Half Brothers Movie

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In the picturesque mountain village of Saas-Fee, self-made millionaire David and his pregnant wife meet Trinis’s half-brother and his smuggler girlfriend Ciara for the first time. The near-fatal bee sting gives both couples long-term struggles with sick relationships, repressed instincts and bad life lies.

Half Brothers Movie

Half Brothers Movie

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By ordering or playing, you accept our terms of use. Sold by Digital Germany GmbH. As a child, nothing could separate Renato from his father Flavio (Juan Pablo Espinosa). At least he thought so. But things went differently: when the Mexican family’s finances deteriorated and Flavio could no longer provide for everyone, he left for the United States. The stay is supposed to be temporary. Just enough to make enough money. But days turn into weeks, months and years. Renato (Luis Gerardo Mendez) is now a grown man with a well-paid job and is to marry Pamela (Pia Watson). He then receives a call from a woman who tells him of the impending death of Flavio, who is still living in the United States. At first Renato, who has never gotten over being abandoned, refuses to visit the dying man. But then she goes along, only to find out she has a grown half-brother named Usher (Connor Del Rio). And this is the first of the surprises he experiences on his next trip…

It’s one of the most popular scenarios in comedy: take two completely different people and force them to spend more time together. Of course, it doesn’t work at all at first and it causes irritation for those involved and joy for the audience. If done well, it can still be entertaining to watch an unlikely couple come together in a mess as they somehow try to cope with the situation. In the end, there is usually an approach, after a long hard work and many embarrassing moments.

It takes the original and crosses it with a road movie. It is quite obvious, because there, too, it is often about bringing two people together. Traveling together is interpreted as an opportunity for inner transformation.

The Half Brother

It is here – as the title suggests – that two half-brothers begin their journey. Two half-brothers who didn’t know each other before and couldn’t be more different. In the second case, the two screenwriters Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Shuman use very violent shots. On the one hand, Renato is quite aloof, wants everything to be nice and tidy, and has inherited his father’s engineering talent. Usher is the opposite: loud, offensive and chaotic. No wonder this one really hits, it’s part of the concept. After all, when these two fall for each other’s hair over and over again, the audience has to enjoy it.

) puts a lot of effort into playing the relevant special features. In fact, these two characters are so exaggerated that they are more caricatures than people. But no idea what to do with this constellation. They joke it

Caused by it or completely unconcerned, they also tend to repeat themselves. Or they’re so random that they don’t really have anything to do with the characters and just seem tacked on. But still, it’s a substantive thing. The scavenger hunt that his dying father sends him on is almost absurd.

Half Brothers Movie

The story of the father’s life, which they tell through the scavenger hunt, is significantly better and more interesting. Of course, Renato has always wanted to know why Flavio never came back from America. Little by little, the heroes of the story and thus the audience learn about the events that happened years ago.

Encounters With Joseph

It basically tells a very sad story of economic refugees and families being torn apart. Sometimes there are even moments that come out of nowhere and tear you apart emotionally. But as another help there is the expected part of the ice with which everything is glued. You may find it moving or clumsy. As the film as a whole leaves mixed feelings: stereotypes meets absurdity, silliness meets social criticism, humor meets kitsch. So many halves and nothing complete.

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“Stepbrothers” follows two stepbrothers who couldn’t be more different as they try to rebuild their family history. As a comedy, it only partially succeeds because, despite a committed cast, the ideas are lost. This film is more like a story about the fate of Mexican economic migrants. Starring Luis Gerardo Mendez, Connor Del Rio, Juan Pablo Espinoza, Pia Watson, Manny Rubio, Ashley Poole, Ian Inigo, Mike A. Salazar, Efrin Villa and Jose Zuniga.

Renato, a Mexican aviation executive, is shocked to learn that he has an American half-brother he never knew about, Asher Azade. They are forced to go on a road trip together, following the path their father took from Mexico to the United States.

Sibling Rivalry: Brothers And Brodre

Half Brothers explores the old concept of learning about new relatives by adding a cultural element. A moody, emotionally closed, hard-hearted aeronautical engineer from Mexico contrasted with a brash, dim-witted, obnoxious, well-meaning and kind-hearted Mexican-American brother. Renato (Luis Gerardo Mendez) and Asher (Connor Del Rio) are opposites born of the same blood and on a road trip together to discover the truth behind their father’s life choices that have greatly affected both of them in very different ways. come. One has abandonment issues, while the other is so ridiculous that not only was he unable to connect with his father, but now he faces the reality of living in the shadow of his successful brother .

All things considered, it’s a pretty decent set-up for a comedy that has more than enough detail about these brothers for the audience to peel back the layers of their psychological behavior as the film progresses, but director Luke Greenfield (with the story and (screenplay by Ali Loroy., Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Schuman) present a contradiction that wants the brotherly bond to be cruel and absurd (there is a part where Usher, in a missing scene from Dumb and Dumber, on his road trip to detour Goat Ranch, where he ends up stealing said goat to give it a better life), despite constantly jumping to dramatic flashbacks of their father, Flavio (Juan Pablo Espinosa), trying to Kurd , paints a melodramatic portrait of an immigrant crushed by chasing the American dream in support of Renato.As a child in Mexico.

One minute the brothers accidentally get drunk in a comical attempt to restart their car, but the story devolves into a straightforward, over-the-top sequence highlighting depressing prisons. When it comes to the latter, if The Rest of the Half-Brothers wasn’t a typical Luke Greenfield comedy in the same buddy-buddy style as Let’s Be Cops, it would register as animated. The director is not the only one to blame here, as these writers should have known better that for this story to work, humor must be based on believability and honesty. Instead, we get at least three scenes of the brothers going through a sensitive moment, only for Renato to lose his temper against Asher again within two minutes. So not only is it confusing in tone, it’s repetitive.

Half Brothers Movie

That said, the drive behind the road trip (beyond learning more about Flavio’s true intentions behind his life choices) is clever, harkening back to Renato’s childhood days of flying RC planes with his father and generally better times. . It’s in it

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