Equipe De Nossa Senhora

Equipe De Nossa Senhora – The annual meeting of the responsible couples of the group, EACRE, began with a mass celebrated by Fr. Paulo Sergio, where everyone celebrated the Easter of Christ.

In the hall, the official opening of the event was done by welcoming the team members of the responsible couple of the region, Maria and Amancio, and introducing the responsible couple of Pernambuco Region I, from each sector and representative couple this year. , Ana Claudia and Augusto.

Equipe De Nossa Senhora

Equipe De Nossa Senhora

“Get out, go, leave everything, leave yourself, break the shell of selfishness that closes us to our Self” (Dom Hélder Câmara), with these words and the music video “I don’t need anyone to know to me. “, the presenting couple began the moments of lectures and reflections.

Equipe De Nossa Senhora Convida Para Ii Jornada Espiritual

Afterwards, Rev. Paulo concluded the lecture series by introducing this year’s theme. “Lead by example, do the same things. Daring the Gospel means serving others so that we can bring Christ to every person in need and through the example of service we can be an example in our daily life”, with these words Friar Paulo showed everyone the importance and depth of God, the theme that all team members in our region will work on this year.

In presenting the proposals at each meeting, he left us a clear message. “To welcome and care for people, it is necessary to allow the gospel to be the food of life, so that we can be a sign of God in the lives of others. (of the husband)” and concluded with “We must live our service, wash each other’s feet… Serve our brother, convinced that we serve Christ himself.”

After a beautiful and meaningful lecture, the couples gathered in working groups to reflect on the topic and make suggestions about what was discussed.

Afterwards, the couple responsible for the monthly letter, Zezinha and Jailson, representing the couple in the province, presented the guidelines for the Brazilian Super District. The goals and expectations of our super-regional Our Lady teams are presented, focusing on: For everyday life as a couple; Between life and team help and formation meetings.

Setor SÃo Bernardo / Diadema: 2014

Therefore, the importance of following and implementing the commandments explained by Father Gafarel was shown: the sanctification of married couples, the development of married Christian spirituality, the spread of spirituality and testimony. “The team should not be a small chapel, but a source of drinking the charity of Christ, to bring it to those around us,” emphasized the couple.

Soon, Maria and Amancio, the couple responsible for PE I in the region, presented their life as members of the group and how everyone can participate in the movement.

Continuing the program, the couple Lucia and Alcindo presented the book “Colhendo os Frutas do Amor”. A testament to the life of a team couple, the book is written from the experiences of team couples and was originally created for older couples, but as the content has evolved to become a reference for all couples.

Equipe De Nossa Senhora

Then, Zezinya and Jailson presented the book “The Spirit of the Movement and the Great Lines”, which shows the essence of the movement in a clearer and simpler way, so that we can go deeper into the charisma of the movement.

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Also presented is the monthly newsletter in electronic format, which can be downloaded from the website, as well as the steps to publish texts and the selection of texts, corrections and how these texts are published.

Then the couple Rita and Ronaldo talked about the connection with the ENS movement. They first explained the basis of the connection, based on the inspiration of Father Cafarel, and then presented the goals and importance of these couples.

Assuming that each member of the team is a link, we know that there are connections between the spheres, but it is through connecting pairs that the main links that keep the movement in place exist.

Inspired by Father Cafarel, the main purpose of the link pair is to encourage communication between teams and be a constant link for END integration. It is also a communication function to promote unity and the realization of collegiality.

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Soon the couple, Marcia and Luis Carlos, talked about the “Theology of Sexuality” project. This project aims to guide END couples to use sexuality, in its positive aspect, as a gift from God and a means of sanctification. The topics of sexuality will be determined by the members of the polling team. Finally, the couple submitted a short questionnaire to help implement the project.

Following Father Wesley, he introduced the “Brotherhood Campaign”, which this year in 2014 has its theme: Brotherhood and Human Trafficking, with the slogan “It is for freedom that Christ set us free”. The campaign aims to expose the practice of human trafficking in its various forms and to condemn it as a violation of human dignity and freedom, mobilizing Christians and Brazilian society to eliminate this evil in order to save lives. of the children of God.

As Christians, we are challenged to undertake the process of eliminating human trafficking in its many forms. In the face of a terrible crime like human trafficking, one cannot remain indifferent, especially the missionary disciples.

Equipe De Nossa Senhora

That is why this Campaign of Fraternity, by the light of the Spirit of God, encourages many actions and partnerships that contribute to the elimination of this destructive wound in our society that prevents people from walking in their path and growth as children of God. . Indeed, it is for freedom that Christ set us free.

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At the end of the EACRE, the couple Wilma and Fred talked about the couples who manage the team. As the name suggests, these pairs are responsible for leading their teams throughout the year in accordance with the guidelines of the movement. Therefore, they have three obligations to their teams. providing essential food to the group (Spiritual of the Word of God); Get involved, starting with making and maintaining friendships and eventually joining and supporting the team member’s sanctification process.

Finally, the CRE remains to contribute to the development of the conjugal spirituality of the members of the team, seeking to “put on the new man” (as Sao Paulo says), starting from the renewal of each one and make the monthly meeting to; small church.

The first day ended with the afternoon prayer (vespers) performed by Dilma and Vanildo.

This is a brief description of the author of the author’s block. You edit it by entering text in the “Biographical Information” field in the user’s admin panel. What is the founding charisma of ENS? It is an inspiration from the Holy Spirit that will be like a dynamic that will guide the movement throughout its development and allow it to fulfill its mission.

Missa De Posse Cre 2020

The charism of ENS arises from the realization that: – Marriage is God’s work, and the human couple is God’s masterpiece. – Marriage has a soul, which is love. And forgetting love means condemning marriage.

Man and woman cannot be faithful in love without the help of Christ. That’s why he approves the marriage advice, which needs to be deepened. – Married Christians, like religious men and women, are called to holiness. – Married life means great wealth, as well as many needs.

5 ENS CHARISMA Charisma is the divine power given to a person, but in consideration of the need or usefulness of the religious community. The LAST charism is conjugal spirituality.

Equipe De Nossa Senhora

What is the mystery of ENS? The spirit is what gives meaning to the concrete propositions of life, the intuition that “opens” what is hidden in the human spirit, the orientation that makes life a continuous search for communion with God.

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Help each other – “Bear one another’s burdens”. (Ch. 6, 2). – The certificate. “The multitude of the faithful is one in heart and one spirit.” (at 4, 32).

8 MISTICA ENS Mysticism is the spirit that gives meaning to the proposition of life. The mysticism of the LAST is the mysticism of the community of Christ.

What is the spirituality of ENS? This is the art and science of sanctifying marriage, that is, the art of living a Christian life as married people according to God’s plans.

Let’s improve the activity of opening ourselves to God’s will. Develop the ability to speak the truth. Increase the ability to meet and communicate.

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11 SPIRITUALITY Christian spirituality is a choice we make to “know and grow” in our daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. ENS spirituality is the search for a path to holiness through the sacramental experience of Marriage.

12 CONCLUSION Charisma (gift) includes Mystically guided Being (vocation) and Action (mission) (mutual aid and witness, with reference to Christ). Therefore, the LAST has a charism whose Being (vocation) is Conjugal Spirituality. Your action takes place as a couple, in the community (family), in the Church, and in the world.

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Equipe De Nossa Senhora

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