Hidden Figures Movie

Hidden Figures Movie – A rocket does not reach the moon by itself. No, men are needed! Men to build, men to fly, men with their intricate schedule!

Or so the idea arose in 1961, when America’s Mercury space program was underway.

Hidden Figures Movie

Hidden Figures Movie

Of course, there are people besides men hard at work in the bowels of NASA’s brain trust, located at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. And when the truck of three NASA employees broke down on the side of the road – black, female employees – they straightened the Virginia police who stopped to help them.

Movie Review: Hidden Figures

“There are very few women working on the space program,” said Dorothy Vaughan, hiding her mischievous eyes.

But while NASA may seem to be building a new rocket-powered future, the nuts-and-bolts operation of 1961 is still a product of 1961. Langley is still a segregated southern state. Dorothy and her black female friends, Mary Jackson and Katherine Goble, work at Langley’s West Campus, where they are “people of color.” They and others do important work: they are computers before the computer age, women who calculate and crunch the numbers that are important to the future of the space program. But these computers stand apart from the rest. They have their own bathroom, their own coffee shop, their own coffee machine. Integration, it seems, is no more a part of NASA’s future than Virginia.

However, sometimes, talent and determination have a way of making their future. The American space program, engaged in a losing battle with the United States, could use all the brilliant minds it could find. And some of those minds may be working outside of West Campus, using restrooms labeled “Women of Color Only.”

Dealing with the same problem. But these women—the characters depicted here are based on three real NASA employees—didn’t hold hands or march. Instead, they deal with the situation

Hidden Figures (2016)

It is the story of Katherine, perhaps, above all. He was called to work in Langley’s dreaded nerve center because of his incredible mathematical talent. But even though he’s the longest-lived — if not all — of the men in NASA’s think tank, he still runs half a mile to West Campus to use the designated bathroom and drink his coffee in a labeled pot. “color”.

As he worked through these conditions with grace and spirit, things began to change. People see his work and are impressed. He demands recognition and, in slow stages, begins to receive it. It’s nice to know that the real Katherine is still alive and 98, by the way, was part of NASA until she retired in 1986, working on everything from the Apollo program to space shuttles. A building at Langley, the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility, was named in her honor last year.

There are others who help these women along the way. Al Harrison, head of the department working on figuring out how to get astronauts into space on Mercury, seems almost lost on the race. His only concern is to have the best mind to work on common problems. When Katherine realized she had to run between meetings to use the bathroom, she integrated the bathroom by pulling the “color” signal with a lever.

Hidden Figures Movie

Elsewhere, scientist Karl Zielinski encourages Mary to pursue an engineering degree. When Mary protested that she was a “black woman”, he replied: “I am a Polish Jew whose parents died in a Nazi prison camp. I think we can say that we live the impossible.”

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John Glenn, one of the Mercury astronauts, wants to recognize and thank Katherine, Mary, Dorothy and other tribal “computers” for their work. And when the automated computer actually spits out conflicting information before launch, Glenn asks Katherine to personally check those numbers so that he and she alone can find the right numbers. “It’s hard to trust something you can’t look in the eye,” he explained.

We should note that Dorothy and Katherine were also parents, Katherine raising three children on her own after her husband’s death. Both clearly care deeply about their children, even if they are not home as often as they would like.

Christianity means something to the three women at the center of this story. All three go to the same church, and the pastor praises their work from the pulpit. Katherine and her family gave a blessing before dinner. And when she told her children that she missed their father “as much as anyone,” they told her she was “with an angel.”

Sometimes the good news is marked by quick praise to the Almighty. For example, when Mary was given an assignment, she gave the assignment and said, “Thank you, Jesus!” When a police officer volunteered to take her to work, Mary quickly accepted. Three black women “chasing” a police officer in rural Virginia was a “God-ordained miracle,” he said.

Hidden Figures And The Soothing Equality Of Math

When Mr. Harrison encouraged new dedication from the scientists under his care, he said, “Let’s take it.

Widow Katherine drew notice of the plaintiff from Colonel Jim Johnson. The two started having dinner together at Katherine’s house. One night while they were doing the dishes, Jim announced it was time to kiss. They do, quite passionately. Later, at another family dinner, Jim proposed. In the movie credits, we learn that they have been married for 56 years.

Mary was married, and she and her husband kissed (Mary objected to Levi’s husband that she would be late for class unless that she is not careful). That didn’t stop the Mercury astronauts from watching when they visited Langley. “How can you look at these white men?” Katherine scolds. Mary tells him that she has a right to see.

Hidden Figures Movie

We see old pictures of rockets exploding, and hear news reports of bombs being dropped. Get on the freedom bus. Something has gone wrong on a critical space mission, and there are concerns that the manned capsule will burn up on re-entry.

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Al Harrison violently ripped the bathroom sign, sending it crashing to the floor. In one test, the heat protection of the stationary space capsule flying, hit the window not broken

Almost 15 uses “d-n”. “H…” is also pronounced half a dozen times, and the names of God and Jesus are used incorrectly – the last one is prominent – once.

Dorothy, Mary and Katherine are at Dorothy’s house one evening, and Dorothy serves some alcoholic drinks. Maria said she could use a good drink; He liked it too much. He said he felt as good as he had ever felt, and Dorothy replied:

Dorothy goes to the library to check out a book or two about computer programming—”the future,” as she calls it. But when he showed up, he said those books were not in “his” section (meaning, of course, books for black people). But later in the bus (she and her two children were sitting, of course, in the back), she pulled out a book she had taken from the library without looking. When his son called him, he reasoned: “Son, I pay taxes. And taxes are paid for everything in that library. You can’t take what you paid for.’

Ssw Movie Night: Hidden Figures, 2/28/2021

We see Katherine’s ankles and under her bathing suit skirt as she works there. When Al cried over the bathroom sign, he said, “At NASA, we all have the same color.”

It is an inspiring exercise in an understated activity. Women here do not care about the racism that colors their lives. But they did not face coercion or protest, but with skill and knowledge. determined Yes, they demand their rightful rights. But they do it with grace, humility and patience. They don’t trust the system. But they work to achieve their goals. And they changed many ideas along the way.

One evening, Dorothy and her supervisor, Miss Mitchell, collide in the bathroom, an unlikely encounter before Al Harrison cuts the sign.

Hidden Figures Movie

“I know,” said Dorothy with a soft smile. “I knew you might believe it.” And he went outside.

Hidden Figures: Inside The Making Of The Historical Drama

It was a moment of self-awareness, perhaps. Indeed, when the two meet again, Mitchell gives her a new job: the delayed promotion that Dorothy has been fighting throughout the film.

, is more important than the promotion itself. It is a measure of newly discovered equality. And somehow, for all its subtlety, it feels like a great moment of the film of triumph.

It inspires as it entertains. He recognizes racism, asserting that there is more than one way to solve them. And to be honest, his heart is good.

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Review: Hidden Figures

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