Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois – , is a treatment with an innovative technique of combined therapy, that is, it is the association of applying an isotonic solution directly to the adipose tissue with Ultrasound or Carboxytherapy. This combined therapy aims to promote the elimination of fat cells by body shaping, size reduction and weight loss at the same time.

It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure, the specialized professional will clean the area and apply small isotonic doses to the adipose tissue (where fat cells predominate). Then, according to the needs of each patient, the professional may indicate ultrasound, which promotes lipolysis (destruction of fat cells stored in adipocytes) or may even indicate Carboxytherapy, which increases local acidification, also leading to lipolysis.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

In this way, the treatment becomes safe, minimally invasive and very effective. Meet Fishidolipo Express, the one.

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When applying the isotonic solution to the adipose tissue, an osmotic balance is caused (the balance of the passage of water inside and outside the cell, that is, the concentration of the solution is equal between the two media), then Carboxytherapy is applied, or that. is, medical CO2 that increases blood circulation and oxygen supply, eliminates toxins, releases fatty acids, reduces edema and activates lipolysis, cell renewal and increases the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The isotonic solution strengthens Carboxytherapy, because it increases the acidification caused by medical CO2.

Another protocol is the application of isotonic solutions in the adipose tissue, which causes an osmotic balance (balance in the passage of water inside and outside the cell, that is, the concentration of solute is equal between the two media) and then The ultrasound is applied, which is high technology computerized equipment that, through its sound waves (mechanical vibrations), aims to cause a vibration and heating of the water in the adipocytes, promoting changes in the stability of the phospholipid membrane, making a lipolysis (destruction of fat cells).

It is a rather painful treatment. For those who are sensitive to the needle, topical anesthesia can be applied before the session.

It is indicated in 5 sessions. For a more accurate protocol, we always advise you to do a personalized and free evaluation.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa

IMPORTANT: Always verify that the Clinic has ANVISA approved equipment, that they are original from the factory and that they are properly calibrated. to reduce, back, culottes, among other areas of the body.

Fight local fat and reduce up to 30 cm in just one month is the promise of a new treatment known as “lipo without cutting”, Hidrolipo ReduceSlim. The gift is exclusive to the Slimcenter clinic network and combines non-suction hydrolipoclasy with other techniques such as high-power ultrasound. The treatment works to reduce the size of the abdomen, back, culottes, among other areas of the body. The results are already noticed in the first sessions and at the end of the 30 day treatment it is possible to lose up to six kilos.

The aesthetic procedure is done by non-aspiration hydrolipoclasia, which is the application of hypotonic solution that swells the fat cell, making the membrane more permeable, then the region is treated with high power ultrasound to destroy the cell. The treatment lasts 8 weeks with more than 25 sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

In addition to the use of hydrolipoclasy, other procedures are associated with this method, such as, for example, detoxification sections used for detoxification and natural capsules made for the absorption of carbohydrates, reducing the desire to eat sweets and giving. a feeling of satiety. Throughout the process, the patient has nutritional guidelines.

Perdendo A Barriga Com A Hidrolipoclasia Enzimática

Beauty and the founder of the clinic network Slimcenter, Thais Mugani, explains that the technique known as non-aspiration hydrolipoclasia is a powerful treatment, which is not invasive like surgery and with similar results, but without risk or the need for rest, as in can be in. after liposuction surgery. “The client makes the applications and can resume their activities normally, because no kind of anesthesia is applied”, he explains.

The beautician and cosmetologist explained that among the main differences Hidrolipo ReduceSlim are its effectiveness in fighting local fat, with a reduction of up to 30 cm in size, in addition to a shorter time to get results in only two weeks. “I was looking for a protocol that would give more powerful results and in less time, because with this new procedure we could see results in the first week and especially in 15 days, because there are clients who have already eliminated from 15 to 15 days. in this phase 25 centimeters, almost equivalent to the reduction in measurements during the entire treatment, which lasts a month.”Hydrolipo before and after | Hydrolipo is one of the most important plastic surgery whose main goal is to locate fat, which significantly improves the self-esteem of the patient. -esteem.

Here’s everything you need to know about the procedure, how it works, what the benefits are and how much it costs:

Hydrolipo, also called ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia, non-suction hydrolipo, or even tumescent liposuction, is a surgical process that includes body aesthetics.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa/ Hidrolipo Sem Cortes é Bom? 【análise】graciele Silva é Confiável??

The main goal is to model the body, treat local fat and the dissatisfaction it causes.

Hydrolipo surgery, to achieve the desired effect, excess adipose tissue (fat) is removed from strategic points, which generate more dissatisfaction.

Due to its purpose, hydrolipoclasy is usually confused with liposuction, however, it is a less invasive approach that focuses on removing small amounts of localized fat.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

Although it is indicated for people with low concentration of fat, it has become one of the most important requests for plastic surgery, considering its speed of processing and smoother recovery. In addition to very satisfactory results when done in ideal conditions.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

Hydrolipo must be performed in an aesthetic surgery clinic or in a hospital setting, by a qualified plastic surgeon.

During the operation, the patient must remain awake for the success of the technique, in a process similar to a caesarean section.

In practice, the non-suction hydrolip acts as if it were a liposuction performed on a small area. For their practice, they do an infiltration of a vasoconstrictor solution, which contains anesthesia and adrenaline, which makes as little bleeding as possible.

Then the professional will make a small cut on the site for the introduction of a microtube connected to a vacuum, so that the region can be aspirated. Once this is done, they put the solution back together with a local anesthetic.

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After the microtube is placed, the surgeon will move it back and forth so that the fat can be aspirated and placed into a storage system.

At the end of suctioning the desired amount of fat, a bandage will be applied to the area, the belt will be put on and the person will be escorted to a recovery room.

The operation, as already mentioned, tends to be quick, lasting between one and three hours, faster than a normal liposuction.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

Before doing hydrolipo, as with any other operation, it is necessary to consider its indications and contraindications.

Master Em Intradermoterapia Pressurizada Atualizado

In addition to the technique that was indicated only for people with low fat concentration and without many areas that need liposuction, hydroplasty is also indicated for small versions of results after larger liposuctions.

It is worth mentioning that hydrolipo patients should practice physical exercises and have a good diet, to optimize the results. Because it has a fast recovery, it is ideal for people who want to improve their self-esteem quickly and without taking away from their daily life.

As for the contraindications of the technique, it is important to consider those who would need 10 to 12 hydrolip sessions for a satisfactory result. This type of patient should resort to the liposuction procedure, where they will have more benefits for a more affordable price.

The recovery in hydrolipo is smooth and does not require much care, so the patient can return to their daily activities in a short period of time. This is considered that the procedure is performed only in small regions.

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Even considering the small proportions involved, it is recommended that the patient rest or rest for 48 hours the day of the procedure.

To achieve a good recovery, the guidelines require that the person rest and do not do activities that require a lot of effort, and, depending on the recovery and the area that is aspirated, the person can return to their daily life in about a lifetime. 3 to 20 days, as recommended by the surgeon.

In order for the result to remain guaranteed by the hydrolipo, it is important that the patient pays attention to some measures that can be passed by the responsible professional.

Hidrolipoclasia Não Aspirativa Antes E Depois

The diet after hydrolips should consist of foods rich in water and those with healing properties, such as vegetables and rich fish.

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