Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica – A prefab shed that gives off the impression of a cool space adds character and sophistication to spaces that are comforting and blissful as they are caring and comfortable.

Proposes to print the accessory, insert ACM, design the main door cover, frame the upper window and create an identity totem.

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

We added laminate to the glass, a redesigned design on the upper windows and a more subtle effect on the first floor, allowing for light but not taking away privacy from the storage room occupants.

Clínica De Estética Montesinos, Paiporta

There was a small amount of individual participation, large-scale prints that identified the functionality of the space and created an “atmosphere” for the environment.

In the main room used by hairdressers, a work bench facing the glass window is installed, so that the view is easy and is not disturbed by the external window, which is a large terrace.

The owner working in this field has proposed several functional requirements that have contributed greatly to development, but he also wants to coordinate with the environment and the touch involved with customers and employees, so that health cannot be just. A discovery, but an everyday reality. The challenge of many architectural projects is to naturally integrate the two environments in the same space. But that’s certainly not a problem for architect Priscilla Santos, who designed the aesthetic clinic.

In this project, the owner had to combine the office with the space where his clients and patients are treated. The solution found was to create a project for the Clinica de Esthetica Decorada com Cobogos in Burguina Cobogo, separating the two areas but maintaining a very harmonious interaction.

Centro De Estética

This may seem like a simple problem to you, but in reality it would be a huge inconvenience for the owner of the clinic, as he would have to rent another room to accommodate both environments.

However, with the Cobogos theme designed by Priscilla, she created this separation in a subtle way, which is elegant and very functional.

Another point worth noting in this decoration is the spotlights centered on the Kobogus. He demonstrated his architectural credentials while working as an interior designer.

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

It’s nothing new that walls are not just for separating spaces, now they can be part of the decoration, especially hollow partitions are very popular. In addition to being an integral part of the decorative proposal, Kobogos walls are also very functional and can be applied in different ways and with a variety of architectural proposals.

DiseÑo Fachada ClÍnica

For example, inside the house they can become a counter between the two spaces between the kitchen and the living room. They can also be an addition or continuation of a traditional wall.

It is worth noting that this section can be an entire wall, as in the example of the aesthetic of the clinic decorated with Kobogo, which was practical, very elegant and attractive at the same time. The most interesting thing about these walls with hollow elements is that they have a unique and pleasant way of dividing the space, very natural, always ensuring interaction between the environment.

Another point worth mentioning is that depending on the arrangement of the hollow curtain wall, it can be a channel to ventilate the space, as the eaves have different hollow areas that allow light and ventilation to pass through the room. environment

Already in outdoor areas, it also fulfills this functional and decorative role. Cobogos walls with swimming pools can be used in recreational areas, such as at the front of the residence and in the barbecue area if you want to maintain privacy.

Centro De Estética Belleza Integral

There are countless possibilities for applications. For this reason, these attractive units are favored by architects, interior designers and planners.

Now that you know the advantages, how to know the best version of this beauty salon decorated with Kobogo?

See in this diagram how it is possible to combine two environments, but without breaking the communication between them. It can “talk” between two spaces harmoniously, while being very elegant.

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

Lighting is another point worth paying attention to. As part of the decorative proposal, the architect used light as a special element in the decoration, using direct light locks on the ceramic pieces.

Foto: Fachada D’pil Perdizes

This Kobogos decorated beauty salon offers a delicate and very sleek decor. Thus, decorative elements also cannot escape this concept.

For this reason, Priscilla has chosen to use the petal-lined cobwebs, which are a favorite among customers, as they deliver all the delicacy, elegance and beauty that the Beta proposal calls for.

You may wonder if the environment that uses chemicals and water can damage components. The answer is no. Because one of the characteristics of ceramic tiles is to resist various elements such as rain and sun.

So, if you get stains on the parts, clean them with a mild detergent or a damp cloth. So simple and easy, right?

Fachada Textil Clínica Estética

An aesthetic bathroom decorated with Cobogós da Burguina will make your project more beautiful and different.

Burguina Cobogo manufactures and sells ceramic cobogo throughout Brazil. Visit the virtual store to check out our products and find different modeled cobwebs for various environments and decorative proposals.

On our website, you can choose the format and colors of the hollow elements that best suit your project, be it residential or commercial. If you do not wish to purchase directly from our online store, please request a quote using this link: Click here.

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

You can contact us through the following service channels: Phone (19) 3589-3428, Whatsapp (19) 99956-7455 and Email: [email protected] One advantage of online shopping is the payment terms. Click here to find out what Burgundy has to offer you.

Mapa Del Centro Situado En La Calle Aragon 190

By the way, if you are a professional in this field, Burkina Faso also offers you a partnership with many advantages. Please contact us through the channels mentioned above.

In addition to our virtual store, you can also follow the Da Ceramica Burguina blog, where we bring you many decorating tips, market news, trends and lots of interest in the architecture and decoration department.

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Ceramic Cobogos factory was founded in 1986, has more than 60 employees and is located in Puerto Ferreira – Esp. It currently operates in 3 product segments namely Ornaments, Party Decorations and Enameled Kobogo. Next, we will identify 5 points to help you choose the ideal aesthetic clinic in San José do Rio Preto, in the order of need:

DiseÑo De Centro De EstÉtica En Madrid

Facial expression, as the name suggests, is a category of procedures that aim to provide natural correction results, taking into account the features and characteristics of the face.

Techniques classified as facelifts are minimally invasive and can provide satisfactory final results with minimal correction without affecting the natural features of the face. These include botulinum toxin (Botox), facial fillers, lengthening threads, microdermabrasion, and peels.

In order to achieve the desired satisfactory results, the facelift in San José do Rio Preto, through its types and different treatment methods, aims to correct the cause of the patient’s discomfort and to improve himself, achieving certain improvements. respect

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

A facelift in San Jose do Rio Preto offers a number of benefits, from a better appearance to improved self-confidence and quality of life.

Clínica Del Castillo Odontología Avanzada

While completing some of your procedures, facial features can improve symmetry and contours, other benefits include slowing down the signs of aging, such as the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles and fine lines, and smoother, healthier, more even, firmer and more beautiful skin. promote

It is worth mentioning that the exercises are really painless and can provide a smooth experience in achieving the goals.

Another specialty of aesthetic clinics is the laser hair removal procedure, which deals with major complaints and inconveniences related to body and body hair.

With laser hair removal, inconvenient hair can be removed quickly, safely and virtually painlessly, with long-lasting and permanent results.

Clínica Medicina Estética Málaga

A laser hair removal session in San José do Rio Preto, contrary to what people think, is not complicated, thanks to the assisted technique, it takes only 30 minutes, which varies according to the area or region. .

In order for everything to go according to plan, it is essential to consult a qualified professional, whether it is a doctor, biologist, physiotherapist or a qualified cosmetologist.

After the region

Fachada De Clinica De Estetica

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