Jesus Estendendo A Mão

Jesus Estendendo A Mão – A leper enters the scene (Mark 1, 40-45), a desperate man who has lost everything: home, work, friends, hugs, dignity and even God. He is a man who decays during his lifetime, for society he is a sinner, rejected by God and punished with leprosy.

He comes and approaches Jesus and must not, cannot, the law imposes on him absolute segregation. But Jesus does not run, avoid, avoid him, he stands before him and listens. Whoever found lepers had to shout from afar, “Unclean, contagious”; Instead you, you, whispered: if you want, you can clean me.

Jesus Estendendo A Mão

Jesus Estendendo A Mão

“If you want.” The leper castaway clings to the hook, it’s his hook in mid-heaven, solid ground beyond the swamp. And I seem to see Jesus waver at the request of this prone being. It stings, like a punch in the stomach, a nail in the heart: “Be filled with compassion.”

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“If you will”… a big request: tell me the heart of God! What do you really want for me? do you want leprosy that I am the filth of the earth? Is he the one sending the cancer? Jesus sees, stops, moves and touches. For a long time no one dared to touch him, the flesh was dying of loneliness. Jesus reaches out and touches the untouchable, against all law and all prudence, touching it while it is still contagious; And so he begins to heal her, a caress before his voice, a finger more eloquent than words.

A touch, an experience of body-to-body communication, always reciprocal (one touch and be touched, regardless), a communication of intimacy, blossoming, trembling, the vibration of God to me, me to him.

Then, the beautiful answer, the cornerstone on which rests the new image of God: “I will!”. common, absolute verb. God wants, he is involved, he cares, he is in his heart, he suffers with me, he burns passion, suffering and love for me.

The second word sheds light on God’s will: “sanctify.” God is good intention. He doesn’t say no to anyone. According to the law, the leper was excluded from the temple, he could not approach God until he was cleansed. On the contrary, there is a turning point on this day: draw near to God and you will be purified. Take it and you’ll be fine.

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And sent him away in a stern tone, ordering him to say nothing. But the healed man disobeyed and began to preach the message. The exile becomes a source of terror. Show your happiness, God’s happy experience.

He used to have to run away from the villages, but now he goes into the villages themselves, looking for the people from whom he had to run before, to tell them that everything has changed, because with Jesus the image of God has changed. .

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