Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira – ENEM 2020 exam is held all over the country. The gates closed at 1:00 PM and the examination effectively started at 1:30 PM. As in previous years, the INEP, which is responsible for the preparation and administration of the test, published this Sunday (17th) an essay topic: the stigma associated with mental illness in Brazilian society.

To write teacher Sandra Souza, “The theme of the Ename 2020 essay was relevant and up-to-date, bringing to the fore issues in Brazilian society and families. We know that the stigma associated with mental illness is harmful, causing prejudice and discrimination. The consequences are negative, affecting the internal perceptions, feelings and beliefs of the stigmatized person. Shame and self-depreciation prevent him from fulfilling his social role.

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

The theme highlighted another social injustice that can be just as damaging as disease. The word “stigma” requires the student to emphasize the “scars”, “scars” caused by the prejudices of those diseases. In fact, it required knowledge of a world very close to the reality of many Brazilians.

O Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

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The Enem 2020 essay topic is “Stigma related to mental illness in Brazilian society”.

Candidates must write a thesis-argument text, present the opinion and organize the defense of the point of view.

The topic heard by G1 was considered “relevant” and “right” for the teachers, but the students needed to be aware of the word “stigma” to develop the argument.

Redação Do Enem 2020: O Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira.

According to INEP, essays are evaluated according to five skills: Marks can go up to 1,000 points, but there are criteria that can reset an essay, such as deviating from the topic, writing less than seven lines, etc. In 2019, the theme was “Democratizing access to cinema in Brazil”

“Between 2015 and 2018, the incidence of depression increased by 52% among Brazilians aged 15 to 29. That caught my attention and I worked on that topic in class,” she says. “This shows that more people sought help and more investment was made by the Unified Health System (SUS), but this did not reduce social stigma. It is this point that the student should address: our cases have increased, but the perception of the labor market is still prejudiced, often the individual is dismissed or stigmatized,” he concludes.

“An important, relevant topic and within the standard expected for Enem. They represent a problematic situation in the Brazilian reality. In this case, the candidates must propose ways to eliminate the stigma that plagues many Brazilians.” So does someone with a mental illness. “, He says.

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

“It was also surprising that the topic comes up against the recent actions of the MEC, which suggests a return to discrimination against these disabled children, which had already been tried and which, fortunately, were rejected in court. He says referring to the National Special Education Policy.

Pdf) Intervenções Para Reduzir O Estigma Da Aids No Brasil: Uma Revisão Crítica

“A successful topic, especially because of what we experienced in 2020, a very symbolic year in terms of discussing mental health. The epidemic sparked a heated debate on this topic, although in the last five years it has been a debate with greater heroism, especially with the influence of social networks. The fact that social dynamics have changed in 2020 with major changes in the way work and study have affected how Brazilians deal with the psychological issue with their fears and anxieties. All this has changed the normal way of thinking and working of the people. By raising this topic, O Enem puts the changes brought about by the epidemic on the agenda, despite not being the focus of the topic sentence. Students who follow this process and facts closely are likely to be able to improve their writing.”

“The presence of the word stigma in the subject is an important point. When Enem uses it, it suggests a negative attitude towards people who suffer from some kind of mental health problem. There is a good chance that students will discuss the topic of mental health without considering the word stigma. Thus, you will risk touching the subject and get a significant discount on the estimate. Therefore, discuss the subject matter in light of potential stigma. necessary, that is, to address it in a society that has a negative, distorted and stereotypical view of any form of mental illness.

“The theme of Anime 2020 covers many aspects. First of all, stigma. This negative connotation that society gives to mental illness is probably closely related to the history of asylum treatment, as well as to a lack of information about illnesses and a more coherent knowledge of what they mean and how to treat them. This stigma can lead to low visibility in society, which then fails to recognize the disease as something relevant, which is implied in some actions by the state to reduce the problem. Problems of mental illness can be assessed against perceived physical illness. Psychotic people are stigmatized as having either a health problem or a lack of willpower.

This year we had the movie “Joker”, which also deals with the issue of mental illness. the mental health decisions that are being debated, whether the government is going to repeal them or not; SUS, along with psychiatric care and even mental disorders exacerbated by the epidemic, create a landscape for discussing mental illness.

Sobre O Tema Do Enem, O Sus E Porquê Devemos Derrotar O Fascismo

There can be many points of intervention here: the state, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, expanding the service, creating a policy of public inclusion and providing more information to the new generations through school and not only through campaigns, as happened in Armenia. Yellow September. Of course, all these are just general thoughts. We need texts from the archive to understand what the group actually did about the topic, but then we have a lot of questions about stigma, mental illness, and another recent context that can generate discussion and intervention.

“The topic allows students to discuss topics that have grown over the past year. Certain treatments, such as electric shocks, hospitalization, and causal and even stigmatizing discourses on society put some policy reinvention on the agenda. .

As a repertoire, the students dialogued “O Alienista” with Machado de Asís of Brazilian literature in a very accessible way. Close to his everyday dynamic, a lot of use of derogatory words like “retard”. Consider some of the iconic Brazilian figures on this topic, such as the artist Arthur Bispo do Rosario, the doctor Nis da Silveira, who was one of the first to openly defend anti-asylum politics in a national context.

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

“The topic is a matter of collective interest and always has a social background that directly affects how society welcomes an individual with any of these syndromes.

Redação Do Enem 2020 é ‘o Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira’; Professores Comentam

A student can lead his lesson by presenting some of the different syndromes that exist, many of which are well known to the public, such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, developmental disorders including autism, schizophrenia, and other psychoses, for example. for them, discuss how these syndromes affect interpersonal relationships through prejudiced relationships that promote misunderstanding or intolerance.

In addition, one can also use the observation, especially during an epidemic such as the one we are currently experiencing, that mental disorders continue to increase, with significant health effects, social consequences that include solutions that respect the person. are involved. Correct. ,

Given that the Enem formulation calls for intervention proposals for the problem, the candidate can count on facilitating activities in the inclusion process for this person so that stigma is minimized and inclusion occurs naturally. Always respecting people’s rights.

“The topic is very relevant because of the epidemic, which has contributed to the increase in mental health problems among Brazilians.

Estigma De Doenças Mentais é Tema Da Redação Do Enem

And perhaps inspiring texts will show the circumstances under which stigmas are manifested, how they are reflected in prejudice, discrimination, the difficulty of inclusion of people with mental disorders, even inclusion in the family. Rejection from the labor market, rejection from society and the accompanying difficulties. Possible rehabilitation improves these disorders so that the person can have a better quality of life.

Of course, as always, intervention is expected. We can talk about the Ministry of Health, campaigns, the importance of school, not rejecting, not rejecting, students with any kind of illness.

“A lot of work has been done on the thematic axis of health care. In the year of the pandemic, it is almost ironic that this was the choice, but also very appropriate that the discussion was raised on a national level. The students were prepared. Perhaps the biggest challenge is not to “personalize” the essay in the first person, which would be a very serious mistake in the argumentative-essay style. This is a sensitive topic for all of us in 2020/2021, so

Estigma Associado às Doenças Mentais Na Sociedade Brasileira

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