Hummingbird Movie

Hummingbird Movie – Synopsis: Thriller centered on a war veteran illegally posing as an upper-class Londoner who must come to terms with his violent past when his friend is murdered.

Verdict: Jason Statham again with the same hairstyle, similar personality, probably even the same suit from his previous films, but Hummingbird turns out to be surprisingly different from the star’s typical action films. It’s marketed as an action film, but it’s really more of a slow-motion drama than anything else. His failure to engage emotionally makes the whole plot seem like it’s just an ex-soldier joining a Chinese triad in London to woo a nun. It’s pointless, there’s no action, it’s anti-climactic, the ending is bad, and the English subtitles for the pretentious Chinese dialogue are wrong. Action junkies, turn around, you’ve been warned.

Hummingbird Movie

Hummingbird Movie

Unconvincing Chinese Characters: Seriously, can’t they at least find actors who speak fluent Cantonese without a western accent?

Two Russian Posters For Steven Knight’s Hummingbird

Malaysian Censorship: There are some odd transitions and what I believe is nudity has also been cut, but profanity and violence remain uncensored.

Problems and Plot Holes: Why Joey Jones (Jason Statham) and his family are separated is not explained, and even if it is, it is unclear, making it difficult for the audience to connect emotionally with the character. For half the film he is a wanted man with police helicopters and street CCTV suggesting they are looking for him, yet he was able to move freely without being caught. He literally throws a man off a building, leaves the building after firing a gun on the roof, buys a bottle of vodka, gets drunk, goes to the theater, sleeps outside the entrance and no one actually finds him.

Most Controversial Scene: For most of the movie, Joey Jones is an angel and protector of the homeless and helpless. He buys them food, shows gratitude to the nun who helped him, wants revenge on the dead, fights against the thugs, and then suddenly there is a scene where he walks away from the tramps in a shabby way and the money throw piece on the ground. per piece, instead of giving it to them, I just hand it over. What an ass!

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The Hummingbird Project Review

The Hummingbird is the story of a former special forces soldier, Joey Jones (Jason Statham), who finds himself homeless on the streets after escaping a court martial.

Stuart Ford, Guy Heeley, Lou Karsen, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Tracy Rector, more…Steven Squillante, Andrew Warren, Paul Webster, Joe Wright Genre: Drama / Thriller Duration: 100 minutes Alternative Title: Redemption Country: United Kingdom / United States Countries Director: StevenKnight Stars: JasonStatham, AgataBuzek and VickyMcClure IMDb Score: 6, 2(73,540) Release Date: May 7, 2013

Joey Jones (Jason Statham) has never recovered from his time with special forces in the Middle East and now wanders the streets of London. On the run from a drug gang, he ends up in a luxury apartment that is currently empty. Joey shaves, puts on a suit, and enters a rich life that doesn’t belong to him. He helps his old friends on the street, the nun Christina (Agata Buzek) who gave him food, and goes to work in a Chinese restaurant to pay off the debt. His boss, Mr. However, Choy (Benedict Wong) soon realizes that he can do more than wash dishes and hires him as a bodyguard. Promotion or a step towards a career in crime?

Hummingbird Movie

Find is not bad. Tis ff wennen – Statham in a dramatic role. He could really cry a little. Certainly inspired by the thought that he will make expendables with the acting canon Dolph Lundgren. What I get bored of: I don’t get bored with Statham’s minimal acting. What I e.g. well then, with the other bald actor, Bruce Willis. Story wasn’t bad either, but not really engaging either, and sometimes quite melodramatic. There was more to it than a beetech voeselen with a brave ne. Grade 3 and 3.5* in.

The Hummingbird Project Poster |teaser Trailer

Don’t think it’s bad. It takes some getting used to – Statham in a more dramatic role. He could actually cry a little. Definitely inspired by the idea that they will soon be making Expendables with actor Dolph Lundgren. What I do myself: I’m not bored by Stetham’s minimal acting. What I do, for example, with that other bald actor, Bruce Willis. The story wasn’t bad either, but it wasn’t special either, and it was melodramatic at times. There will be more than a little cuddling with a good nun. Grading between 3 and 3.5* inches.

During the film, I had the impression that it could indeed be a hidden prequel to The Transporter. And via Google I said, that I was not the first with this reservation. Of course, she’s still not different, but it’s a good idea. Statham in a typical Statham movie, and that day he is in his place. The man with a dark past who has the ultimatum to sit in the right place. Even if the methods are not really good. Film still lacks the right humor and a big finale to really make something, but if you like the genre, it is at best an enjoyable film. You get what you confuse.

During the movie I thought it might be a hidden sequel to the Transporter. And through Google, I discovered that I’m not the first to think of it. Of course there are still differences, but that would be a good idea.

Statham in a typical Statham movie, and then it’s spot on. A man with a dark past who finally has his heart in the right place. Even if the methods are not very good. The film still lacks the right humor and grand finale to make something out of it, but if you’re into the genre, it’s a pretty enjoyable film. You get what you expect.

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An Afghanistan war veteran living in London seeks revenge against the killer of his pregnant girlfriend by adopting an upper-class identity and using his connections in the Chinese mafia.

Hummingbird Movie

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The Hummingbird (il Colibrì)

Kim Wheeler, an outspoken fireworks attorney, has been appointed a judge for the 5th District of Nevada and is one of the few traveling judges left in America. After the ruling judge dies under suspicious circumstances, Kim finds himself covering the circuit that stretches between Las Vegas and Reno, a rugged, often desolate area where anything and everything can happen.

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