Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis – Petropolis Faculty of Medicine is celebrating this week. Not surprisingly, the reason for this celebration is the 54-year history that began in 1965, when Rector Artur de Sa Earp Neto, with a group of idealistic doctors, created the Octasilio Gualberto Foundation (FOG). The purpose of establishing and maintaining the Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis (FMP). The operation began on October 31, 1967. Since then, FMP has established itself in the market as a nationally and internationally recognized institution of higher quality medical training in the mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. .

“When we look back at everything we have built together, it is impossible to contain the emotions. It is a beautiful story, full of challenges and full of great achievements. It is a continuous activity by our FMP for more than five decades. It started from here. The dream of giving a medical school to the city of Petropolis.. Our students dream of becoming a doctor to relieve the suffering of another person, and FMP shares this dream, contributing to the training of professionals who work in the field of health. care. People”, underlines Maria Isabel de Sa Erp de Rezende Chávez, general supervisor of UNIFASE / FMP.

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

In 2006, the institution moved its campus to an area of ​​85,000 m², near the historical center of Petropolis, with modern facilities and other technological resources. Based on the principles of commitment to the community and the integral formation of the student, FMP houses and offers a variety of activities in the fields of education, health, culture and entertainment. Recently, the medical course has undergone some changes to meet the demands of the market, such as the introduction of telematics, teleconsultation and telecommunication technology in its curriculum.

Pesquisa Realizada Na Fmp Sobre Lesões Raquimedulares é Publicada Em Revista Internacional

“It’s exciting to see the College align with the Unified Health System. We’ve come a long way in these 54 years. With technological innovation in full force and today’s societal challenges, with an aging population and new diagnostic methods, we’re constantly changing how our curriculum can handle the many changes. adaptability must be considered. Work. We are always innovating to teach with technology, communication and different specializations so our students are prepared to be truly committed physicians. The human dimension of the profession to meet the demands of an aging population, depression and many degenerative diseases. is facing problems,” UNIFASE/FMP General Supervisor

The Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis is part of the history of more than 5000 doctors who graduated from the institute and worked in different countries. With MEC’s ​​maximum score of 5 organizational concepts, FMP combines tradition and innovation with the teaching-learning process. Accredited by the Accreditation System of Medical Schools (SAEME-CFM), the institute recently received 4 stars in Estado’s 2021 faculty evaluation.

“With every graduate, I remember that I graduated from FMP in 1975. It is important to introduce to the market highly talented people who work in their profession in Brazil and abroad with good and ethical behavior. We have students who work as teachers. It is also It is an honor to see our graduates working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. This disease is still ongoing. Commitment to social causes, public welfare and science ensure that we are on the right path. Many more years to celebrate the evolution of Petropolis’ beloved medical school.” , Paulo César Geimares, Director of the Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis emphasizes. (FMP).

Petropolis news is just a click away. Follow the daily life of the city: culture, recreation, education, health and more! Medical careers are among the most sought after and competitive in the country. Future doctors need advanced training to become good professionals and stand out in the job market.

Educação E Cultura De Petrópolis: Excelência E Muita História Para Contar

At the Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis (FMP/Fase), you will find a quality and humane education ready to start a medical practice anywhere in Brazil.

FMP/Fase is a select group of higher education institutions in the country that have received the highest scores in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education.

The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the Brazilian Association of Medical Education (ABEM) guarantee a quality medical school accreditation certificate for the Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis.

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

Can you imagine practical career experience right from the start of your course? In the FMP/Phase, the student is introduced to medical practice from the 1st period.

Anuidade Liga De Cardiologia Faculdade Medicina De Petrópolis

To provide students with this experience, the college has its own outpatient clinic and is affiliated with Alcides Carneiro Teaching Hospital, the largest and best facility in the region.

Students provide basic and specialized care to the people of Petropolis through SUS. 27% of the city’s population is served by this facility.

FMP/Fase has modern facilities, surrounded by nature and located near the historical center of Petropolis. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and students complete a course that allows them to work at the most advanced level in medicine.

Continuous training is provided through high standard facilities. These include an excellent library, a computer technology park with full Internet access and a database containing the most up-to-date knowledge available in the region.

Fmp/fase Mantém Funcionamento Das Unidades Ambulatoriais Em Petrópolis

To ensure students have the opportunity to learn from the best, FMP/Fase has a large faculty consisting of Master and PhD professors.

In addition, the faculty invests heavily in cutting-edge research and seeks to engage students in research while enriching the undergraduate program.

Due to its infrastructure, its reputation in the academic community and its value in the diploma market, FMP/Fase is one of the most efficient private colleges in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

Covering an area of ​​85,000 m² with a forest, café, restaurant, cultural exhibitions, many sports courts and a library, there are more than seven thousand books in hundreds of collections and five thousand books in an online collection. . ClinicalKey, an online platform for medical evidence, can be consulted in all areas of health.

Liga De Clínica Cirurgica Da Faculdade De Medicina De Petrópolis

In the Realistic Simulation Center, students perform medical procedures on robotic mannequins that simulate real care. With this practice, the readiness to treat real patients is much higher and safer.

The Ambulatio Escola (AMBE) serves the population of Petropolis and develops practical educational activities, internships and services at the level of medical residency.

“FMP/Fase teaches not only the technical side of the profession, but also the human side of the profession, and that’s very important. The college gave me the foundation to become the doctor I am today.”

“After leaving college and entering the job market, I realized the high quality of clinical training we had, and the support FMP/FACE gave me. I’m so happy to see it improve since I graduated!”

Diagnóstico Informativo: Emoção Marca Encontro De Alunos Da Segunda Turma De Medicina Formada Pela Fmp

“FMP/Fase gave me the best clinical structure, I would say, for any medical student, especially in the field of internal medicine.” Faculty of Medicine of Petropolis has started registration for medical residency. By agreeing to their programs

Petropolis Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) and Social Services Hospital Alcide Carneiro (SEHAC). and for programs at the Hospital of Santa Teresa/Associacó Congregaco de Santa Catarina

In 1965, Dean Arthur de Sa Earp Neto, with a group of idealistic doctors, founded the Octasilio Gulberto Foundation (FOG), with the mission of establishing and managing the Petropolis Medical School (FMP), on October 31. 1966.

Faculdade De Medicina De Petropolis

In 1998, continuing the founding project, the FOG faculty created the Artur San Erp Neto (FASE), thus paying tribute to the man who created higher education in Petropolis. Since then, FMP and FASE have formed a single entity.

Campanha Do Vestibular De Medicina 2017

UNIFASE/FMP currently offers the following courses: Medicine; administration; Nursing (bachelor’s and licensure degrees); nutrition; Dentistry; psychology; and advanced technology courses in human resource management, public administration and radiology.

All courses have highly qualified faculty and adequate infrastructure for teaching basic and professional subjects.

In addition to providing the best undergraduate education, UNIFASE/FMP has graduate programs in its course departments, as well as several medical residencies, nursing residencies and many professional residency programs.

UNIFASE/FMP has been implemented and provides management for multiple health departments. Therefore, being able to offer different scenarios for teaching and professional learning: an outpatient school, five family health units, a DIP (department of infectious and parasitic diseases) and a teaching pavilion at the Alcide Carneiro Teaching Hospital.

Faculdade De Medicina De Petrópolis/fase

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