Knight Rider

Knight Rider – The American TV series “Knight Rider” made David Hasselhoff a global star in the 1980s. For the circular anniversary of the series, there is a little reunion with KITT.

“He comes.” Cars, computers, people. Knight Rider. A man and his car fight against injustice.” An entire generation grew up with these words. 40 years since the first episode of the action series “Knight Rider” was shown on American television. Before – on 26 September 1982. She made lead actor David Hasselhoff a world star.

Knight Rider

Knight Rider

“It was yesterday.” I still remember almost everything,” the 70-year-old said in an interview with DPA news agency. “My career has been incredible. All the gold plates hanging on the wall behind me: it’s amazing I made it all.

Knight Rider V Ninjas: How The Wheels Came Off The Global Hit

When the double feature “Night of the Phoenix” aired on the NBC cable network, the actor was just 30 years old. Curly hair, a leather jacket and skinny jeans are the trademark of the cool, always flat agent Michael Knight. Led by investigator Dewan Miles (Edward Mulher), the fictional “Foundation for Law and Constitution” solves a criminal case. K.I.T.T.’s talking sports car.

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The 90 episodes are now available for a fee on Amazon Prime Video and will soon be available on streaming service RTL+. From today’s perspective, some of the action scenes may seem a little strange. But the idea of ​​artificial intelligence in the form of a self-driving, talking car was revolutionary.

Knight Rider Hd Wallpapers Und Hintergründe

» The most surprising thing is that many things have happened: GPS, cars that drive and park themselves. I can ask where the nearest coffee shop is and my car will tell me. We can talk to our watches. It’s amazing,” Hasselhoff said. It’s interesting that set designer Michael Schiff had all these ideas at the time. “I think he just created and created what he could think of.” And today it all came true. does”.

The black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a shiny scanner under the hood is one of the most iconic cars in television history. It can jump over obstacles (turbo boost), drive very fast (pursuit mode), has an engine seat and grappling hook. In addition, it shows humor and emotions such as jealousy.

The action series later also owes its credit to American actor William Daniels, who lent his voice to the sports car in the original film. The 95-year-old said in an interview that he was never on set and met David Hasselhoff at a Christmas party after the first season ended. He was never mentioned in the records. In German, Gottfried Kramer, who died in 1994, voiced this car.

Knight Rider

Cult duo Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. It hit the screens less than a year after the launch of an American TV station in Germany – and it was a huge hit in what was previously a small private radio station. » I know Knight Rider did very well on RTL. It made the station famous because it was the first series they bought from America,” recalled Hasselhoff. The series’ radio dramas were also successful.

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But after four seasons, NBC canceled the series in 1986 from famed producer Glen E. Larson (“Magnum”, “Battlestar Galactica”) due to high production costs. Attempts to revive the series with films and spin-offs have always failed. Hasselhoff, who later made an even bigger breakthrough in the series with ‘Baywatch’, plays his legendary character again and again.

A replica of K.I.T.T in most halls. And in the RTL+ series “Z Network”, starting this fall, where Hasselhoff plays himself, the black cult car also makes a guest appearance. “He Hof” drives with him on the German Autobahn and through Görlitz. We, the Jubra Brandstätter Group, use third-party services on our website that help us to optimize and design them in the best possible way (website optimization). We also want to advertise our products. To use this service, we need your consent. You can give it here and, of course, take it back at any time. You can find more information in our privacy policy.

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Sprechender Knight Rider Kitt Mit Original Sounds Aus Der Serie!

Katie. – Excellent vehicle from the classic 80’s series, with full electronic functions and detailed interior design. Pull the hood to hear the original sound from K.I.T.T. To listen and control scanlight. Includes Michael Knight, Devon, Bonnie and more accessories.

“Here he comes – Knight Rider – Car, Computer, Man. Knight Rider – A man and his car fight against injustice.” Supposedly, a dead cop with a new identity, driven by a desire for justice, with the help of K.I.T.T., a futuristic car with artificial intelligence, high-tech equipment and. Weapons to fight crime. Now K.I.T.T., the legendary Wonder Car from the Knight Rider series from the 1980s, enters the plane. Like his older brother, he is K.I.T.T. The vehicle model is equipped with many authentic features, such as an under-dash printer for printing mugshots, a rotating license plate, grab hooks with rope, headlights and a removable roof. K.I.T.T. Featuring electric sounds and lights controlled by touch – the hood features quotes from the car series with iconic Ori Original voice K.I.T.T. Some excerpts are linked with an on/off function, others are played randomly. At the same time, the symbolic light string on the car’s grill lights up and the light on the dashboard flashes. In addition to the titular hero Michael Knight, the playset also includes modern accessories such as Bonnie Barstow’s computer lab and Devon Miles’ office furniture. Now it’s time to jump in and move on to your next mission!

• Activate off (long press) or after 60 seconds of inactivity (auto off) activates the greeting sequence and turns off all light and sound functions. “Here he comes. A car, a computer, a man. Knight Rider. Á Man and his fighting car against injustice.” Officer Michael Long is shot in the head and killed, but thanks to a metal plate in his head, a memory from the Vietnam War, that stops the bullet, when he wakes up, he has a new face and A new identity: Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff).

Knight Rider

Wilton Knight, founder of the Law and Constitution Foundation, found in Michael the ideal man for the task entrusted to him: the fight against injustice. Since then, Michael has been on the road from case to case on behalf of the organization, supported by the talking miracle car KITT, abbreviated “Knight Industries Two Thousand”. Kit, a black Pontiac Trans Am, is a supercomputer that drives itself, thinks, analyzes or hears things and repeatedly rescues Michael from difficult situations. As a result, Michael talks to his wrist, because the wristwatch communicates with the kit.

Knight Rider (tv Series 1982 1986)

Knight Rider is currently on Joyn, Disney+, Netflix, Sky, Google Play, freenet Video, VIDEOBUSTER, Prime Video Channels, Discovery+, ZDFmediathek, Microsoft, Rakuten TV, Pantaflix, Paramount+, MagentaTV, videociety, PantaRay, Krimirauschine, Flimplex Home, Cinema On Demand, CHILI, LIONSGATE+, maxdome, Sooner, Netzkino, Pluto TV, Crunchyroll, Viki, Wakanim, alleskino, Filmfriend, kividoo, Filmingo, Mubi, LaCinetek and more are available. Enable notifications for this series to be notified of changes. What Timo Clamp has achieved in just eight months looks impressive and interesting on the street. If the weather is good, if you are lucky, you can admire the replica of your knight from the TV show of the same name on the streets of the Sost district.

Svet district – “I am often asked if it is possible to take a picture with the car. Even at gas stations,” says Klemp. His passion for the car dates back to his childhood, when the 80’s Hunt was on Friday night TV. “For others, Benjamin Blumen was a childhood hero. For me, it’s Knight Rider,” says Klemp, and his excitement grew into a desire to one day see the car in real life. That desire faded with age until Klump rediscovered the series two years ago. This wish should now be fulfilled.

“Last year in November, I found the base vehicle, a Pontiac Firebird, on an online forum,” Klemp explained, “I was really lucky with the car because it’s in good shape, a 32-year-old. The car comes very rarely.

However, it cost Klemp some nerves to buy the car. He traveled a total of 2000 km for test driving and collection. But he was happy when the good piece was in his house. “So far I’ve been working on it with a partner for eight months. The exterior was recently finished. “He also faced hurdles, as he ordered parts for the exchange online. Something is not created, something is done

Knight Rider Custom 3 Ring Binder Photo Album David Hasselhoff / Edward Mulhare

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