Horace Dominique De Barral

Horace Dominique De Barral – Those watching Nos Tempos do Imperador see the return of Dominique (Guilherme Cabral), the son of Luísa (Mariana Ximenes), after growing up. He went to France as a child and did not return until he was a teenager.

Once he gets to the story, the boy shows that he harbors a lot of resentment towards his mother. This feeling would be due to the absence of his mother during his upbringing in Europe, where he lived with his father Eugênio (Thierry Tremouroux).

Horace Dominique De Barral

Horace Dominique De Barral

Remember that in the six o’clock plot, Luísa’s husband discovers that she is having an affair with Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) and decides to leave for good. Already in love, she decides to stay in Brazil.

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In parts, however, the true story was not quite like that. According to the reports of the historian Maria Del Priore, Luísa’s biographer, the boy did not go to live alone with his father in France. What is true in all this is that Dominique is indeed hurt by her mother, but only at the end of her education, after Eugênio’s death, when she discovers that Luísa and Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello in the telenovela) are really a had a case

In real history, the boy, who is actually the son of Eugene, a French count, is named Horace Dominique. He was born in Bahia in 1854 and grew up with his mother in Brazil until he was about 10 years old.

According to Mary Del Priore, the historian who wrote the biography of Countess Barralska, Dominique’s father was also at Luísa’s side while the princesses Isabel and Leopoldina, daughters of Pedro II, were growing up.

At certain times, however, Eugênio traveled to France, and contrary to what In Emperor’s Times suggests, the diplomat certainly did not go to the European country alone, nor did he take Dominic with him.

Filho Da Condessa De Barral Voltará Para Nos Tempos Do Imperador

In fact, Luísa’s son, the only one she had, was very dear to both the emperor and his wife, Teresa Cristina, whom the telenovela audience sees as a rival for Countess Barralska.

Mary Del Priore reveals in her book that Dom Pedro II Luísa suggested that Dominique study in Brazil. But the lover did not want that and together with Eugênio decided to move to France in 1965, with a view to the boy’s studies.

Although Luísa was always there to take care of Dominique, when the boy grew up he discovered that his mother was the mistress of Dom Pedro II. His father had already passed away by then.

Horace Dominique De Barral

Conversations between son and mother did indeed take place, according to the historian, especially when Pedro II expressed his desire to meet Luísa in person in the French lands. Dominique saw the proposal as an insult and felt quite embarrassed that Luís’ name was being spread among the nobles in a derogatory manner.

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There are also reports indicating that the emperor himself tried to challenge the lover’s attention with her son when Dominique was already a young man and began to show contempt for the monarch.

Horace Dominique studied hard, graduated in law, but pursued a career as a diplomat, like his father. In 1882 he married Maria Francisco de Paranaguá, with whom he had two children, Jean Dominique and Maria Margarida Gravin Barral (Mariana Ximenes), Pedro II (Selton Mello) and Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) – Advertisements / TV Globo

The telenovela “Nos Tempos do Imperador”, which has been broadcast on Rede Globa since August, has received praise and criticism for various aspects, from the costumes to the historical factors that serve as the basis of the plot.

But since it is an adaptation, the development of the characters and events in the series did not always happen this way. And that includes the relationship between Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) and Pedro II. (Selton Mello).

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In the novel, Countess Barralska will reveal to the monarch that she is expecting his child. Although surprised, Pedro says that he will recognize the child, but Luísa will not agree with the emperor.

“Luísa, I thought all day and decided: I will follow my father’s example. I will not hide from anyone that the woman I love is giving me a child. And it bears my name,” said the ruler, surprising Luísa. However, we do not know if the countess’s pregnancy will continue in fiction.

The telenovela Globo also features Horace Dominique de Barral, son of the countess and her husband Eugèn. The child is played by Thor, son of actor Theo Becker.

Horace Dominique De Barral

On the left the real Countess Barralska; On the right, actress Mariana Ximenes – Credit: Public Domain / Unknown and Disclosure / TV Globo

Robiquet, François G.: Recherches Historiques Et Statistiques Sur La Corse (1835)

Although there are debates about what the relationship between the two personalities was like, whether they were in fact lovers or just maintaining a platonic passion, there is no mention in the history books that the countess had a son with the monarch.

Pedro II and actor Selton Mello / Credits: Wikimedia Commons / João Maximiano Mafra in unveiling / TV Globo

In her work “Condessa de Barral: The Emperor’s Passion,” historian Mary Del Priore presents the correspondence between Pedro and Luísa and other notes about the characters. However, at no point is the existence of a hybrid mentioned.

The author has already said that the approach of the two, besides the carnal, was also very intellectual. With several traits in common, the duo lived in harmony.

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“I usually say that Luísa was not the emperor’s mistress, but his great passion,” analyzes Mary Del Priore, the historian who wrote the biography ‘Condessa de Barral: The Emperor’s Passion’. “When he met Luísa, it was as if the door of the palace was open for him,” he continues.

She was the teacher of princesses Isabella and Leopoldina, whom she taught at home. The highly cultured Luísa Margarida de Barros Portugal was married to the French Conde de Barral, the daughter of mill owners, frequently visited the court of King Luís Filipe I of France and had a great knowledge of literature and art.

Pedro, despite his large library, did not speak English well and did not know European art culture and customs, so he counted on Luísa’s help. According to Del Priore, “Barralo was a highly educated woman with experience in European courts, which the emperor himself did not have, but which he admired and needed”.

Horace Dominique De Barral

In real life, the emperor only had four children, all with Empress Teresa Cristina, played by Letícia Sabatella in the novel.

Bibliographie De La France (1862)

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