Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi – The first season of Kulfi the Singing Star recently came to an end after over 400 episodes. With these hundreds of episodes under its belt, the show managed to put most of the cast in the spotlight. In this article you will get to know these people and get the full story, songs and more.

Kulfi the Singing Star Season 1 was very popular when it aired on StarPlus. It achieved high ratings and positive reviews from both critics and audiences. This article aims to collect the most important information about the program in one place for your convenience.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

This is an Indian music drama also known as Kulfi Kumar Bajewala airing on StarPlus. It is a remake of the Bengali TV series known as Potol Kumar Gaanwala (Potol Kumar the Singer). The series premiered on March 19, 2018 and had 494 episodes in its first season. The season finale aired on February 7, 2020 and managed to provide its readers with all the latest Kulfi the Singing Star trailers from that period.

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He is the father of Kulfi who fell in love with Nimrat but was forced to leave to pursue his music career. He is portrayed as loving and caring.

She is the second wife of Sikandar after Nimrat and the mother of Amyra. She dumped Tevar, her ex-boyfriend from college, because he wasn’t rich. She is portrayed as selfish and manipulative.

She is the daughter of Loveleen and Tevar, but was raised to believe that Sikandar was her father. She is spoiled, but after some initial hurdles, she has managed to form a real relationship with Kulfi.

He is a rapper who competes with Sikandar. He is Loveleen’s ex-boyfriend and Amyra’s biological father. He was previously called Guddu.

Mahinder Tricks Kulfi To Reveal Her True Identity. Little Singer Kulfi 8 September 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 69

She is Kulfi’s mother and Sikandar’s first wife. When Sikandar leaves to pursue music, she is left alone to raise her daughter, enduring cancer and unpleasant treatment by her sister-in-law.

It aired in Hindi, but there were provisions for translation in other regions outside of India. Kulfi the Singing Star A full story in English is about Kulfi, a talented singer. He tries to get back to his long-lost father Sikandar Singh Gill through difficult hardships.

His father is an up-and-coming musician who falls in love with a country girl named Nimrat, and the two secretly marry. He is later forced to choose between her and his career, which he chooses the latter, leaving to marry the wealthy Loveleen. He does not know that Nimrat was pregnant with his daughter.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Loveleen gives birth to Amyra, a girl who grows up spoiled. Kulfi grows up in a village with Nimrat. They live with Sattu, Nimrat’s brother, and Nihalo, his wife. Nihalo dislikes Kulfi, but plans to use his talent.

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Unfortunately, Nimrat falls ill and dies in an accident. When Nihalo tries to sell Kulfi, she is forced to escape with the help of Sattu disguised as a boy. He arrives at Sikandar’s house in Mumbai, where Loveleen plans to use her talent by forcing Amyra to lip-sync with her singing.

It turns out that Amyra’s biological father is Tevar, Loveleen’s ex-boyfriend. He returns for his son, which complicates matters.

Kulfi has an accident, and when he ends up in the hospital, Sikander discovers that he is not a boy. Loveleen finds out who she really is, but lies to Tevar that Kulfi, not Amyra, is her real daughter. He adopts her and they move in together.

Gunjan, Mahinder’s wife, discovers the truth and threatens to expose Loveleen. Trying to stop her, she collapses and becomes paralyzed. Later, Sikandar learns the truth about Loveleen, Tevar and Amyra. Loveleen begs him not to tell Amyra the truth. He agrees, seeing how much Tevar likes Kulfi. Sikandar, Kulfi, Tevar and Amyra become friends. Kulfi learns that she is Sikandar’s daughter but does not tell him.

Little Singer Kulfi 16 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Friday Pt2: Episode 81

Loveleen poisons Amyra to convince everyone to send Kulfi to boarding school. Sikander, moved by Nimrat’s spirit, reads his diary and thus learns that he is Kulfi’s father.

At this point, she has already been sent to the juvenile detention center, where she is undergoing severe treatment by Ammaji’s supervisor. This is where he meets five other kids who are bullies at first but later become his friends. Their names are Saraswati, Bansi, Chittu, Zinda and Rocket. They escape the premises and go to Sikandar’s house. He refuses to take her because of the promise he made to Amyra.

This breaks Kulfi’s heart and he escapes with the group again. To keep them, they sign up for Little Superstars, a musical reality show. Amyra is also a fighter.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Mohinder decides to legally adopt and raise Kulfi. Sikandar is ashamed of his failures and tries to make amends with his daughter. In the middle of the concert, he announces that he has two daughters (including Amyra). The girls are delighted to be together as sisters.

Amyra Helps Kulfi Find Her Father? Little Singer Kulfi 19 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 82

Loveleen is found guilty of Nimrat’s murder after Gunjan and Sikandar provide evidence. She is sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Sikandar, Kulfi and Amyra’s lives are turned upside down when Jimmy arrives on the scene. From eviction to Amyra’s kidnapping, he’s out for blood. They manage to save Amyra with the help of Loveleen, who managed to escape from prison.

Sikandar discovers that his health is at risk and he is heading towards death. This makes him want to make things better for his girlfriends. Kulfi finds out about his health problems and tries to find treatment for him.

They manage to get the house back from Jimmy. Loveleen returns, intending to kill Kulfi. With the help of Beauty and Cutie, she turns Amyra against Kulfi. They blame her for Sikandar’s declining health, knowing that Loveleen is responsible.

Sikander Learns Kulfi Is Amyra’s Singer. Little Singer Kulfi 1 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 58

Chalu helps Kulfi bring Loveleen’s evil to light, as well as undergo Sikandar’s treatment and reunite with Amyra. Jimmy makes one last attempt to assassinate Sikandar, but Loveleen changes her mind and escapes the bullet. He dies from the shot.

The show ends with Sikandar and his girls singing as they look up at the star that Kulfi calls his mother.

This concludes our article on the cast of Kulfi’s Singing Star, a full recap of the story, songs and teasers. For more of the same, browse our site using the links provided and leave a comment below.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

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