Horário Em Nova York

Horário Em Nova York – Check out this article to see what the time zone is in New York! Find out the time zone difference between Brazil and New York and more information!

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Horário Em Nova York

Horário Em Nova York

When planning a trip to the United States, understanding New York’s time zone is very important because it makes planning and adjusting easier.

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By the way, the time difference in New York compared to Brazil is much smaller than most people think, see?

That’s why we created this article to keep you updated about New York time zone, time zone differences in Brazil and other information. Soon?

First, for those who don’t know, there is a slight difference between winter and summer in the US.

This way, New York’s time zone has a 2-hour difference for most of the year when relative to Brazil-Brazil time.

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In fact, the time difference between Brazil and New York is not that big compared to countries like Australia, which has a 14-hour difference, or New Zealand, which has a 16-hour difference.

And now that the Brazilian summer season is over, the American time zone difference according to the seasons is:

Also, one of the most important differences is that in the summer the light stays on until nine o’clock in the evening, and in the winter from 4:30 in the afternoon everything starts to get dark.

Horário Em Nova York

First, to know the time in New York, you need to know that Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT) are used in some US states.

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And a good example to understand this is if it’s 10 AM in New York, it’s noon Brazilian time in Brazil.

It is important to know that when it is summer in Brazil, it is winter in the United States, this is an example of the importance of knowing the time zone between Brazil and New York and understanding the seasons.

Therefore, US DST is usually set between March 12th and March 13th, when the difference is only -1 h.

In winter, however, the clocks are moved back 1 hour, so the difference is -2 hours and the change takes place on November 5-6.

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Well, understanding how time works in the US, especially in New York, is not that difficult and different, and it makes planning your trip easier, right?

And now that you know more about New York time, how do you plan your stay in the city that never sleeps? Talk to our expert to learn more about our programs and fly towards the American dream!

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Horário Em Nova York

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For those planning to travel to New York, it is important to know the time zone of the area. In this way, the person has time to buy his ticket and arrange his arrival time at the hotel. Check out this article to find out what time it is in New York. So what is the time zone in New York and the difference between it and Brazil.

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First of all, be aware that New York’s time zone has a “lag” relative to Brasília’s time (and São Paulo’s as well. Since São Paulo and Brasília are in the same time zone).

Also, the time difference between Brazil and New York can vary between one and two hours depending on the season.

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New York’s time zone has undergone some changes over the months. That’s why this text talks about these differences on a monthly basis. This way, it’s easier to plan your trip and enjoy your stay in the North American metropolis. Read this text and understand the time zone of New York.

The United States has summer and winter time in all its regions. This is a different system than in Brazil, which only has a summer season and after the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro, it no longer exists. Maybe summer time will come back, let’s wait and see.

In most months, New York is two hours behind official Brazilian time. Famous for this time difference

Horário Em Nova York

However, because New York is so busy, travelers there often get used to lack of sleep. After all, there is a lot to do and tourists are unlikely to sleep for hours.

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An interesting point in New York is that in the summer the lights are on until 9pm. On the other hand, the city starts to get dark at 16:30 in winter. However, this does not affect the routines of tourists.

Because the summer season is canceled in Brazil, the time difference between our country and New York is no more than two hours. Below you can see the time difference between Brazil and New York according to the period of each year:

From the topics above, the following can be concluded: if it is 8 o’clock in New York in December, it is 10 o’clock in São Paulo Brazilian time.

Below is an example of New York’s time zone in December relative to Brazil. It’s 8am in Brazil, 6am in New York. It’s great for travelers because you can always wake up early and enjoy the scenery.

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I just edited this article and now see the time difference from New York in the US to Brazil (and São Paulo) in Brazil.

If you want to know how long it takes to travel from São Paulo to New York by plane, the answer is 10 hours (direct, non-stop). In other words, if you fly at 11pm, you will arrive the next day at 7am when the time difference is calculated. Do you count? 23:00 + 10:00 = 9:00 in the morning, adding the two hour time difference compared to Brazil, we get 7:00.

Horário Em Nova York

If you want to get to know New York, it’s important to remember: if it’s summer in our country, it’s winter in the North American city. So before buying a ticket, check the time you find.

Horas En Nueva York

In fact, even though New York’s winters are very harsh, the city is very hot. So always plan your travel plans and luggage according to the season. This way you have more chances to enjoy the experience.

Also, as mentioned earlier, New York time is always an hour or two behind Brazil. The sooner you understand it, the easier it will be to organize your trip.

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Tell me! Have you ever been to New York? How many times? Are you bothered by the time difference in this beautiful city? Write in the comments or add me on Instagram to follow my travels in real time! AMERICAN UNITED STATES NEW YORK Great photo spots in New York Posted on April 20, 2017

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Horário Em Nova York

Taking pictures of New York is still an aggravating factor: the city is huge and everything is very fast.. To make it easier, I have selected the places where we got the coolest clicks on the trip to the big apple and here are some tips on the places you should visit to see these corners:

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