Gloria A Deus Nas Alturas E Paz Na Terra Aos Homens Por Ele Amado Cifra

Gloria A Deus Nas Alturas E Paz Na Terra Aos Homens Por Ele Amado Cifra – — Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, goodwill toward all, now and forever!… Meimei/Chico Xavier (The Two Greatest Loves, Chapter 1)

Angel Ismael’s prayer Glory to God in the highest, peace to people on earth! Jesus, good and beloved Master, support your humble fellow sinners in the struggles of this world. Blessed Angel of the Lord, open to us your merciful arms; hide us from evil, raise our spirits to the Majesty of your kingdom, and fill all our minds with the light of your great love. Jesus, for your great sacrifice and martyrdom on the cross, give those who are bound with heavy burdens perfect guidance on the way and goodness, the only way we can find you. Jesus, peace be upon them, mercy upon our enemies and receive into your blessed bosom the prayer of your last servant. Blessed star, beacon of immortal phalanxes, Cleanse us with your divine rays; wash us from all sin, draw us close to your bosom, blessed sanctuary of all love. When the world with its errors, passions and hatred spread in the path of thorns, darkening our horizons with the darkness of sin, shine brighter in Your mercy, so that we are safe and have the support of Your Gospel that step on and overcome the dirt. from the path and reach the homes of your kingdom.

Gloria A Deus Nas Alturas E Paz Na Terra Aos Homens Por Ele Amado Cifra

Gloria A Deus Nas Alturas E Paz Na Terra Aos Homens Por Ele Amado Cifra

Star friend, lighthouse of sinners and righteous, open your holy womb and accept our prayer for all mankind. No way! Adapted from the 57th edition of PRECES ESPÍRITAS by Caibar Schutel.

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Calming the storms Leave the damages to time… Forgive, help and be silent… The rose is surrounded by fragrance The wind that washes it. Meimei. The psychology of Chico Xavier, book “Meditação Diarias”, IDE publisher. …When the light is near, you will know that Jesus is in front of you. With a smile he asked you to keep paddling, saying that you are stronger than the waves, that all this will pass and you will recognize that adversity is the ladder of your growth. José Carlos De Lucca You are your dear people, chosen to bring the true gospel of love to everyone through the gentle hands of sweet Jesus.

Life and Love Maria Dolores Facing the trials of the world that life has reserved for you, Don’t be alone dear soul, Love is the light of heaven everywhere, Life that supports itself. If someone hurts your heart or crushes your dream, don’t cry, don’t lean, love, serve and continue building. This virtue will give you comfort and peace. I went to the country to learn simplicity And I admired, I saw with soul wonder that the whole evolution of man was achieved through intense love for nature. Solo explained to me: — For millennia I collected garbage, beatings, mud and dirt, but I had to respond to the blows I received with bread containers and waves of perfume. The quarry told me: — I am oppressed with a hammer, crushed and destroyed by dynamite, to give salvation to man, to protect his own home. I heard underground how the root of the rose bush shone upon me without any ill will: — I heard that I had beautiful roses, But I did not see my flowers. Toormaak said: — I knew that the fire would purify me piece by piece, sending me to the body of progress by supporting sinews and nerves of iron… Then I felt that the whole Earth is among the noblest. a resource for the most plebeian All life shines and heals from the love and forgiveness of God’s greatness. Book: Francisco Cândido Xavier Seara de Fé Psychography

Two main virtues “The entire morality of Jesus can be summed up in charity and humility, that is, in two virtues that are opposed to selfishness and pride. In all his teachings, he teaches these two virtues that lead to eternal happiness […] Humility and charity, this is what he never ceases to recommend and in which he himself shows for example Pride and selfishness – this is what he never gets tired of fighting. And he never stops recommending charity; it states clearly and distinctly* as an absolute condition of future happiness. (Source: The Gospel According to Spiritism, ch. XV, Feb. 3, translated by Guillon Ribeiro.)

Chico’s heart disease: the neighbor poisoned his dog What to do? Chico has had a dog for years, I’m not sure if he was born with a disability or ran down. This animal gave him a lot of work. Returning from the spiritualist center early in the morning, I had to clean the entire room. He bought a blanket with his meager salary that did not last a month. It’s been like that for a long time. One day, when he arrived, the dog was dying. “He seemed to be waiting for me. He stared at me for a long time, made a gesture with his tail and died. We buried him in the backyard without shedding a tear. A few months passed and one of his sisters. Told him : – Chico, do you remember that wounded dog? “Look, I have something to tell you. He did not die naturally. Dona Fulana regrets that you came early in the morning and that you have a lot of work, and wanting to relieve you, she gives him poison. He did not feel anger towards the person (there was no room in this heart), but sadness entered his soul and a shadow began to surround his heart. After a few days, the spirit of Emmanuel told him: – The pain you carry in your heart is disturbing the work of the Good Spirits. You have to get rid of him. – I will not forget, Chico told him. — But it is necessary. – How to do it? – You must give him great pleasure. – Me, give him pleasure? I was offended! – The recipe is not mine. It is from our Lord Jesus Christ. ‘Do good to those who hate you. Read the Gospel. Obedient and resigned, Chico tries to figure out what a man likes and what he doesn’t. It is a sewing machine. Chico then bought a sewing machine to pay long installments. When he went to him, the man was very happy, very happy, and when he saw Chico coming, he ran to him and embraced him so lovingly that fire came out of him and surrounded Chico from head to toe. When he released her from the hug, the shadow was gone. Here’s a recipe for people who get their hearts hurt with carelessness. (Livro Chico, Francisco – Adelino da Silveira)

Gloria A Deus

Anger, Hurt, and Resentment Whenever someone or something conflicts with your enjoyment of another person’s well-being, it immediately ignites anger. Depending on the area it reaches, it can slow down or start a fire. Anger is an immediate emotional response to a sense of danger, and that danger may cause some harm or loss. No one has yet fallen victim to rabies. Every day we interact with different people, whether at work, in traffic, in everyday conversation… they are the most diverse, bring the most diverse states of thinking. It’s not often that one wrong word, one wrong tone of voice and then we feel insulted, an immediate reaction of anger. Feeling angry is a natural and normal attitude in the context of worldly experiences. The spiritual benefactor Joanna de Ângelis argued that its good channeling, until it is clarified to the point of dilution, is for a healthy and clear character. But how can we stop this anxiety from spreading and taking up more space in our thoughts and feelings? According to Divaldo Franco’s noble mentor, the first step to take is to accept the anger that is felt. There is no reason to be ashamed of anger and the fact that we feel it. Hide it in the face of false humility and piety are the attitudes of those who deceive themselves by choosing appearance over character. Then we have to ask ourselves, “Why was I angry or upset with this person’s behavior? Why did I let myself get so much? What did this person do that was so unpleasant that it made him lose his balance all day? At this point, the rationalization of anger begins, and then we realize that we ourselves have actively participated in its development. It’s not others who make me angry, because we are the ones who feel angry, so we ourselves are the cause. It comes from here, not in another country. As we said, anger is an emotional response that occurs whenever someone goes against our well-being in a way that makes us feel threatened. So what threatened us? What part of my being exactly was struck by this criminal word? Why is what was said so important to us? From that moment we began to understand that it was really a feeling of inferiority or resentment

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