Fiat Uno Com Escada

Fiat Uno Com Escada – A legend, a legend! The fame of Fiat Uno with roof ladder is increasing every day, which are usually service vehicles for Brazilian companies. These “super sports cars” have been the subject of memes and jokes on the Internet for some time considering their high performance, especially when they carry stickers of telecommunications companies on their doors.

But now the moment of truth has arrived and the Fiat Uno with a ladder on the roof is taken to a drag race in the town of Tangara da Serra in Mato Grosso. And its only rival was another very famous vehicle, the legendary yellow Chevrolet Camaro.

Fiat Uno Com Escada

Fiat Uno Com Escada

You can already imagine how strange this conflict was, right? Incidentally, a large number of spectators enjoyed the event during the race.

Fiat Revelará Nome Do “argo Sedã” (x6s) Em Corrida De Uno Com Escada

Of course, humor aside, there is no doubt that this is a finished Fiat Uno. At the moment, we still do not have official information about its mechanical data, but it is very possible that the power was significantly increased with the suspension adjustment.

But what’s really important now is that, for the first time, the Fiat Uno with a CD in the roof leaves the Camaro in the dust with its V8 engine. Check out the video below showing different angles of this feat:

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Caneca Personalizada Carros Fiat Uno Com Escada No Teto Da Firma

If you walk into a Fiat dealership, you’ll rarely find an Uno on display. On the other hand, it will be easier to see it on walking streets with a ladder on the roof. The subject of memes to this day, it’s now a business opportunity for the automaker. Positioning the model as a “firm car”, the brand has a car that is in good demand especially for companies. And sellers love it…

“The Uno continues to be a work tool that is highly appreciated by the market, and is very well positioned for this segment today. It will be difficult for the public to find the Uno in the showroom, but it is a model that is directly Fiat. There sales are. The team likes, mainly in the big sales to companies,” Herlander Zola, director of the Fiat brand for Latin America, said at a press conference on Wednesday (3).

With the arrival of Argo, Uno lost ground in stores, with more modern construction and a more one-of-a-kind look with the brand’s latest releases worldwide. However, businesses that rely on field services, such as cable TV or telephone companies, look for an affordable alternative to a model with better space and lower maintenance costs.

Fiat Uno Com Escada

“In this case, there is still room to continue selling the Uno for a long time until the decision to renew. It is worth noting that the Uno produced in Brazil has a significant share in other markets such as Chile, Argentina. Bolivia and Uruguay.” Zola explained.

Fiat Promove Corrida De ‘unos Com Escada’ Para Anunciar Nome De Seu Novo Carro

With two more modern models in Fiat’s portfolio, it would be easy to guess that the Uno’s days are numbered. In fact, the natural course would be to create specific versions of Argo or Mobi to absorb this market. It would be good for Mobi, but it lacks space. For Argo, the image can be scratched by placing a ladder on the roof, thus affecting the more expensive versions.

“The fate of the Uno will be decided at the end of the year,” Zola said, without specifying the model’s end of production. In contrast, the Uno still has room in other markets in the region, likely to continue production for export even if not offered here.

Launched in Brazil in 1984, the first-generation Uno remained in the lineup until 2014, the year Brazilian law mandated dual front airbags and an ABS brake system. During this period, the Uno was highly praised for its robustness and easy maintenance. By the end of that generation, it was hailed as the “Telefonica car” and had a traditional ladder on the roof.

The matter was so serious that Fiat itself took up the cause and promoted the first official run of the Unos as a fictitious CDO, to promote the arrival of Cronus. Remember the bottom line: the link you’re trying to access appears to no longer exist, the address has changed, or there was a typing error. You can try searching again or return to our website homepage.

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Fiat Uno Com Escada

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Fiat Uno Com Escada

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