Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres

Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres – Ex-Santos talks to goalkeeper Felipe LANCE! In 2010’s ‘Dream Team’, he reveals his personal drama and triumph

Felipe Garcia, formerly of Santos and now of Tombense, is flourishing in Brazil’s Serie B with the Minas Gerais side, topping the table and doing well in the competition. According to Footstats, the goalkeeper is the 3rd toughest defender in the competition. However, the start of the season is complicated and full of professional and personal problems for the athlete.

Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres

Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres

This year has not been a very easy year for me. It was very difficult. I got covid. My mother got sick, she suffered from cancer. During pregnancy, my son became seriously ill and God came to perform a miracle through him. Even at the club I had a hard time, I had to get back to the top – a player.

Goleiro Da Tombense, Felipe Garcia Fala Dos Desafios Na Série B E Relembra Com Carinho Do Santos

The player’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. According to a report by the National Cancer Institute (INCA), approximately 66,280 new cases of this disease were diagnosed in Brazil in the three years 2020-2022. According to the player, his mother, who has already undergone surgery, will have to undergo a new operation.

However, the goalkeeper insists he has improved his skills at the club and achieved some success during the season with his hard work and dedication.

Work calmly and be respectful to everyone. God has done miracles, miracles in my life and restored my family. So every day and every game I try to think about this story, to do my best to fulfill the goals of the club first, and then my own, and God willing, we will crown this year’s campaign and do a great job. – Tombense goalkeeper concluded.

L!: Normally, a team from Serie C struggles to avoid relegation from the division and the reality is quite different, the team is one of the postulants for a place in Serie A. Do you really know the purpose of the season? Is it possible to reach any of the adults occupying the access lane?

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Every team from Serie C is aiming to stay and ours is no different. Sustainability is, of course, our main goal. Especially since our club is participating in Serie B for the first time and logically our first goal is to get things going. So, our team has followed a very positive path and prepared a lot for this moment, for this race. We didn’t have such a good start to the year in the State Championship and we knew we had to prepare better against Series B, one of the best series, if not the best, with the biggest champions. competition. So we knew it was going to be tough because the start of the race was not so good. We played six draws, we were in last place or in the zone, so we marked our team as one of the candidates for the break, but things were improving, results started coming in and we started to climb the table. We managed to stay in tenth place at the top of the table, but logically staying is the main goal today. So we can’t go wrong. We consider distribution and then deliver. What is the eternal purpose of those who know within themselves the potential to achieve great things? We’ll see and focus on the game. So who knows, first forever and then who knows what we have to do more in competition.

! If you take a recent cut, there were two tough opponents: Vasco and Sport. How do you face teams with a lot of history in Serie A in the Brazilian Championship, and even one of the best sources of experience and leadership in the squad?

Brazilian football has typical teams that have quality players as a result. Vasco’s team even has two goalscoring young men who are already being sought after by big European clubs. So they have players with great prospects and Nene who is still at a high level. So it was against the players and Vasco, who were playing a game in isolation. We made some mistakes that weighed on the result, you can see we didn’t play bad, we played well. We still had a chance to score and we managed to score a goal. But we had some chances to convert and we just couldn’t do it. It’s against a big team and that’s something we can’t give up. Because they go there with their talented players and they are very efficient. Sports and games, thank God, we got a very important result, the result we got as an objective.

Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres

L!: During your career you played in big and traditional teams in Brazil. He was even scouted by Santos, where he was part of the team that won the Copa do Brasil 2010. How was it to achieve the unprecedented title, the club’s only win to date?

Goleiro Felipe Garcia Cita

In 2010, this was a dream team. A group that defines a generation. Neymar with Ganso and Robinho and many other players. Anyway, it was a great team to work with who knew what they wanted in the race. Dorival came to add more to the team. And so I learned to live through the good times and the bad times, the historic moment that I lived in, the moment that I lived in, the moment that I lived in, a great moment in my career. But, I praise the better times we live in. His name is the games he experienced with great players and shines today, especially Neymar. So I was just grateful for that moment.

L!: At that time Santos had Paulo Henrique Ganso, Elano, Neymar and others. you played with. How did these stars grow and are you still in touch with them?

Vasco and I trained in Rio for the last game. Later, I had the pleasure of meeting Ganso again while he was training. We have the opportunity to meet some of the players we worked with in Serie B, Rafael Cabral at Cruzeiro and others. I had the pleasure of meeting him there, as did Germano, who now works as a director in Londrina. Here are the players he played with in 2010. Years and years go by, but eventually we fall for each other. It’s always good to see these players from this great group in the travel and gaming world in 2010.

L!: What are your plans for the future? Do you want to play in Serie A? Is your destiny in Tombense? Anyway, what are your future professional plans?

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So I live in every moment, and of course we make plans. We gamers always want to aim for the best for our career and life. So, we wish to return to Serie A, I try to live every day, every moment is focused on today, it is not useful to think about the future and make the present worse, I try to make the present good, train and forgive every practice. This year has not been a very easy year for me. It was very difficult. I got covid. My mother got sick, she suffered from cancer. During pregnancy, my son became seriously ill and God came to perform a miracle through him. Even here at the club I had a hard time, I had to come back up in the club. Work calmly and respect everyone. God has done miracles in my life, miracles in my life and restored my family. So every day and every game I try to think about that story, to try to do my best to achieve first the club’s goals and then our goals, and God willing, we will crown the campaign this year and do a great job.

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Felipe Garcia Dos Prazeres

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