Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros – Honest and objective communication we should have with everyone around us – but, most importantly, with ourselves.

Anna Sale wants you to have that conversation. You know this. Things you’ve avoided or put off, maybe for years, thinking “they won’t understand” or “Do I really want to bring this up?” or “This won’t work, so why try?”

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

Creator and host of WNYC’s award-winning podcast Death, Sex, & Money, Anna Sale is a “happy hour activist,” as the New York Times calls her. He talks to his guests, and talks about subjects that many people tend to ignore, get involved in or talk about. But we all go through difficult situations, and when we don’t talk about them, we end up isolating and disconnecting from the people who can help us the most.

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Divided into five chapters – death, sex, money, family and identity -, the book uses the most interesting images of people who open their minds and rethink their thoughts to justify talking about issues difficult is important and how to do it wisely and generously. way. Anna Sale points out that listening is an important part of difficult conversations and that mediation is not always possible. Some words can’t be edited, but that’s not really the problem.

In this book, we will understand that when we have the courage to talk about difficult issues, we learn about ourselves, others and the world we build together. With the Speaky app, you can practice English for free by speaking to foreigners. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the free application has a bright interface and uses conversations with people from other countries to practice languages ​​on mobile phones. On the platform, you can also choose the language you want to write, be it English, French, Russian, Arabic or Korean, for example. See, in the tutorial below, how to use the Speaky app to chat with native speakers and practice the language.

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Tool to chat with strangers: how to use Speaky to practice the language – Photo: Clara Fabro/

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Step 1. Download Speaky from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the application and click “Start”;

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Learn a language with Speaky: open the app and press “Start” to continue – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

Learn a language with Speaky: open the app and press “Start” to continue – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

Step 2. On the next screen, select the language you want to learn and click “Next”. On the next page, specify your native language and click “Next” again to continue;

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Speaking: indicate the language you want to learn and your native language – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

Step 3. Now, you need to create an account on the platform to use the services. You can register using your Facebook login, your Google account or your phone number. To do so, tap on “More options” in the lower right corner of the screen and then select the option you want. For this tutorial, we chose to sign up from a Google account. Accept the terms of the app by clicking on “Register” to continue;

Step 4. On the next screen, select your birthday and click “Next”. On the next page, select the gender you are based with and click “Next” to continue;

Step 5. The platform provides a quick ten question test to let you know your language proficiency level. To take the test, tap on “Take the test” or on “No, thanks”, if you don’t want to take it;

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The Speaky platform allows you to take tests to find out your language proficiency level – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

The Speaky platform allows you to take tests to find out your language proficiency level – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

Step 6. Finally, if you haven’t tested the platform, just choose your language proficiency level and click “Continue”. In addition, before accessing the platform, you must agree to the terms of use, which prevent malicious behavior such as threats and spam. To continue, select a frame that agrees with Speaky’s terms and tap “Continue”;

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

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Accept the Speaky Platform Terms and click “Continue” to continue – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

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Step 7. To start learning the language with native speakers, click “Let’s”. On the next screen, you can check other users of the platform and, to start a conversation, just click on one of the contacts and select the message icon to send a sentence with greetings;

Step 8. Navigating the app is also quite smooth. In the bottom menu of the app, you can check the users who are online, your profile on the platform, the competitions with your progress and the messages you have received.

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In the menu below, you can check online users, message requests and your progress on Speaky – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

In the menu below, you can check online users, message requests and your progress on Speaky – Photo: Edit/Clara Fabro

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Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

The new survival game against zombies challenges players to manage resources and create small areas to fight the creatures. Is the new app paying users dollars to chat? See how Timo’s SAQUE App works: Does the Platform really pay Brazilian users in dollars? See if the customer can withdraw money.

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Recently, a Brazilian YouTuber started promoting Timo’s app. According to the influencers, the new app pays in dollars for national users. To earn money, customers (supposedly) only need to “talk to girls” and “meet new people”. To convince followers to try their luck on the platform, leaders are investing in glowing words and magical promises.

However, people want to know: does the app really live up to its payment promise? Or just a waste of time, which only serves to increase the profits of developers and youtubers? With that said, check out our review of the app below, according to the official statement. See how the app works, how users can earn and their trust level. Please read carefully before accepting the application.

First, it is important to refute the false statements made by Brazilian youtubers. In the video, the director says that Timo is “great news”. However, this is not true. On the other hand, Timo is a very popular tool. After all, more than 1 million people have downloaded the platform. Also, the app is only available on the Play Store. Therefore, it works only on mobile phones with Android device.

Interestingly, Timo’s official page on Play Store does not mention any payment, games, collection methods or prizes. The platform advertises itself as a social network, where users can hang out, meet new people and build relationships. However, there is no reference to cash payments, either in reais or dollars.

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The YouTuber, as previously mentioned, claims that the app makes “dollar transfers” to users. However, he could not confirm the truth of this information. That way, we don’t know if Timo actually paid. Usually, applications that pay in dollars make transfers through PayPal. In that sense, it is not possible to withdraw through Pix or receive payments on time.

Timo, too, is not worth it for those who want to make money on the Internet. Income generation is clearly not the main focus of the application. We found no reliable evidence of production or transport. After all, “paid downloads” shared by YouTube users can be easily faked, and therefore, they are not guaranteed.

In addition, Timo is also not suitable as a social network. According to comments from customers, the application has a “message limit”, and to overcome it, users need to subscribe to the paid version. Therefore, we do not recommend downloading the application. Finally, take a look below at some of the comments and draw your own conclusions.

Ganhar Dinheiro Conversando Com Estrangeiros

“Bad app.. all paid and if you can’t send more than 3 messages, bad if you can’t continue a conversation without being interrupted by money buying messages… Random people call you out of the blue… There are better apps. “- Richard Victor.

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“This application has everything to be one of the best, but instead it prevents you from sending messages and you have to pay to be able to chat.” – Good manners.

If you still want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available at That way, you don’t have to use the registration link shared by youtubers.

Finally, NO

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