Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas – Actor Kirk Douglas brought his extraordinary chin and talent to classic films like ‘Spartacus’ and ‘The Bad and the Beautiful’. He is also the father of actor Michael Douglas.

After working in the US Navy and on Broadway, actor Kirk Douglas starred in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. He gained critical acclaim with films like 1952

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Born Isur Danilovich on December 9, 1916 in Amsterdam, New York, Douglas was known for his distinctive voice, strapping physique and cleft chin. The son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, Douglas grew up poor. He worked odd jobs to pay for his college education and support himself while studying acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. At the time, he had no idea what his future held: In the 1950s and 60s, Douglas was one of the most popular leading men in cinema.

Kirk Douglas Photos Through The Years

After serving in the US Navy during World War II — and a brief career on the Broadway stage — Douglas made his first Hollywood film,

(1946), starring Barbara Stanwyck. Three years ago, he gave a brilliant performance as a boxer who never stops reaching the top

(1949) She captivated audiences and critics with her portrayal of Midge Kelly in the film, which earned her her first Academy Award nomination.

. However, his work with Vincente Minnelli led to two of his greatest performances: morally bankrupt film executive Jonathan Shields;

Year Old Kirk Douglas Smiles At Great Granddaughter In New Photo

In addition to his critical acclaim, Douglas became a huge box office draw. Over the years, he often appeared in films with his friend and Hollywood heavyweight, Burt Lancaster.

Leading a rebellion as a Roman slave (the film’s title character) is considered one of his signature roles.

, Douglas also challenged the practice of blacklisting certain people in Hollywood for their possible communist leanings. He hired blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo to write it

Kirk Douglas

. A member of the Hollywood Ten, Trumbo produced many screenplays under various pseudonyms for more than a decade before being blacklisted but later given full credit for his work, including two Academy Awards.

Gerüchte Um Schwere Krankheit: Liegt Kirk Douglas Im Sterben?

In the 1970s, Douglas tried his hand at directing, but met with little success. His two directorial efforts in that decade,

(1975), failed to make much of an impression on movie-goers. At the same time, his acting career stalled. His later and more memorable films include:

As one phase of Douglas’s life ends, another begins. In 1988, he shared his life story with the best-selling car,

(1997), published shortly after Douglas suffered a fatal stroke in 1995. He followed it

Kirk Douglas Has Died At The Age Of 103

Clearly determined not to be daunted by personal setbacks, Douglas did not let his stroke slow him down for long. Although the incident affected his speech, he continued to act in the 1999 comedy

, with Dan Aykroyd, Lauren Bacall and Jenny McCarthy. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his guest role in an inspirational television drama

In 2009, Douglas mounted a one-man show on stage, sharing his 60 years of filmmaking and personal life with theater audiences.

Kirk Douglas

Douglas called the performance a “brilliant display of courage” by Douglas, saying his performance was reminiscent of a time when “giants walked in Hollywood”.

Hollywood Mourns Legendary Actor Kirk Douglas

Douglas also got a chance to see some of his own life story on the big screen. Douglas is played by Dean O’Gorman

, a 2015 biopic of the blacklisted screenwriter. Douglas helped revive Trumbo’s career by hiring a blacklisted writer to write the script.

Magazine “I’m proud to use his name and break the blacklist. It’s a terrible time in Hollywood history. It should never have happened.”

Douglas spent much of his life in philanthropic work. Through the Douglas Foundation, he and his second wife Anne gave millions to many worthy causes. Recent donations include $2.3 million to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a surgical robot and the endowment of a Kirk Douglas Fellowship at the American Film Institute. In October 2015, the couple gave another $5 million to the Los Angeles Mission’s Women’s Center, increasing their support of the mission to $15 million over the past three years.

Kirk Douglas Wäre 105 Geworden: Von Spartacus Bis Zum Trump Kritiker

His commitment to charity began in his childhood. He saw his mother feeding others even though the family did not have enough for themselves. “My mother told me, you have to take care of other people. That stayed with me.”

Throughout his distinguished career, Douglas received numerous honors, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1991. He was a Kennedy Center Honoree in 1994, received an Honorary Academy Award in 1996, and received the National Medal of Arts. 2001.

Married twice, Douglas has two sons, Joel and Michael, with his first wife, Diana Dill. In 1954, he married Anne Bidens. The couple has two sons, Peter and Eric. Eric died of a drug overdose in 2004.

Kirk Douglas

Douglas died on February 5, 2020 at the age of 103. “Kirk lived a great life, and he left behind a film legacy that will live on for generations to come and a history as a unique philanthropist working to help the public and bring peace to the planet,” his son Michael said in a statement. . Dad – I love you so much and I am proud to be your son. .”

Kirk Douglas Mit 103 Jahren Gestorben

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Kirk Douglas

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Natalie Wood Sexually Assaulted By Kirk Douglas, Sister Claims

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Higher komen wier douglas-generation auf einem build zusammen. Cameron Douglas joins his family with Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas at Instagram Fest.

A Liebevoler Moment: Schauspielerin Catherine Zeta-Jones and Schwiggerpapa Kirk Douglas comment on fostering Auf die Bühne and Einen Gewinner zu Presentieren.

Dankbar fur so wieles: Kirk Douglas, Der am 9. Dezember 100 Jahre alt wird, Ist Ehrengast bee Seenem sohn Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones und Den Beeden Kindern Dylan und Carys.

Michael Kirk Douglas Fotos Und Bildmaterial In Hoher Auflösung

Soviele kerzen passen gar nich mehr auf eine torte. Kirk Douglas Feart im Kreis Seener Family Seinen Sagenhaften 99. Geberttag. Happy birthday, Kirk!

Hollywood-Diva: In den Sechzigerjahren Spielt Centa Berger in Wielen us-Produktonen Mit, und Anderem Neben stars with Kirk Douglas and Charlton Heston. Haier Beschutz Psy 1963 Mit Peter Fonda Dies Première des Kriegsdramus “Die Seeger”.

At the end of 1980, the person Kirk Douglas 50.000 dollars for the Japanese verbspot, obvol er nur ein einziges vert sagte: “coffee”.

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas is among the Seiben Kindern Weissruischer Einwanderer in the Bundesstatt New York auf. Damals deutete nichts auf die spätere Weltkarriere des kleinen Jungen hin – die Familie lebte in Armut und konne nicht für die Ausbildung ihrer Kinder aufkommen.

Hollywood Star Kirk Douglas Tot: Seine Ehefrau Stammt Aus Niedersachsen

Kirk Douglas is a Gluck Selbst in Die Hand and Orbitet al Hausmeister und Ringer auf Jahrmarkten from the College zu Finanziren. Später verhalf ihm ein Ringkampfstipendium zum Studium der Chemie und Englischen Literatur in St. Lawrence University.

Insgeheim aber trumte kirk douglas schon seat seiner kindheit von einer carrier al schaspiler. And y er bislang alles geschaft hatte, so schafte er s dank eines witeren stipendiums and die renomierte American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and schauspiel zu studieren.

Doch dan com der Zweit Weltkrieg, Douglas Wuerde von der US Navy Einberufen Muste Seine Careereplein Unterbrechen. Nach dem Krieg – Inzwischen Hatte der Talentierte, Jungmann Einz Engagements am New Yorker Broadway Ergatern Konnen – Farden Hollywood Studiobas in Folz Einer Empfehlung Seiner Ehemaligen Klassenkammeradin Laurenmen Backdenzen.

1946 Gab Kirk Douglas Daraffin Sean Schauspildebut auf der Grossen Leinwand. Als

Fast Alles Für Die Wohlfahrt: Kirk Douglas Enterbte Sohn Michael

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