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Grau Tecnico Portal Academico – In hospitals and clinics, radiography, mammography, computed tomography and ultrasound are common procedures. Requiring the doctor to have a safe diagnosis and a true view of what is going on inside the patient, these procedures all have one thing in common: they are performed by a team of trained radiology technicians.

Highly trained to safely deal with procedures that involve radiation and chemicals, what a radiology technician does in this team is to be present at every stage of the process, from preparing the patient to handling the equipment.

Grau Tecnico Portal Academico

Grau Tecnico Portal Academico

For those who dream of working in the healthcare field, it’s time to learn more about the radiology technician course, the nuances of the profession and the job opportunities in the labor market for this unique professional!

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If you are curious about the profession and the role this technician plays, we are at your service! Fundamental to diagnostic imaging, the radiology technician is responsible for preparing patients, performing X-ray tests (whether conventional or digital), preparing chemical solutions for use in tests, among others.

Any process that uses chemicals or radioactive elements must have the presence of this professional to carry out the treatment in the right way, to ensure that the rules of biological safety are properly followed and to protect all those involved in the process.

With a diverse labor market, the range of options for fields of activity also expands, allowing this technician to work in basic health units, clinics and hospitals, both public and private. This is happening because more and more chemistry and, in particular, technology used in radiology is being used to help provide safe diagnoses that help the patient to be referred.

Being fundamental in the health field, the radiology technician is a profession that is always on the rise in the job market. Due to this rating, the average salary is R$2,181.00 and the ceiling can reach R$2,589.00. However, the values ​​do not take into account other factors such as dangerousness, unhealthy conditions and shift work. The first can be equivalent to 40% of the gross salary amount, while the second can be 30% of that amount.

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These area-specific extras are still guarantees for a special retreat. It is guaranteed to professionals who work continuously with chemical substances that may harm the health of that professional in the long run.

With a load of 1,600 hours, the radiology technician course offers students classes that combine content theory with hands-on activities so that students can accurately understand the processes and experience everything they see in the books.

With highly trained teachers, in institutions such as Grau Técnico, the disciplines taught aim to provide a complete education, from basic subjects and prerequisites, such as professional ethics, basic IT and entrepreneurship, to subjects aimed at the professional’s work and daily life. including instrumental English, anatomy and human physiology (I and II), nuclear medicine, hemodynamics and radiotherapy and applied physics (I and II).

Grau Tecnico Portal Academico

All these disciplines are applied with the aim of training future technicians in quality, offering all the theoretical and practical bases, at the end of the course the labor market will receive a qualified and competent professional to work competently in his field. after knowing the most important and newest procedures in the field.

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Were you interested? Discover the radiology technical course in Recife from Grau Técnico, the largest technical education network in the country. The institution offers first-class laboratories and rooms for engineering classes, as well as a system that allows 75% of students to leave a guaranteed place in the labor market through a referral agency.

It acts as a database that connects students with companies in the field, an agency with high performance values ​​due to the advanced level of reliability of the training offered by the Institute of Technical Education. In this way, those with a technical score in the certificate have the skills and recognition that guarantee rapid absorption in the labor market in any of the hundreds of units spread throughout Brazil.

Ideal for those looking for financial independence with high profitability to complete their training, you also get a 50% discount on tuition with a technician degree.

Visit the website and discover this and many other benefits for those who choose to enroll in a radiology technician course! Undergraduate students have full support to continue their technical courses in this time of the corona epidemic. Lessons can be completed via distance learning (EAD) using a mobile phone, tablet or notebook, any day or time, at no additional cost to students. All educational material is available on online platforms and students are supported by pedagogical coordinators who are ready to guide and answer questions via WhatsApp, email or the academic portal. In addition, technical degree students have free access to career path, an interactive platform that offers 500 open courses for professional development.

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Expanding and strengthening distance learning is an incentive for social isolation from the technical degree and a tool for students to advance all subjects without having to leave home. EAD is available for all classes, but it is optional and those who prefer can continue the course directly after the emergency situation to fight the corona has passed.

The lessons apply to all courses and are suitable for theoretical subjects. The practical part and the tests will take place at school, after normalizing the activity. “We put our classes online so that students don’t waste time and can promote their subjects and train themselves,” says Ruy Porto Carrero, president of Grau Educacional.

The largest private technical education chain in the country, Grau Técnico, is the flagship of the Grau Educacional group. With more than 60 units, located in five regions of the country, the technical degree offers more than 20 courses in the fields of health, business, technology and industry. The courses last between a year and a half or two years, they give classes three times a week. Students receive free technical information sheets and have classrooms combined with labs.

Grau Tecnico Portal Academico

It is also part of the Vocational Class (formerly A Level) franchise education class that was created in 2015. More than 30 professional, fast and practical courses in civil firefighting, elderly care, electrical, catering, IT, smartphone maintenance, car and motorcycle mechanics, and refrigeration, among others. See more information at The Grau Técnico Group has expanded distance learning opportunities for its students. The measure is an incentive for social isolation and a tool to promote all lessons without students having to leave their homes. Now distance learning option is also available for new classes and classes that have not yet started classes. Students can attend classes anytime, anywhere, using a mobile, cellphone, tablet or computer at no extra cost. Distance learning is optional and those who prefer can continue the course directly as soon as the state of emergency of the fight against the Crown passes.

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“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the greatest process of digital democratization that we have ever experienced. Distance learning content comes to meet the need for information and assurance, even in times when we cannot leave the house. This is what goes to school. the student’s student. Home, because life does not stop” , says Cecilia Viriato, from the technical degree unit of Limeira in Sao Paulo.

The lessons are valid for all courses and correspond to theoretical disciplines. The practical part will take place at school, after normalizing the activities. The didactic material of the classes is available in digital form and will be offered as a booklet as soon as possible.

Students who choose distance learning will take their tests in person, even as units return to normal activity. On a daily basis, they can have the support of pedagogical coordinators, who will be ready to direct and clarify their doubts by email, WhatsApp and the academic portal, where the student can also confirm the possibility of distance learning.

“Distance learning allows us to continue to have access to education and also helps in a positive way in this situation of social isolation,” added Artur Valente, head of the Grau unit in Bras, São Paulo. “At that moment, distance learning is an excellent ally to maintain students’ training, interest and intellectual curiosity,” concludes Fernando Palmisano of the Arthur Alavim unit in the same city.

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The largest private technical education chain in the country, Grau Técnico, is the flagship of the Grau Educacional group. With more than 60 units, located in five regions

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