cast, Full Story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Songs

Sikander becomes furious after Amyra demands. He doesn’t like Kulfi’s decision in the wedding.

Kulfi has a rough day at work and shocks Sikander with her injuries. Mahinder asks Sikander to do something difficult.

Mahinder wants Kulfi and Vikram to perform Guru Purnima rituals. Kulfi attacks Sikander when she discovers the truth.

Kulfi scolds Sikander for what he did as he tries to calm her down. She amazes anyone who decides.

Kulfi Fights Against David. Little Singer Kulfi 30 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 98

Sikander is devastated when he cannot find Kulfi. She takes a bold and unexpected step when Vikram finds him.

Vikram promised Kulfi fame and fortune. Kulfi agrees to return home when Sikander pleads, but on conditions.

Vikram hired Murphy Singh as Kulfi’s secretary. Loveleen has a problem and Mahinder agrees with Gunjan.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Murphy Singh sneaks food for Kulfi and helps him write songs. Loveleen begins to doubt Sikander’s actions.

Little Girls Staring At Cellphone Screen. Children On Social Media Stock Photo

Loveleen and Gunjan fight. Murphy Singh finds himself in hot water for his anger, and Loveleen discovers the shocking truth about him.

Vikram forces Kulfi to perform in an outfit she doesn’t like, prompting Murphy Singh to take a bold step. Sikander is angry because of Amyra’s pathetic actions.

Sikander hatches a plan to make Kulfi happy by asking friends for favors. Kulfi meets the Murphy Singh family.

Murphy Singh and Kulfi spend the day with each other. Sikander is shocked by Vikram’s strange plan and Kulfi sings.

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Kulfi is scared and wants Murphy Singh’s company and Vikram takes her to a party. Jimmy is brutally attacked by Murphy.

Sikander is arrested when Kulfi says she no longer trusts him. Vikram plans to use the shocking video to catch Sikander.

Sikander, heartbroken, begs Kulfi to return home, but instead, she accuses him of killing her mother. Sikander was shocked by Amyra’s words.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Amyra destroys her uniform. Kulfi is very happy that he wants to go to school. Sikander plans to bring Kulfi and Amyra closer together.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update, April 18, 2019: Amyrah Removes Kulfi’s Mask During The Singing Competition

Sikander was helped by Peter in directing the play he was staging. Kulfi is in awe while Amyra amazes everyone with her performance.

Kulfi received positive news after the match. Amyra found herself in a difficult situation. Sikander gives Peter Scott terms.

When she is humiliated while in Sikander’s suite, Amyra begins to violently lash out and act violently. Kulfi is shocked to find Sikander thinking.

Amyra and Kulfi surprised people with their unusual choice of play. Two strangers enter the fold and bring shocking news with them, which troubles Sikander.

The Child Artist, Kulfi Kumar Is Pampered On The Sets,

Sikander feels helpless when Amyra and Kulfi get the bad news he got from the stranger. Gunjan learns the truth behind Nimrat’s death and this forces him to take an unexpected decision.

Sikander is outwitted by Jimmy when he changes the terms of their contract. Sikander tried to express his feelings to the audience before a fire broke out in the auditorium.

Amyra, Kufi and Sikander struggle to escape the burning building. Loveleen is arrested when a shocking truth about her is revealed to Amyra.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Sikander and his family try to carry on in Loveleen’s absence. Jimmy removed his trump card. Loveleen crosses paths with someone she knows from the past.

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Saturday 23 November 2019

When Amyra was invited to live with Kulfi, she cried uncontrollably. Sikander received a strange phone call. He then recalled some memories as he prepared to move.

Sikander cried uncontrollably as he decided to stay away from Amyra and Kulfi. They confronted him before running into an out of control crowd.

Amyra, Kulfi and Sikander move into a new house. Amyra and Kulfi are harassed by some neighborhood kids who throw eggs at them.

Amyra notices the misbehavior of the society members with Sikander. Kulfi tries to find out why they are enemies. Sikander had trouble breathing that night.

Kulfi Defies Nimrat & Goes To Sing. Little Singer Kulfi 28 July 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 7

Loveleen becomes even more disgusted with Sikander after she is beaten in prison. Kulfi hears a shocking plan prepared by the members of the society.

Kulfi decides to go in search of Matka. Loveleen faced many hardships while in prison. Sikander visits her.

Amyra and Kulfi try to find out Matka’s truth. Angry members of the society confront Sikander. Everyone is in for a rude awakening.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Loveleen, seething with rage, gives her father a treacherous task. Sikander tries to make Amyra’s wish come true, but fails.

Little Singer Kulfi Chat Room On Adom Tv (7 12 22)

The other children and Kulfi dressed up to look like gods. Mahinder is worried about Sikander. Loveleen discovers a potential way to escape from prison.

Amyra and Kulfi decide to earn some money so that they can buy an idol of Lord Ganesha. Sikander takes his daughter to celebrate her new job.

Sikander was shocked after losing all his money in the restaurant and later became an idol of Lord Ganesha. Loveleen continues to face hardship behind bars.

Kulfi offered a heartfelt prayer to Lord Ganesha, asking him to step in and fix Sikander’s financial situation. Sikander is shocked to meet his new boss.

Kulfi Outsmarts Nihalo. Little Singer Kulfi 27 July 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 5

Kufi saw Amyra with a stranger and was shocked. Loveleen and friends make a bomb in the prison. Kulfi caught Amyra doing something unthinkable.

Amyra was shocked when Kulfi was robbed by a group of robbers. The police are suspicious of Loveleen’s intentions.

Amyra and Kulfi bake unusual cakes while Loveleen does the unexpected in her plan to escape from prison. Amyra faces bad news from her friends and is heartbroken.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

Loveleen was very happy to see Amyra. Sikander’s new boss asks him to sing his favorite song. Amyra was shaken to her core when she saw the midnight thief.

Kulfi Father’s Identity Revealed. Little Singer Kulfi 27 July 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 6

When he sees Matka behind the statue of Lord Ganesha, Kulfi becomes suspicious. Sikander asked his new boss for something. Loveleen comes up with another clever scheme.

Sikander is blackmailed by Loveleen after the plan she concocted runs into some complications she didn’t foresee. Amyra searches for the truth as the police arrive at the party.

Sikander is angry about Loveleen’s threats about Kulfi. The police conducted an official raid to arrest Loveleen. Desperate, Sikander goes in search of Kulfi.

Sikander finds a very important clue that will help him in his search for Kulfi. Jimmy comes up with an ingenious plan to try to maintain his reputation.

Sikander Learns He Has A Daughter With Nimrat. Little Singer Kulfi 2 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 60

Damji offers Sikander a singing job, much to the delight of Amyra and Kulfi. And later they were excited when they found a singing competition poster.

You can catch the latest episodes of Kulfi Star Singer when they air on Star Life every Monday to Sunday at 7:00 PM.

And that concludes our Kulfi the Singing Star trailer for December 2019. Did you find this article informative? Are you excited to watch this season unfold? Let us know in the comments section below!

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie

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