Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir – The first activity of our project is a puzzle of the work “BRINCANDO DE RODA”, by ARTISTA IVAN CRUZ.

Each student was given a copy of the work “BRINCANDO DE RODA”, without knowing what the original was, for color. At the end of the drawing, the class participated in a puzzle and found out what the work they drew was. See how it happened.

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

After assembling the puzzle, where the students discovered what the artist IVAN CRUZ drew, we examined the work and of course the Played-Wheel…

Artista Leva O Lúdico De Suas Obras De Arte Para A Vida Real E Mostra Que é Possível Até Soltar Pipa No Ventilador

Studying this work is very interesting, because some students do not know how to play marbles, or, as it is also known, phoenix and marbles.

After reviewing this work, by plastic artist IVAN CRUZ, we made a poster with an overview of the work, with modeling dough. so cool!!!!

Rereading the work “SOLTANDO PIPA” by the plastic artist IVAN CRUZ Step 1 – Interference with the main colors

First let’s learn the primary and secondary colors. We sing songs, listen to stories and do different activities that develop colors.

Ivan Cruz Encantou Pais E Crianças Do Sesi Escola Na Abertura Da Vernissage Com Obras Dos Alunos

Each student chooses two main colors to put inside the plastic bag. The measurements of each color vary, depending on the student’s wishes.

The teacher tightly closed the bag with the paint and each student had to mix their paints to know what color it would be.

After studying the work “SOLTANDO PIPA”, each student returns the work, with a permanent pen, into his plastic bag. See how it’s done:

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

On the 7th of November, our class, with people from class 11 and 13, visited the workshop of the plastic artist May in Abuso, Lomba Grande, Novo Hamburgo. It is a lot of visits, the artist is very welcome and his stories and experiences contributed a lot to our work. What an unforgettable lesson!

Resgatando Brinquedos E Brincadeiras

Inspiration for the story told by Mai Baboso, about the work he did in Mato Grosso, with the children of Duxingo, students of grades 11, 12 and 13 also did their collective work7 and the artist Ivan Cruz41. He spent his childhood in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Although he was interested in art, he first graduated in law (1970) and then, in 1986, he left law and entered the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and began to devote more time to his studies. Artistic production.

His first paintings using children’s themes were done in 1990 and today, the artist depicts more than 100 different types of games. Ivan Cruz named his series “Dula ng mga Bata”. His canvases are a real “time tunnel” and depict leading games, marbles, cups, kites and other games that take us back to our childhood. His paintings are made in strong colors, using acrylic on canvas.

When asked about the reasons for not painting children’s faces on his canvases, Ivan Cruz said that in this way his work becomes universal, and all children can see themselves in his paintings.

In addition to the paintings, the exhibits include illustrated toys, games and workshops for making toys, storytellers and background music, such as songs for babies, which create a perfect atmosphere.

Arte Registrada: Brincadeira De CrianÇa

Ivan seeks, through his works, to develop people’s imagination, save laughter and encourage the highest development of children in the world of real games.

“A child who does not play is not happy, an adult who does not play as a child is missing a piece of his heart.”

In 1999, Talmar reproduced eight screens from the “Children’s Games” series in its phone cards, creating more than a million cards.

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

In 2001, Ivan Cruz entered the world of sculptures, with a project in collaboration with the Cabo Frio City Hall. In front of the Praia do Forte beach, a set of bronze sculptures representing life-size children’s games (about 1.20 m) was inaugurated.

Atividade De Artes 3º Ano Ivan Cruz

His sculptures can also be seen in the Praça Castelo Branco (Arraial do Cabo), the Errol Flin Art Gallery (Bello Horizonte), the National Arts Foundation (Funarte), the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of the Republic (Rio de janeiro). in January).

In 2016, the children’s book “Child’s Game” was launched, which, in addition to being a tribute to the artist himself, with some of his drawings, was published with Edna and Suali Lemos, with illustrations by Lolly and Bernardilla.

As of early 2020, Ivan Cruz has produced more than 600 paintings, 30 life-size sculptures in public squares, 27 medium-sized sculptures, 37 small sculptures and game murals in various locations.

His works are taught in classrooms throughout Brazil, through books published by more than 60 publishers.

Brincadeiras De Criança

Online, the artist teaches how to make a kite using simple materials, which will be released by the fan. Click on the first image and watch a video on how to make a fan kite. The second image shows a video with the artist flying his kite with a fan.

“I didn’t think that one day I would do it. Fly a fan kite. Would you believe it? I made this cool little kite and the ‘I’ here. Because I can’t go outside. And it flies really well than that, I made this kite today,” he said the artist

Reinterpreting the work of Ivan Cruz Child Playing with the Plague (2020) – colored pencils Luis Alberto de Souza

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

Within active methods, it is important that students know the use of DICT (digital information and communication technologies), and learn to research. Therefore, search the Internet on the topic discussed here on the blog and expand your knowledge about the artist Ivan Cruz and his works.

Cei Vereador José Gomes De Moraes Netto: Releitura Barquinho De Papel Ivan Cruz Mg Ii B Professora Simone

Based on what we have seen and learned so far, will we paint a painting that represents Ivan Cruz’s art? For coloring, you can get inspiration from Ivan Cruz’s paintings presented here on the blog, without having to paint with the same colors. Remember the idea is not to make a copy, so use your creativity.

You can print the pictures or draw them. Your artistic work can be done with colored pencils, markers, chalk, ink, collage or all together… the choice is yours!

Based on what we’ve seen and learned so far, will we ever read one of Ivan Cruz’s works again?

Choose one of the works presented here on the blog to get inspired. Your art can be done with pencils, markers, collages, chalk or any other material… the choice is yours! The important thing is to remember that in re-reading the student must reproduce the original work, make changes, including the things he lives in, change the colors and other details. You can and should activate what makes sense in your life… and most importantly remember that rereading is not copying.

Ivan Cruz Colorir 1 Ano

Our third suggestion is to work on photography. I have shown two options for doing this. First, get some toys or your favorite toy, ask someone to take a picture of you while you play. The second idea is to choose a work by Ivan Cruz and photograph it, as I did with “João com Aviãozinho (2020)”. The image can be in color, black and white or developed by constant filtering in a mobile app, or other digital technology used in photography… the choice is yours! In addition to speaking as the coordinator of the Brincadeiras de Crianza project and Ivan’s son Cruz, I speak as a mother.

The Pinhiero Revelles Educational Center paid a beautiful tribute to my father and his project, we were delighted by the care and dedication of the entire team in the final presentation of the project made by the whole school at the Teatro Municipal de Cabo Frio.

We were looking for a school for our little Adam, when we went to see him in person we fell in love – love at first sight!

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

You can count on your child’s future – concern for the mother cell of society – the family – will never be forgotten.

Imagens Para Colorir Ivan Cruz

We start this lesson by gathering the children in a circle, where the teacher must ask the group what the dodge game is.

As the children announce what they know about the game, the teacher can write this information on the board or poster.

After this discussion, the teacher asks the class what are the most common moves in the dodge game, and asks the children to choose which of these moves they will do in the school yard or on the field.

At this time the teacher will present to the class which movements will be performed, after which each child will practice these movements. We recommend that in the game of dodgeball, players perform medium and high level ball throwing movements with one or two hands.

Interpretação De Imagem

After that moment, it is important for the teacher to continue the activity and ask the children to evaluate what they did: if they are able (or not) to perform the actions, what are the difficulties presented, what are their suggestions for improvement.

After working on the dodge moves, the teacher gathers the group of children and builds the rules for this game with them. The number of participants in each group as well as the playing time are also fixed.

After that moment, the teacher will take the group to the field or yard and start the game. It is important that at the end of the game you evaluate it

Ivan Cruz Para Colorir

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