Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

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October 15th is Teacher’s Day. An irreplaceable specialist who should be at the top of society. we appreciate and respect.

Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

Funny movie. A fictional character based on reality. Heart is full of love.

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Brad Cohen knows what prejudice is. He has Tourette’s Syndrome, a disorder characterized by various physical and vocal tics. Abused since childhood, his dream is to become a teacher. So he had to face some challenges to finally get it done.But who said it would be easy?

Although this character has disappeared from the series, it has not disappeared from our memory. Exhausted and disillusioned, she is nourished by her unique charm that has captivated several male characters in the series.

I have some favorite episodes in which the character has appeared. Among them is the very crazy wedding of Edna, who refused to marry Principal Skinner on prom day. And Bart gets Minus Zero, which bans teachers from using cell phones, and Bart has the brilliant idea of ​​christening Edna’s coffee with alcohol to relax her.

Edna isn’t a professional role model, but she’s a Baltic, humorous portrayal of a teacher’s resilience in dealing with mischievous children.

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One day, when I start teaching, I will definitely bring the commandments into the classroom.

Ok, I admit it’s scary. After all, the white “face” was associated with death. But as time went on, I started to look forward to their appearances and started answering “Hello Class” greetings from my couch at home.

I don’t follow the series anymore, but there was a time when I didn’t miss a single episode. I think they were unforgettable teachers. Afranio, The Crucifixion of Biology. Pasqualete, the founder of the school;

Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

With over 35 years of experience, she was born Angela Evelyn Bassett on August 16, 1958 in the United States. However, in Brazil there are not many campaigns on this topic. It is a neurological disorder that causes motor and vocal tics and occurs in childhood.

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Less discussed, the disorder has a prevalence of 0.3% for her, according to the CDC, and affects 1 of her 360 children in the United States. However, lack of information contributes to the stigma of those who suffer from this condition.

These symptoms cannot be explained by another medical condition, such as a previous stroke or drug use.

However, the majority of people with Tourette syndrome suffer from other mental or neurological disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders. Over one third of her are diagnosed with her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Unfortunately, it is difficult for society to accept brain diseases. Some, like depression, are ineffective because they are invisible. On the other hand, Tourette’s tics are very noticeable, but many people still appreciate people with this disorder.

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Symptoms are often confused with poor parenting, attention seeking, and lack of parental discipline. And it’s not. The tics that occur in this syndrome are involuntary and often unconscious.

You cannot choose not to do this. Many people report that trying to control their tics makes them worse later.

If your loved one is diagnosed with a disorder that causes tics, the ideal is to show understanding and not judge. An experienced therapist can develop a patient’s ability to deal with tic urges in order to improve symptoms.

Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

Depending on the situation, a psychiatrist or neurologist may recommend drugs such as antidepressants and antipsychotics to reduce the tics and discomfort caused by the syndrome.

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But trying to punish or prejudice children for tics only exacerbates the problem.We need to disseminate information, educate people, and fight discrimination.

If you want to know more about this topic, there is a great movie about the true story of Syndrome teacher Brad Cohen.Click the image below for more information. People with some form of disability or illness are often subject to stigma in society. This makes life difficult for victims, as their self-esteem is undermined in mockery and ridicule. Everyone wants to be recognized in society, and if there are obstacles that prevent it, first of all, overcoming difficulties, willpower and, of course, the help of others will help. Of course, there are many people in the world who have illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult for them to accept the people around them.

There is a true story that captured such an incident on video. Brad Cohen was a man who experienced such problems.He suffered from a neurological disorder called Tourette’s Syndrome, so he faced several disabilities since childhood. people around him.

His original title Out of Class, released in Brazil in 2008 as O Primeiro da Classe, follows Brad’s life, but his experiences from childhood to adulthood. Until the moment when he struggled to realize his childhood dream of becoming a teacher, he achieved it because of the negative opinions of his colleagues and family. aims to overcome prejudices in a society that does not respect differences.

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Directed by Peter Warner and starring James Wolk, First Class is a moving film for people without Tourette Syndrome and a great example of overcoming challenges in professional and family life. At the same time, the film is also a great critique of a prejudiced society that teaches not just the disease, but all the prejudices that exist in humans.

As a child, Brad began to show signs of illness, mostly afflicting his father, who embarrassed him by saying that he deliberately caused the tics. It was the same at school when his peers laughed when he made a fuss and the teachers didn’t like him at all because they felt uncomfortable. I did. Also, despite many treatments, the boy’s tics were not identified. One even offered to expel Brad, but as he studied the symptoms of the disease, his mother discovered the problem and began helping his son overcome it.

Note that Tourette’s syndrome is not a serious illness that affects a person’s health or intellectual capacity. As mentioned above, it is a neurological disease that causes involuntary movement, but it is an incurable disease. If people wanted to know about the disease, there wouldn’t be so much prejudice. Now that Brad and his mother have learned about the syndrome, they have a reason to explain why people develop involuntary tics. Even in the classroom, Brad can’t keep his tics in check, and the principal calls him and explains why. In this way, prejudice began to decrease significantly, and as a result Brad was able to control it.

Filme O Primeiro Da Classe

It has been observed and detailed that lack of education leads people to laugh with others, but when Brad reaches adulthood, he faces the worst challenges of his life because of his illness. To do. He began calling his illness a “friend” as he came to accept living with it as an effective means of coping with it. Also note that when people get nervous because they don’t understand on his part, the tics become more frequent and unlike this situation he can control it well.Even if it’s your illness Even if there is, it’s about people’s perceptions.

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Unable to get a job as a teacher, Brad tried out at 25 schools, 24 of which rejected him due to illness despite their excellent curriculum. These 24 schools believed that if a student was sick, they could not teach. But one of these schools he

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