Firebird Movie

Firebird Movie – Estonia in the 1970s, at the height of the Cold War. The young soldier Sergei works at a USSR air base. When Rome is moved to the base, Sergei falls under the charm of the fearless military commander. But the romance between the couple must be hidden at all costs – Roma is on the KGB watch list.

Based on a true story, Peter Reban’s gripping love thriller, starring Tom Prior and Oleg Zagorodny, is very poignant at a time when Russia’s queer people continue to suffer extreme persecution. The film’s premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival was met with wild protests. We’re proud to bring Firebird to the big screen!

Firebird Movie

Firebird Movie

I met Peter [Reben] in 2014. I just finished Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Discovery of Infinity and I’m working in Los Angeles. Peter sent me a draft of the script he had written and I was immediately hooked.

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We agreed that we would work together on a teaser for the film, and in the process I made some suggestions about how to improve the script, especially how to increase the plot and close relationship.

Peter and I sat down and spent the next two years rebuilding, rewriting and intensively researching the moment the film was made. We made several trips to Russia, met and saw the real Sergey. It is a very interesting work as a writer and an actor.

What was the result of the meeting with Sergey Fetisov, whose life your character is based on, inspired the writing of the screenplay?

My meeting with Sergi had a great impact on my continued writing of the script and my portrayal of him in the film. Sergey is a good and brave man who fought hard to follow his heart and love. When I met him, I wanted to understand all the details: the depth of the relationship with Rome, how they spent their days and the growth of their relationship. Sergei died when the film was first made and Peter and I attended his funeral in Russia. At that time, when I attended the Orthodox funeral, I decided to do everything in my power to play him with the faith and courage that befits his legacy.

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I got a very deep understanding of the matter. Peter and I were very careful when we talked about the script and when we talked about my work. When we started shooting, we recorded the final version of the script as much as possible. It was surprising to me as an actor how well I saw the material. I spent three years on the story, but I had to re-establish the story as an actor and let go of my involvement as a writer.

We had two months of training before filming, which was very valuable. The three of us approached the film with an open mind, bringing our own voices and perspectives to how we saw the characters. Oleg and I didn’t communicate well because of the language barrier, which meant that a big part of our work was pleasing each other physically. I think it strengthened the chemistry between us, because Sergei and Roma couldn’t talk about what they were seeing at the time.

I’ve always been interested in Soviet history and the Cold War era, so I was already familiar with certain aspects of the story. However, the Soviet Union did not know a love story. It’s a great opportunity to tell a new and unique story. As part of the physical preparation for the job, we were sent to a camp in eastern Estonia. There are also new people in Estonia and we have spent some time in the Estonian Defense Forces. I did a couple of camps where Oleg, Jake [Henderson] and I went through the same routine as the other soldiers. We dug foxholes, built tents and went to the shooting range. We were also taught proper military protocol by Soviet-era experts. It was very strong.

Firebird Movie

I learned a lot about filmmaking and acting. I really appreciate working at Firebird as a writer and producer. Immersing myself in the subject allows me to go deeper into my work.

Tom Prior On Making Firebird — The Gay Military Epic That Enraged Putin’s Russia

Realizing the tragedies of Sergey and other LGBTQ people of his time, I am always amazed at how many people suffer under authoritarian regimes and religious orders that deny their They are responsible and humble in their love. We hope that this film and Sergi’s brave story will help change the way people think about the LGBTQ community and other marginalized people in every country around the world.

Peter Reban (director and writer) was born in Estonia. He has studied in the United States and Great Britain among other places. After the short film The Lovers (2008), he directed music videos, including Moby (Wait for Me) and Pet Shop Boys (Together). In 2013, he directed and produced the 22-camera TV special Robbie Williams: Living in Tallinn and the following year the documentary Robbie Williams: Fan Journey to Tallinn. He has previously worked as a producer at Eurovision Song Contest 2002, European Film Awards 2010 and many shows in the Baltic region by artists such as Elton John, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Sting, Lady Gaga , Metallica and Queen. In 2013 he was chosen “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Estonia. As a director and writer, he directed the 2015 documentary “Tashi Dalek!” He has served as a juror at various film festivals, such as the Black Knights Film Festival and the Cape Town International Film Festival. Firebird was Raybon’s first film.

Tom Prior (writer and director), born in England in 1990, graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2012. as Stephen Hawking’s 17-year-old son in James Marsh’s biopic The Discovery of Infinity (2014). He appeared in Matthew Vaughn’s comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), Betsan Maurice Evans’ family comedy Dusty and Me (2016), Max Newsom’s coming-of-age film Iceland is Best (2020) and with David Ferrario. War drama Just Noise (2021) starring Malcolm McDowell and Harvey Keitel. Since 2013, it has appeared frequently in theaters in Great Britain. In 2014, he wrote the script for the short film “Breaking the Circle”. He also wrote the screenplay for Firebird with director Peter Reben.

OLEG ZAGORDNII (novel) is a Ukrainian actor based at the Gogol Center in Moscow. On the film stage, he appeared in “Brothers”, an adaptation of Luchino Visconti’s “Rocco and His Brothers”. He appeared in the TV series “Dzhamyka”. In 1977, Estonia was part of the Soviet Union, which entered the war race with Western NATO as part of the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. 20-year-old Sergei Serebrennikov (Tom Prior) is stationed at the airport in Hapsalu.

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When Lieutenant Roman Matvezev (Oleg Zagorodny) arrives on the scene, Sergei is assigned to be his driver, to take him to his location, where they both discover their shared passion for photography. During the development of the film, the two became close for the first time. They relax with drinks and classical music, and when Sergei confesses that he has never seen ballet before, after visiting the headquarters, the pilot takes him to a rehearsal. of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” and encouraged him to pursue his artistic endeavors. Don’t give up on passion.

They share a quick first kiss, but the director’s secretary Luisa (Diana Pozharskaya) also recognizes Roma and offers a tour guide for the third trip to Tallinn. When Sergei tells a controversial joke about Stalin in front of the group, he is interrupted by Major Zverev (Margus Prengel). Suspicious of how much time Sergei and Roma will spend together, the officer prepares a file for the KGB secret service…

When Zverev threatened Roma that he was dating a soldier, he left Sergei. After his release, Sergei enrolls in an acting school and is horrified to learn that Roma is married to Louisa. But they can’t get each other out of their heads, and although Luisa has a son with Roma after marriage, both men are stuck in the past…

Firebird Movie

For his first feature film as a director, Peter Reben chose the memoir “The Story of Roman” as a source and co-wrote the screenplay with Tom Prior, who played the role of Sergei in the movie. The romantic love story between two Soviet soldiers in the 1970s is set precisely against the backdrop of history. Thanks to the skillful work and the animated images of the mimes, people see the restrictions and time restrictions as they do.

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