Frases De Ariano Suassuna

Frases De Ariano Suassuna – The phrases of Ariano Sussuna will not die, a timeless image of the thoughts of one of the most important Brazilian writers. Anyone who has seen his masterpiece “O Auto da Compadecida” already knows the humor, the North East and the brilliance of the stories.

Ariano Sussuna (1927-2014) was a Brazilian writer, journalist, author, professor and lawyer. The writer of Paraiba has created many stories, some of which have been adapted for television and cinema.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

Do you remember some of these famous Ariana Grande phrases? In the selection we have made here, you can understand the opinion of the author of this biography, drama and Brazil.

Mais Sobre O Gênio Ariano Suassuna E A Disney • Silvana Tinelli

It is the dream that keeps us going. If we follow the reason, it is quiet, it is calm.

Art is not a marketable product to me. You can call me love. Art for me is a mission, a job and a party. – Ariano Sususuna Humanity is divided into two groups, those who agree with me and those who are wrong. – Ariano Sususuna

We tend to believe that we are immortal. – Ariano Susuna Everything that is too good to say is too bad to say. It is also good to say all that is bad. – Ariano Sususuna There is nothing good or bad, new or old. – Ariano Susuna

Killing a priest is bad. Especially for the priest. – Ariano Sususuna A writer who thinks he is a great writer is, in addition to being cruel, stupid, stupid. A writer can only be judged after his death. After a long time. – Ariano Sususuna I have no idea, I lied. I love lies and stupidity. When I’m in business, I can spot lies very quickly. – Ariano Susuna

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Ariano Sususuna got part of his influence and culture from his family. His father, Joao Urbano Pessoa de Vasconcelos Susuna, was the governor of Paraíba and was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro for political reasons.

Throughout his career, Ariano was noted for his catchphrases and creatively thought-provoking messages. And the work of the writer and the play was organized naturally.

One of the author’s most famous works is Uma Mulher Vestida de Sol (1947); Auto da Compadecida (1955) and The Saint and the Pig (1958). If you want to check more poems of Ariano Suassuna, see the author’s official collection “Poems” (1990) and Almanaque Armonia (2008) which includes his work.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

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Arquivos Ariano Suassuna

It is enough to understand that Ariano Sussuna, one of the greatest defenders of the culture of the Northeast of Brazil, thinks a little about us in each of his works.

With this in mind, we have selected the best passages from Ariano Sussuna to help you think about life and understand how this great writer has marked and marked the lives of many through his works.

Use these beautiful Ariano Susuna quotes to learn valuable lessons about people and life. Take the opportunity to get to know one of the Brazilian authors better.

Everything good that has to be given is bad to say. And all that is bad to pass is good to say.

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I know Melville, for example, is unique. Meanwhile, Madonna and Michael Jackson are so dumb, limited, boring. Saying it represents American culture is a bad thing.

Turning those awful, difficult, scary things into things of beauty is a way to reduce suffering.

I feel sorry for our enemies here in Pernambuco, because they do not know what happiness is, because happiness is based in games.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

It takes more faith to believe the story of Adam and Eve than it does to believe that man descended from apes.

Ariano Suassuna (1927 2014): Saiba Mais Sobre O Escritor

I divide people into two groups: those who like me and those who agree with me. On the other hand, it is wrong.

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Globalization is the new name of the empire, and common taste is a worse danger than bad taste.

It is very difficult for you to overcome the injustice of the world that divides Brazil into two different countries: the country of the privileged and the country of the dispossessed.

Goianatv: Ariano Suassuna 1927 2014

I love life, I really love life. Look at what has happened to me, but I love it.

I have two weapons to fight depression, sadness and even death: laughing at horses and jumping dreams. This is what I experience in this difficult and exciting life’s work.

I often say, of the three virtues mentioned, I am weak in faith and weak in virtue, I hope. I am a man of hope.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

I don’t know a manager who has the conditions to do most of the good things you want to hire.

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Art is not a marketable product to me. You can call me love. Art for me is mission, work and party.

Only your name matters! Everything else is wrong. You have the key to the door of dreams and nightmares.

It’s great that I’m a poet because I don’t have to be honest. I can lie all I want, scientists can’t.

The writer thinks he is a great writer, if he does not have love, he is stupid, stupid. A writer can only be judged after his death. After a long time.

Frases Ariano Suassuna

When I die, don’t leave my horse on the burning bush-stone.’

Massage attempts to reduce the level of art to the level of common taste. Common taste in art is more harmful than bad taste… I have never seen a genius with common taste.

It is the dream that keeps us going. If we follow the reason, it is quiet, it is calm.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

I have no mind, I deceive. I love lies and stupidity. When I’m in business, I can spot lies very quickly.

Especial Da Tv Globo ‘histórias Quase Verdadeiras’ Traz Episódios Criados A Partir De Frases De Ariano Suassuna

The story has nothing to do with it. What language do they speak? Here you are in the Mid Northeast. Have you ever heard any of us say that? It was a cat’s meow, not speech.

I am not afraid (of death) I am afraid that I will die before I finish the book I am writing; And the absence of pure death. I want a clean kill.

If Germans do not read Guimarães Rosa, Euclides da Cunha or Machado de Assis, they are the losers.

Fools have lost everything but reason. They have a special reason. Liars are like inventing writers who have no interest in the truth.

Ariano Suassuna, Nacionalista E Popular

Sixth angel, come from the kingdom of Eloma, bring Apollo’s pen and write me here: O Assassin da Hora or A Luca do Jardim!

I don’t want to lose my desire to have good friends, even though I know, with the changes in the world, they will eventually leave our lives.

The punishment was carried out. He finds himself with an invincible evil, the unique symbol of our end on earth, that ineffable truth is one with all that dwells in it; A herd is damned, for all that liveth shall die.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. Selfish people are selfish and negative people are toxic. I am an optimist. I am a man of hope. I know it will happen in the future. I dream of the day when God’s sun will spread justice in the world.

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After watching a rock concert on television in a hotel in Sao Paulo, I have never criticized Brazilian folk singers. Something as bad as Banda Calypso is better than any rock band.

I don’t care if I have a place as an artist or not. To me, writing is not marketing. My party, here I come. I always say: Art is a mission, a job and a party. Don’t give me that marketing story.

Human beings are the same wherever, whenever, whatever their status. They may be rich or poor, but in reality the problems they cause to people are the same.

Do you like Ariano Susuna phrases to think and bring joy to your day? So don’t waste any more time and share with your friends and family. be happy!

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Claudio Bernardo has a degree in technology, is an internet writer and loves history books. In his spare time, he enjoys researching and writing articles on general knowledge and playing the classical guitar. Ariano Sususuna (1927-2014) is a Brazilian author, poet, and drummer. He was born on June 16, 1927 in the Palacio da Redensão in the capital city of Paraba, João Pessoa. He is the author of his masterpiece “O Auto da Compadecida” adapted for cinema.

Ariano was a teacher and created the Movimento Armorial, a movement that aimed to create a unique image from elements of Eastern popular culture.

It is a popular North East cultural drama divided into three acts. His humor and innocence rubs off on him.

Frases De Ariano Suassuna

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