Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022

Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022 – Dang Van Lam (Muangthong United) vs Luong Xuan Truong (Buriram United). Van Lam will certainly lead, but the opportunity to play in the “hip” field is still open. However, if both play together, it will be the first time that fans will see two Vietnamese players face each other in a foreign tournament, which has never happened in history.

The last time Vietnamese football came close to this moment was 3 years ago. At that time, Tuan Anh and Cong Phuong played for Yokohama FC and Mito Hollyhock respectively in J.League 2 2016. The two teams had three matches during the year, but never did the fans witness Tuan Anh and Cong Phuong. the field to face each other.

Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022

Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022

Dang Van Lam’s meeting with Xuan Truong will happen when many Vietnamese fans are waiting for it. Photo: Tomyumball.

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The reason comes from the injuries of both and the lack of use due to not being able to adapt to the tournament. Both Cong Phuong and Tuan Anh just signed a 1-year loan contract in Japan, there were not many opportunities to play and the results were mainly obtained from training sessions and living in a developing football scene. The Asian region.

In 2019, the case of Van Lam and Xuan Truong had many differences. First, the Thai League is a lower level league than Japan’s J.League 2. Second, these two players can play more games and join the team.

So far, Van Lam has played every match for Muangthong United since the start of the season. With Xuan Truong, he has 1 goal in the Thailand League 1 with a beautiful free kick, 1 assist in the AFC Champions League to help his teammates become the youngest player to play in the No.

Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh had the opportunity to realize it earlier, but failed in Japan for various reasons.

Bức Tranh Toàn Cảnh Bóng đá Việt Nam Năm 2020:

Thailand is successful in exporting players to high level football backgrounds, especially Japan when they have at least 3 players who are regularly capped. Vietnamese football has not yet reached that point, but if the participation of Van Lam and Xuan Truong in tonight’s match becomes a reality, it will also be a necessary contribution to the achievements of youth training and player usage.

Now Muangthong United is in last place with 8 points after 11 matches. Meanwhile, Buriram United are third with 19 points after 9 matches, 6 points behind leaders Port FC with 3 matches still to be played. In the context of football and global sports, which have been greatly affected by the spread of Covid. -19, Vietnamese football had a difficult year in 2020, but in the end, there are still positive signs.

In early 2020, Vietnamese football is expected to have many international tournaments, from the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the 2020 AFF Cup to youth tournaments such as the Asian U19. In order to best prepare for these tournaments, Vietnamese football teams made elaborate plans to participate in friendly matches and training tournaments, but in the end, the Covid-19 “pandemic” hit, ruining all plans.

Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022

U23 Vietnam is a small Vietnamese football team that officially plays in 2020

Chuyên Ä’á» TÃnh Chất Hóa Há» C Của Oxit – Axit – BazÆ¡ – Muá»’i Môn Hóa Há» C 9 Năm 2021

Vietnam Tel for the first time in many years without an official competition, when the young players of the U19 age group are expected to compete with the first competitors in the continent, but they cannot play. The fact that Vietnam Tel has 2 friendly matches with Vietnam U22 at the end of the year is also “difficult” in the context that both teams cannot find suitable international opponents to play in the friendly.

In a year that almost completely changed plans due to the adjustment of major international football events, Vietnam’s national football team still had time to participate in two notable tournaments at the beginning of the year. If Vietnam U23 was expected but achieved poor results in the Asian U23 Finals held in Thailand in January, Vietnam women’s teams achieved positive results in the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers and reached the match and then competed with Australia for Olympic tickets.

The V-League 2020 had to be postponed indefinitely after the first 2 rounds had to be played in the absence of fans to prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020. The tournament organizer then had to change a plan to change the format of the competition (share the group instead of 2 times round-robin) to hope that the number 1 club football tournament in Vietnam will be finished within the year.

However, there were still many concerns at the time whether the V-League could be completed or not while the riots were in the mix. However, with effective counter-insurgency efforts, the V-League 2020 and domestic football tournaments were able to resume before the end of May. Photo of the stands filled with fans of Thien Truong Stadium during the match between Nam Dinh and HAGL in May. 23, 2020 brought many emotions. It not only shows the Vietnamese people’s love and desire to watch football, but also conveys the message “Vietnam is one of the most effective countries in the world against Covid-19”.

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V-League 2020 has gone through many challenges but still welcomed a large number of fans to the field, which makes many football platforms in the world dream. (Photo: Duong Thuat)

After that return, football activities took place in great excitement throughout the country, hundreds of matches belonging to the national competition system from professional tournaments to youth tournaments were held safely. Although domestic football had to be suspended at times, the professional leagues were finally able to “finish” in early November before the final youth tournaments ended with the U15 National Cup final. Join us on 12/28.

In a turbulent season, Viettel Club showed courage to defeat Hanoi FC in crucial moments, thus confidently climbing to the top of the V-League 2020. Meanwhile, Hanoi FC also won the highest title of the National Cup field was “consolation”.

Lịch Thi đấu Bóng đá World Cup 2022

In the youth tournaments, the main youth training centers in the country such as Viettel, PVF or SLNA still show their superiority to win titles, while the youth of Hanoi FC is disappointed by the lack of a championship title.

I Học Fpt Cháy Hết Mình Trên Sân Khấu Sinh Nhật 31 Năm Tập đoàn

With many ups and downs in 2020, Vietnamese football is still “reaching the finish line” safely. Although there are still unresolved problems such as arbitration issues or financial difficulties that have left many clubs on the “edge” of collapse, in general, footballers, teams and tournament participants have made great efforts to bring tournaments in 2020. . end of time

2021 is full of events awaiting Vietnamese football. (Photo: Vy Vu).

The “initiative” to divide the V-League into 2 groups received widespread support from fans of the participating teams and it is expected that this format will still be implemented in the 2021 season.

What happened in 2020 caused many problems for Vietnamese football, but there are internal solutions for the future of Vietnamese football in 2021 and the future.

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