Frases De Machado De Assis

Frases De Machado De Assis – Friends of Machado de Assis Blessed are those who have friends, those who have them without being asked. Because friends are not asked, not bought, not sold. Friends we feel! Copy Share

The legacy of Machado de Assis I am childless, I do not pass on the legacy of our misery to any creature. Copy Share Trust Machado de Assis Believe in yourself, but don’t always doubt others. Copy Share Tears of Machado de Assis Tears are not an argument. Copy Share

Frases De Machado De Assis

Frases De Machado De Assis

There are people Machado de Assis There are people who cry knowing that roses have thorns, there are people who smile knowing that thorns have roses! Copy Del Calando Machado de Assis There are things that are better said calando. Copy Share Universal Machado de Assis Life without struggle is a dead sea in the midst of universal organisms. Copy Share

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Chance Machado de Assis Chance is God and the devil at the same time. Copy Share Definition by Machado de Assis The best definition of love is not worth kissing. Copy Del Machado de Assis’ Physiognomy For silence has no physiognomy, but words have many faces. Copy Share

Wind Machado de Assis Distance is like the wind: blow out the candles and light a big fire. Copy Share Before Machado de Assis Before falling from the clouds instead of from the third floor. Copy Share Weather Machado de Assis Time is sensitive. Copy Share

Ungrateful Machado de Assis Ungrateful is a right that should not be used. Copy Share these verses Machado de Assis Save these verses that I have written as a longing redemption, as a commitment of my love; and when there is an echo of longing in you, kiss these verses that I write with tears. Copy Share The Way of Machado de Assis Everyone knows how to love in their own way; by the way, it doesn’t matter; the important thing is that you know how to love. Copy Share

Need Machado de Assis Forgetting is a necessity. Life is a blackboard where fate, in order to write new things, must erase those written on it. Copy Share Envy Machado de Assis God, for human happiness, created faith and love. The devil, jealousy, makes people confuse faith with religion and love with marriage. Copy Share Madness Machado de Assis Madness, the object of my study, was hitherto an island lost in the sea of ​​reason; I’m beginning to suspect it’s a continent. Copy Share

Frases Famosas De Machado De Assis

You are not against Machado de Assis. You are not against fate; the best thing is to let him take us by the hair and drag us wherever he wants to lift or drop us. Copy Share Obligations of Machado de Assis Life is full of obligations that we fulfill, no matter how much we want to openly break them. Copy Del Machado de Assis is not a friend He who boasts of friendship is not a friend: he is a drug dealer; Friendship is felt, not spoken. Copy Share

Sword of Machado de Assis Do not raise your sword over the head of someone who apologizes to you. Copy Share Money Machado de Assis Money does not bring happiness – to those who do not know what to do with it. Copy Share Lying Machado de Assis Lying is often as random as breathing. Copy Share

We killed Machado de Assis, we killed time, time buried us. Copy Share The art of living Machado de Assis The art of living consists in extracting the greatest good from the greatest evil. Copy Share

Frases De Machado De Assis

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Most searched topics Beautiful phrases Love phrases Love messages Birthday messages Birthday messages Birthday messages for friends Reflection Phrases Phrases for pictures Good morning phrases Good morning messages Good evening messages Good evening messages Considered one of the greatest writers in our country – and undoubtedly the world -, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis fascinates every reader.

The author of one of the most outstanding works of Brazilian literature, Dom Casmurro, has no shortage of scholars, writers, critics and lovers of reading, to say that this master is the best writer in history.

As we agree, here we have collected a number of phrases so that you can remember more about the work of Machado de Assis, consider, be captivated and, if necessary, even copy them for use in your social networks.

If you are looking for phrases and passages that stand out and manage to touch the heart, you cannot choose another author than this author, one of our most valuable assets.

Machado De Assis E O Realismo No Brasil

Life is a huge lottery; the rewards are few, the failures countless, and with the sigh of one generation, the hopes of another are dashed.

Save these poems as I cry, as a redemption for my longing, as my commitment of love.

Perfection in love consists in sacrificing the desires of the lover who only wants to please the one he loves.

Frases De Machado De Assis

The worst philosophy is the whiners who lie down by the river to bemoan the incessant flow of water. Their craftsmanship never stops; comply with the law and try to take advantage of it.

Livro De Machado De Assis Foi Impresso Com “cagara” Em Vez De “cegara”

As you know, the human spirit is a house laid out like this, often with windows on all sides, lots of light and fresh air.

It is not only the heart that speaks to him, it is also the imagination, and does the imagination, if it is a good friend, have days of infidelity?

But if, apart from the smell, you want something else, hold on to that desire, for I keep neither portraits, letters, nor memories; the same tumult disappears, and only the initial letters remain.

There are people who do not know how, or do not remember, laugh to see what is inside.

Frases Sobre Livros Para Amantes Da Leitura 2022

Where is the truth and where is the feeling? Was the handsome Capitu, with his slanted, weak gypsy eyes, an adulterer? Could the jealousy that consumes Bentinho’s soul have any basis?

We already know that love has always been the theme of writers, and Machado de Assis is no different.

Waking dreams are like any other dream, they are woven from the design of our inclinations and memories.

Frases De Machado De Assis

Words attract words, one idea brings another, and that is how a book, government or revolution is made.

O Mais Feroz Dos Animais Domésticos

The news that he was happy while I cried every night hit me, accompanied by a heartbeat so loud I think I can hear it now.

I discovered a high law, the law of equal windows, and I decided that the way to compensate for a closed window is to open another window so that morality can continue to air the conscience.

The eyes keep saying endless things, the words from the mouth don’t even try to come out, they make the heart fall silent as they come.

The sensation is sweet and new, but the cause is unknown to me, without seeking or conjecturing.

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I love smiling eyes, apologetic gestures, a touch that knows how to speak and a self-declaring silence.

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SEO analyst and editor of eReceitinhas. Long-time writer, trained journalist, photographer by hobby, appeared on, fell in love with cats, coffee and Harry Potter; Amandinha is an avid reader and unbroken student before anything else. One of the greatest and most famous Brazilian writers of all time, Machado de Assis (1839 – 1908) left us a vast body of literature that reflects on love, friendship, life, reading and more.

Frases De Machado De Assis

We have selected the most striking expressions of this national literary genius to serve as inspiration and reflection for different moments in our lives.

Para Abrir A Mente Use Um Livro E Um Machado, Eu Recomendo O De Assis.

Madness is an island lost in a sea of ​​sanity. Machado de Assis quote adapted from the short story O Alienista (1882) Believe in yourself, but don’t always doubt others. Machado de Assis Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas (1881) Lies are as often as accidental as breathing. Machado de Assis quote adapted from Dom Casmurro (1899) Thought is valuable and alive by precise or recent observation, by acute or deep reflection; they also want originality, simplicity and graceful speech. Machado de Assis Excerpt from a letter written on August 19, 1906 to Joaquim Nabuco Fear is a nervous prejudice. It is prejudice, it dissolves; a simple reflection is sufficient. Machado de Assis Helena (1876).

Better, much better, satisfied with reality; if not as bright as a dream, at least advantages exist. Machado de Assis A Mão e a Luva (1874) Defects are not harmful if there is the will and strength to correct them. Machado de Assis Excerpt from the preface to the book Névoas Matutinas, by Lúcio de Mendonça. In fifteen years, everything is limitless. Machado de Assis Dom Casmurro (1899) Saudade is just that; it is the passing and return of old memories. Machado de Assis Dom Casmurro (1899) Quotes by Machado de Assis about life

Forgetting is a necessity. Life is a blackboard where fate, in order to write new matters, has to erase written matters. Axe

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