Jerusalema Movie

Jerusalema Movie – When we last left Johannesburg, people were torturing foreigners in District 9. Now that people are back at war with people, life is more important. In South Africa’s Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalem, Johannesburg plays the central role of a young gangster whose brutality is a revival of Hollywood melodrama.

Young lady Lucky Kunene (Jafta Mamabolo) can’t dream, but life in the village after the separation makes her open to earning more money. When stealing a car is more profitable than walking a dog, Lucky enters the underworld under the name of Marxist-turned-criminal Nazareth (Jeffrey Zekele). Years later, as a tough driver in the city, Lucky (now played by Rapulana Seiphemo) turns to crime. This time, his ambitions are bigger – as a house robber who collects rent from landlords and beats up anyone who causes trouble. Of course, he must continue to fight the bad guys, please the authorities and he himself does not agree.

Jerusalema Movie

Jerusalema Movie

It’s a new action movie that is unusual by Hollywood standards. There is no bloody twist of passion, loss of death or face of emotion. Lucky just does what he needs to do to get the job done, whether it’s managing beats or sweet talkers. This happiness, unlike injustice, makes luck a good habit. Seiphemo offers a unique, comical character.

Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema™ Full Movie English Subtitles

Johannesburg’s Gangster’s Paradise is unlike any World Cup tourist. Beautiful parks and gardens keep the sound hidden. The language, which combines English, Afrikaans and Fanagalo, makes the world come alive.

However, the film’s authenticity sometimes holds it back. The movie is not the movie, and the actor can make the audience feel good. As it is, Gangster’s Paradise, is a story that wants to follow ABC news, but not raise money for a DVD box, Style: Action / Crime Duration: 120 minutesn Alternative title: Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalem Country: South Africa Directed by: RalphZiman Stars: RapulanaSeiphemo and Ronnie Nyakale IMDb Score: 7, 3(10.712) Released: 11 February 2008

Lucky Kunene is an uneducated gas station attendant from the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Apartheid was abolished and the young man saw a new world open up. But Lucky doesn’t want to leave oil until the end of his life. Together with his best friend Zakes, he started stealing cars, a profitable business that gave him enough money to buy a refrigerator and a nice shirt. But their bad lifestyle soon made the two thieves flee. Also, they ended up in the waters of Nigerian professional Tony Ngu…

Een aardijke wegkijker, deze Yeluxalees, maar afgezien van de Zuid-Afrikaanse center, biedt het verder vrij weinigs nieuws onder de zon en heeft a In addition and seriously minpunten. The beginning is not the best thing going on. Lucky nog jong en vooral de scene, wa’arbij hij en zijn vriend in stelen auto, sometimes to be used is the best grogkik. Het acteerwerk is clearly intelligent. A film similar to Cidade de Deus juist uitblinkt ta het excellent acting, daar yeg het hier erg zwak. It’s wonderful fun, we enjoy life. It helps that the conversation isn’t scripted. Verder een opalvelle regie, met bijpassende hip ogende montage, mutu niet altijd even mooi ne. Also, the accompanying music is not very strong. The most unbelievable moment in the movie is when hijeen liefdesrelatie krigt meets blank vrouw, die hij geholpen heft. I found it to be interesting and niet echt a het geheel passen. Toh blift het all bijønds umtendenend and verveelt het geen seconde. However, please have a lot of fun. I am very happy and happy, and I hope that God will shower him with mercy. Yerushalayesh is zeker geen sädning kijkvoer, if soms evens best poojoig, maar heft gewoonweg teveel zwakke elemen om echt goed te zijn. 2.5*

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The man is beautiful, this city of Jerusalem, but in addition to the location of South Africa, it is a little fresh in the sun and has a few major flaws.

The beginning is very funny I must say. Lucky is young and especially the scene where he and his friend steal the car, where they are told they can’t drive, is funny and funny. The work performance has obviously decreased significantly. Where movies like Cidade de Deus were great because of the great acting, it’s weak here. Lucky is still good, but especially if his friend is not very strong. It also doesn’t really help that the dialogue isn’t always well written.

In addition, a good presentation, with hip-seeking modifications, which is not always good. I don’t like the accompanying music either. The most interesting thing in the movie is when he falls in love with the white woman he helps. I think it’s ridiculous and doesn’t fit the bill. However, it is very interesting and not boring for a second. I also love him, who was lucky to survive in the end. I never thought of it that way, but I think it fits well as a conclusion.

Jerusalema Movie

The city of Jerusalem is not pleasant to look at the food, sometimes it is even pleasant, but there are many things that are not strong enough to do well.

File:star Is Born 12 (44027279495).jpg

Vlotte gangsterfilm with weinig vernieuwende elementen. It’s pretty cool when you’re young. Aanrader, and bewaald wel maar het beste in zijn Genre, nee zeker niet.

A mild gangster film with a few new elements. The story was good, but he wasn’t very impressed. Trust, it’s small but the best of its kind, no doubt.

The average rating here (3, 66) and IMDB (7, 3) made me expect more than what the movie finally gave. Visueel het prima en de sfeer die aisiden kreierten wordt ook maar het verhaal heft te weinig om handen om hier ook 2 ur geboeid naar te kunnen kijken.

The average rating here (3.66) and IMDB (7.3) makes me expect more than the movie will deliver in the end.

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Visually it’s good and the environment created with it is also good, but the story is too short to be able to watch this for 2 hours.

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Jerusalema Movie

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