Espiral De Ilusão Capa

Espiral De Ilusão Capa – Kleber, oh Kleber, here we come with your disease … wait: isn’t it very good?

“Lá Vem Você”, the opening song of Espiral de Ilhão, clearly expresses in its first sentence the concept of the new Criolo album: “and you came with your lalará”. On his fourth album, the (not long) rapper from São Paulo starts samba fearlessly. Yes, the most Brazilian of all kinds of music. There is samba de roda, samba canção, samba de breque. All of them are sharp and unique Criolo poems, full of surrealism (here, much less than his previous works) and full of words and humor (as always).

Espiral De Ilusão Capa

Espiral De Ilusão Capa

The album, produced by Daniel Ganjaman and Marcelo Cabral, has ten songs. Eight of them are made by Criolo, one in collaboration with Ricardo Rabelo and Jefferson Santiago, and the interpretation of “Hora de Decision”, by Rabelo and Dito Silva. The album came out in physical and digital form on Friday, April 28. It’s in stores, it’s on the road, it’s in your ears – and it’s great!

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While walking in the samba, Criolo makes, at the same time, a dangerous bet and a letter of confirmation. The bet does not appeal to part of his audience, attracted by his music and the CDs he offers with rap. The letter of intent is the stick on the table, making it clear that you have a lot to say and that you can use the music platform that is most appropriate for you to express your opinion . He has the voice, the background, the ability to do things like that. And this is one of the things that makes Kleber Cavalcante Gomes, his real name, from the top of 41 years one of the biggest names in Brazilian music.

Starting from the opening with “Lá Vem Você”, passing the sweet samba “Dilúvio de Solidão” and the intelligent counterpoint of “Menino Mimado”, Criolo, there is a filter that takes famous names in samba like Paulinho da Viola and Martinha da Fila. , brings back a fusion of the best moments of Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque, establishing himself in an artistic style never heard before. As we explained at the beginning of the text, Criolo is very far from rap, far from the limits of hip hop, he walks in his own way through his creation and wonder, which is revealed to people with new experiences.

In Nó na Orelha (2011) (listen to “Linha de Frente”) and in Convoque Seu Buda (2014) (now it’s time for “Fermento pra Massa”), Criolo had already included samba in his repertoire, by show that the influences are great more than their peers. But on Espiral de Ilusion, the step he takes is decisive, which has not only made a great record, but also one of the best samba songs of recent years. And this comes from a man who, in theory, came from a different field of music, but his skills and abilities are able to break any (silly, always) boundaries between music genres.

If Criolo’s work so far has already proven that it is something that is not only beneficial to accompany everything he says and sings, with Espiral de Ilusion we are sure that this young man is already have started to climb, and on the big stairs, the stairs that lead to the club of the best artists of this tropical country – suffering, funny and difficult, but always touched by hope.

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After all, it takes a little trickery to digest the increasing amount of nonsense we face every day, right? A few days after the release of Menino Mimado, the Criolo rapper is back with a new debut album. Text

(2017), the work of ten songs and the Oloko Records label distribution follows a different path in relation to the artist’s last album, the excellent Convoque Seu Buda – 9th place in our list of the 50 Best National Albums of 2014. an album dedicated to samba, a genre that has been you are looking for a place within the work of an artist from São Paulo.

With cover art by Elifas Andreato, an artist and illustrator who has worked with names such as Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, and Paulinho da Viola, the story touches on the debates about racism, politics, and instability. relationship, ola for the album’s title track. The song was produced by Marcelo Cabral and Daniel Ganjaman, longtime friends of Criolo, and can be downloaded for free from the artist’s website.

Espiral De Ilusão Capa

Journalist, producer of Instant Music and member of the podcast Vamos Falar Sobre Música. He has worked in various publications at Editora Abril, was Culture and Entertainment editor at Huffington Post Brazil, collaborated with Folha de S. Paulo and worked as Brand Experience and Creative Copywriter for brands such as Itaú and QuintoAndar. Tad Pudim, a DJ in his spare time and likes to receive vinyl records as gifts.

Uma Espiral De Ilusão Criada Por Criolo

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