Funny Party Games For Kids

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Funny Party Games For Kids

Funny Party Games For Kids

Whether you’re the room mom in charge of games and activities for your child’s class parties or your home is the centerpiece of every family vacation, no party is complete without party games for kids. We have the perfect option for every season and event, with an emphasis on kid-friendly entertainment, and a simple and affordable setup for you!

Top 10 Party Games

Every party needs entertainment, and what’s more fun than party games for kids? It keeps them engaged, engaged and fun (and costs them a lot less than hiring talent!). The party games below all involve simple materials that can be found inexpensively at your local craft store or dollar store. It only takes a few minutes to install, and they’re fun for all ages, from kids to teens (adults can love the fun, too!).

After Christmas, winter can be boring…but these festive activities will keep your kids’ cheerleaders in Kindergarten happy, from Christmas parties to Valentine’s Day.

These Christmas games are perfect for family holiday gatherings, an activity at your child’s holiday party, or season-long entertainment!

Jingle Bell Toss is a super fun holiday party game for all ages (and kids at heart). A simple setup includes miniature red plastic cups, fabric and jingle bells. Assemble it within 5 minutes with hot glue. (P.S. This has been pinned over 100,000 times

Children Participate In Party Games Hosted By The Greenbrier Christian Academy Seniors During The Annual Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Hematology/oncology Christmas Party. The Annual Party Gives Chronically Ill Children And Their Families

With leftover jingle bell toss supplies, DIY cup and jingle bells can keep playing holiday games with an old-school festive twist on a traditional favorite. Toy Soldier Tic-Tac-Toe – We also like to set up this nutcracker game for the season. It takes a little time to make, but it works as a festive holiday decoration, so it’s worth the effort.

After the holidays, winters are cold and long. Celebrate the season with our interactive snowman, a winter fine motor activity. With just a few dollar store supplies and less than 5 minutes to set up, your kids will enjoy playing this over and over again as party fun or a fine motor challenge! Watch the video tutorial to see how easy it is to make your own.

Looking for happy new year for kids. Crafty Kids at Home presents this ultimate guide to party games and activities for kids for the New Year, with over 40 different ideas to ring in the New Year.

Funny Party Games For Kids

February is the season of love… nobody spreads love like Cupid! For a more active gross motor challenge, play Cupid’s Arrow Toss, a Valentine’s Day game for kids. Again – a very simple setup, just a few dollar store items and perfect for a February birthday party or kids class party. Check out our recommended game variations for different age groups.

Indoor Party Games That Can Be Played At The Kitchen Table

Nothing is more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than conversation hearts. Use them as markers in our Conversation Hearts Bingo. Download printable bingo cards, grab a big bag of your favorite Valentine’s Day candy, and have a complete kids party game for up to 20 kids!

March finally brings spring… and just days before spring officially starts here, St. Patrick’s Day brings the start of spring and warmer days, followed by Easter.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about pots of green, shade, and gold. We put it all together (with dollar store supplies) for this easy St. Patrick’s Day game for kids – Pot O’ Gold Coins. Another one your toddler will love as much as your husband, is learning to have some fun with number recognition.

For more St. Patrick’s Day kids games, check out Sunny Day Family Printable St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids.

Birthday Party Games For Kids

For kids party games, I like to use holiday supplies you already have on hand. For Easter, it’s Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Check out these 3 Easter party games for kids that include baskets, plastic eggs, and colorful cups.

We also love this editable Easter egg hunt from Fun With Mama. Download this quick and easy Easter party game for kids and type and print your own clues.

Summer is sure to be the season when you need party games for kids the most – whether it’s summer camps, birthday parties, or just to keep them entertained all day at home, these party activities and games for kids have you covered!

Funny Party Games For Kids

For rainy days, turn your indoor living space into a life-size board game. All you need is construction paper, painters tape, and playing cards or dice from your favorite board game.

Indoor Party Games For Kids That Are Perfect For Birthdays

You can also turn your outdoor space into your fun and games area. With some hula hoops, buckets, and colorful bags from the doll store, you can create your own summer Olympics with hula hoop games for kids.

Who said backyard hunting had to end by Easter? Heat up the swing and let the kids hunt for golf balls in the backyard, making it fun for both parents and kids!

We also love this list of backyard board games from Wunder Mom. And don’t forget all the old school fun you had as a kid. Need to refresh your memory a bit? Check out these throwback activities and games to take you and your kids back to the summers of your childhood.

Party games for kids never end with summer and back to school. There is so much to celebrate in the fall, especially with family around the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

Funny Party Games

Download the printable Jack O’Lantern patterns and matching game cards for some fun and simple learning games. All you need is printable, black construction paper for a simple preschool party game or stand-alone play center.

For a simple, active game for kids for Halloween, check out our original Christmas version of the Jingle Bell Toss inspired pumpkin toss.

Because Halloween isn’t all pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, we’ve got some spider fun too! Our Spider Web Jumble, made with dollar store items and recycled materials, is a wonderful fine motor challenge for preschoolers. Make it a staple at your Halloween party or preschool festival!

Funny Party Games For Kids

For more Halloween fun and learning games, check out Book by Book Candy Corn Literacy Games for Kids.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Thanksgiving is the ultimate family gathering. Since time is spent focusing on food, kids definitely need some party games to keep them occupied and entertained while you prepare, eat, and finally leave! This Busy Thanksgiving Giving Box – Tail Pin on Turkey – doubles as a kid’s entertainer, party game, and table decoration.

What are your favorite holiday themed kids parties? Share with me on my Facebook page – we’re always looking for more ways to enjoy and celebrate the season!

You can find all of these and more on our Kids Games board on Pinterest. Keep this post for your reference throughout the year… Need to entertain the kids? Try these outdoor party games for kids birthday and enjoy the activities!

Outdoor parties are more fun for kids only when they have enough activities. If your kids are having an outdoor birthday or summer party, make sure you plan enough fun outdoor games for the kids to play.

Fun Christmas Party Games For Kids

Three legged race is very simple but very entertaining for kids. Many people in school may have already competed in it. As with any race, the goal is to beat the other team and cross the finish line first.

Tie two children’s left feet together and make them run as a team. A three-legged race is a great way to build team cohesion, encourage teamwork and develop balance in both children.

Get your sacks ready because it’s going to be a fun ride. This relay race will have kids and parents rolling with laughter. Potato sack racing is the only race that is fun to watch.

Funny Party Games For Kids

However, to run this race successfully, children will need potato sacks or any other type of sack.

Fun Halloween Games For Kids

Skydiving game

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